Summer is fast approaching and the heat is unbearable! If you’ve heard it, we can imagine that air conditioning is not an option for you this summer, but don’t worry, because air coolers are the best thing you can get to control the heat and stay cool and comfortable this summer!

But for that you need to buy the best air cooler, which is of the highest quality and can offer you a cool and comfortable atmosphere! There are many excellent air coolers on the market, and you can easily make a mistake when buying an air cooler for yourself!

There are two main types of coolers: desert coolers and personal coolers. The former are best suited for use in dry heat and are intended for use in large areas. The content of the desert cooling water tank is between 30 and 50 litres. You can also use them in an open environment such as your terrace.

If personal coolers are designed for use in small or medium sized rooms, they are suitable for humid climates. They consume less energy than desert coolers and are also quieter than these. The capacity of your water tank can vary from 20 to 30 litres.

There are a number of things to take into account when choosing the cooler that suits you best! We have selected a number of features that you should definitely check out in the fridge before you buy!

  • Capacity of the water tank : First check the capacity of the water tank of the air cooler. The ability to cool your room over a long period of time depends entirely on the capacity of the water tank. You must take into account that larger parts require a larger water tank capacity! In the coolers you can easily find a wide range of water reservoirs, and you can easily choose what suits you best.
  • The airflow: Air circulation is another important factor to consider when buying an air cooler for yourself! Airflow is usually measured in CFM (cubic meters per minute), which is the amount of air flow in your room per minute. It is important that you buy the perfect air cooler that makes your whole room cool and comfortable. You can easily calculate the MFC by dividing the cubic meters of your room into two! In addition to CFM, you can also look for speed controllers in air coolers because they can easily regulate the air flow in your room!
  • Cooling cushion : Hobs have a direct influence on the cooling system of your radiator because they eventually absorb water and allow cold air to escape. There are generally two types of coolers: Aspen and cellulose. Pulp cooling pads have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance, but at the same time cost a little more than aspen pads. Aspen, on the other hand, is made of wood shavings and synthetic fibres, they don’t need much maintenance, but they have a shorter lifespan, but are cheaper, so people prefer them!
  • They’re working on a converter: Inverter chillers have proven to consume less energy than conventional chillers, so you can also take their inverter dependency into account before buying them! They will be useful for people who often suffer from power outages.
  • Their design and size: There are a number of cooler models available, and you have many options if you buy one for yourself. The air cooler used to be big and took up half the space, but today companies produce coolers that are more compact and stylish, but more powerful. There are also many types of coolers, such as tower coolers or window coolers, so you can choose according to your needs!

That’s why we’ve selected the 10 best household air coolers for you, so you can easily decide which one is perfect for your application!

Best air coolers

The best air coolers

1. Symphonic Diet 12T

best air cooler

Symphony is one of the best air fresheners in the country, so we start our list with Diet 12T, one of the best personal air fresheners of 2021. The airflow of the cooler is really great because it can perfectly cool the room at 30 meters. The cooler is equipped with an automatic scale that can easily cool the whole room.

The cooler has a 12-litre water tank, which is more than enough for small parts. It runs at 17 watts, which is pretty good. Finally, the cooler is fitted with castors, making it easy to move around in any room, and it is also very light! It has cellulose cooling pads that are durable and efficient. The coolers are guaranteed for 1 year!

2. Crompton Desert Air Cooler (75 l)

best air cooler

Crompton is also a well-known brand in the field of air coolers. As the name suggests, it is a desert fridge with an impressive 75 litre water tank, which will be more than enough for large rooms.

This air cooler is best known for its ability to cool your room powerfully while taking up much less space. Do not give the impression that the cooler makes loud noises, because it is a dessert cooler, but it is known to make a small sound in phase 1 and 2 (phase 3 can be a bit loud).

If you are looking for a cooler for a large space, this may be your ideal choice, because it is both powerful and portable, lightweight and durable!

3. Maharaja White Atlantic + CO-110 Air cooler

Air cooler up to 10,000

Our next choice on the list of the best domestic air coolers will be none other than the Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto+ CO-110 air cooler. The low-noise fan and three-stage rotation speed are sufficient to withstand the unbearable heat of a dryer area. The cooler is equipped with a 45 litre water tank and a water level indicator.

The cooler is equipped with amazing air deflectors, which distribute the air evenly throughout the room and provide comfort. A 165W cooler is a consumer, so you don’t have to empty your pockets to feel comfortable in the heat.

4. Air cooler Bajaj Coolesto Frio

Air cooler up to 15000

If you are looking for the best air cooler up to 5000 pieces, the Bajajaj Coolesto Frio air cooler can be your first choice. This personal air freshener has a 23 litre water tank, which is sufficient for small and medium-sized rooms.

The cooler has an oval design and takes up much less space. The best thing is that it can work with an inverter, so it consumes less electricity and you can enjoy the cooler with less power. The cooler is also portable on wheels, so you can take it anywhere!

5. Symphony 3D 3Oi

Air cooler up to 8000

Symphony 3D 3Oi is one of the best air coolers up to 10,000 pieces. Since your Symphony is known for its innovative coolers, he has once again surprised us with this large personal cooler with a capacity of 30 liters water tank.

This cooler is equipped with advanced technology that stops the cooler in case of voltage fluctuations. The cooler is also equipped with 2.5 ppm filters so you can get fresh air.

The air cooler has an easy to use control panel and can also be operated remotely. It consumes only 145 watts, which makes it energy efficient. Overall, this will be your best purchase this summer and you will be more than satisfied with the service.

6. Fridges Havel Freddo 70 litres

best air cooler

Havells Freddo is also an excellent air cooler, equipped with a silent cooling technology that can cool your room without making a lot of noise. The cooler is also equipped with 3 side dust filters and honeycomb cooling plates. The water tank has a capacity of 70 litres, so it can be used for large parts without any problems.

Fully foldable blinds protect your fridge from dust and insects when not in use. In general, the cooler has many smart features not found in other air coolers, which translates into good value for money!

7. Symphonic ice cubes 27

The best air coolers

The symphonic ice cube 27 is also an excellent air cooler under 7000. This personal air cooler is equipped with a powerful fan with a 3-speed motor, so you can easily adjust the airflow and cooling to your needs. The water tank has a capacity of 27 liters, which is a lot.

The cooler has very solid wheels for easy mobility. The best is yet to come, namely its 105 W power. So use your fridge day and night this summer, because your electricity bill doesn’t weigh! The cooler works with an inverter, so you don’t have to worry about power outages!

8. Kenstar cyclone 12

Air coolers in India

KenStar is also a well known name in the industry and you will certainly be impressed by this name. With a number of additional features, such as a drain plug for easy water drainage, and the ability to rotate and supply fresh air in any direction, that’s all you need.

The special thing about the cooler is that it cools your room efficiently instead of a wood wool honeycomb. The water tank has a capacity of 50 litres and an integrated ice tray.

9. Air coolerBaja Platini PX97

India Air Cooler

The Bajaj Platini PX97 is an economical air cooler for large spaces. The quality is quite impressive as it can easily provide a cooler environment in a large space thanks to the good directional reflectors.

The cooler is also equipped with a 36-litre water tank, enough for the night to sleep comfortably in a cool environment! In addition, the colours do not take up much space in the room and the fans operate with a very low noise level.

10. Snow flap 85-H Desert air cooler

the best air cooler in India

Our newest but no less important nest air cooler on the list is from Hindware, the company is known for its quality product and will not disappoint you in this case either.

The cooler is equipped with a built-in ice tray and a 5-bladed fan that is powerful enough to cool a large room in a few minutes. This could be one of the best up to 10,000 air coolers you can find!


So these are the best air coolers we’ve found after hundreds of tests. You can easily obtain them online or in the shop (if available). These air coolers are inexpensive and environmentally friendly and are ultimately paid for without any problems on your monthly bill.

So don’t get confused and buy a product that you think will better meet your needs in the next summer season! We hope our article has helped you make the right decision about the air cooler you want!

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