You will need a mini laptop or tablet if you work outside the office. However, a keyboard is required for input on these devices. Carrying a keyboard on vacation can be tricky. That’s why we have foldable keyboards. Folding keyboards fold in half for easy storage and transport. However, you may need to work while traveling or on vacation in some cases. That’s where a foldable keyboard comes in handy. The keyboard is generally smaller than conventional keyboards. It connects to devices via USB or Bluetooth cable.

Investing in a high-quality folding keyboard is a good idea, but you need to choose the right one. There are several folding keyboards of different brands and models. In our tests below, we narrow down the choices for the top folding keyboards. These are high-end folding keyboards with exciting features and reviews. The keyboards are highly rated and recommended for universal use. They are easy to use and are an excellent travel solution. Check them out below and choose the keyboard that best suits your needs.

1. Wireless portable keyboard

This is a folding button model with a removable phone holder. It’s a compact keyboard that you can work with anywhere. This is a normal-sized keyboard for fast and accurate typing. The keyboard has silent keys. This way you can work with the focus. It’s a simple business keyboard that weighs just 5.53 ounces. The keyboard can be easily folded and carried in a backpack or bag. Plus, the keyboard connects to devices at the touch of a button. It is a slim and elegant keyboard with a rechargeable battery. This is a universal keyboard that is compatible with multiple systems. The keyboard can be easily connected to different operating systems. Plus, you get 100% satisfaction with a purchase you can trust.


  • Multi-system compatibility so works with most devices
  • Elegant and stylish, so attractive
  • Pocket size, so easy to take with you
  • Bluetooth connection

2. Jelly Comb Dual Mode Bluetooth & USB

This is another high-quality folding keyboard with an extremely slim profile. The keyboard is an ideal gift for those who travel frequently. It is versatile and allows users to control their devices while on the go. You can type quickly with this keyboard, making it a good choice for editors. It also features a touchpad for easy operation without a mouse. The keyboard has a dual USB cable connection and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This rugged keyboard automatically switches to Bluetooth mode when the USB cable is removed. Overall, it’s a keyboard with Bluetooth 3.0 technology and broad compatibility. The keyboard is also equipped with a battery that lasts up to 560 hours in standby mode.


  • Long battery life, up to 560 hours on standby.
  • Dual connection mode, so reliable
  • Slim design, so portable
  • Wide compatibility


  • The touchpad function is not compatible with IOS devices.

3. iClever BK08 Foldable Keyboard with Touchpad

It is a business keyboard with a slim, compact and lightweight design for increased mobility. The keyboard is easy enough to take anywhere and use. Fits easily into pockets, backpacks, and sleeves. The keyboard is equipped with the new BoostType multi-touch pad. This reduces the number of additional devices such as. B. of a mouse, which brings more comfort to the user. This is a universal keyboard that you can connect to up to 3 devices. Users can easily switch from one device to another by simply pressing a function key. It is a robust keyboard with an aluminum frame housing that guarantees long life. It is also equipped with intelligent hinges that guarantee a long service life. Users can also benefit from a long battery life of up to 60 hours.


  • Pocket-sized design, so portable
  • Robust thanks to the framed aluminum housing
  • A sensitive touch screen for extra convenience
  • Universal compatibility

4. iClever Bluetooth Keyboard BK06 

This is a standard-sized keyboard with a U-shaped glaze. The tilt angle of the keyboard is 166 degrees. This is a scissor keyboard that allows the user to type comfortably. The keyboard also uses Broadcom Bluetooth chip technology for faster connections. As a result, users can enjoy a smooth typing experience with minimal power consumption. This universal keyboard can connect up to three devices at once. In addition, the keyboard is widely compatible with most operating systems. It supports all Bluetooth devices, including laptops and computers. In addition, the keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery for long-term use. Overall, it is a thin keyboard, 12 mm thick, and weighs 6.0 oz.


  • Slim housing for extreme portability
  • Faster connections thanks to Bluetooth chip technology from Broadcom.
  • easy text selection
  • Wide compatibility with all Bluetooth devices

5. Ultra Fine Jelly Comb

This is an ultra-thin keyboard with folding vibration comb and Bluetooth 3.0 technology. It is a reliable keyboard with overcrowding and wireless connectivity. The keyboard has a large connection range of 10 m. It is a universally compatible keyboard with stable connectors. It offers seamless wireless connectivity with Android, iOS and Windows. There are also keyboard shortcuts for the three tabs to save you time and energy. Furthermore, the keyboard connects automatically when used later. Its slim 0.18-inch design is the right choice for on-the-go use. In addition, the keyboard is equipped with an intelligent on/off function for easy use and operation. All in all, it’s a solid folding keyboard with lightning fast functionality.


  • Slim and lightweight design makes it suitable for travel.
  • Intelligent automatic on/off function, so easy to use
  • Universal compatibility and reliable connection
  • Advanced Bluetooth 3.0 technology

6. Bluetooth Keyboard, Wireless Foldable Keyboard

This is a wireless folding Bluetooth keyboard that you should consider buying. It is a portable keyboard that you can easily take with you and use anywhere. The keyboard has a foldable design and a slim body. This is an advanced choice with Bluetooth 3.0 technology for a fast and stable connection. In addition, this keyboard comes with free-standing brackets. It takes up no unnecessary space and is easy to transport. It’s a slim keyboard with a chocolate-colored ABS casing that mimics laptops. Users can benefit from stable connections up to 30 meters away. The keyboard also has a powerful built-in battery with a long standby time.


  • Automatic sleep function, which saves energy
  • Powerful built-in battery for long-lasting use
  • Slim and compact design for portability
  • Stable and fast connections

7. Goldtouch GTP – 0044W Go

This is another simple design of wireless mobile keyboards that you should consider buying. This is a portable keyboard designed for use on the go. The keyboard can be easily adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees in the vertical and horizontal planes. It is a soft-action keyboard with a scissor system for smooth and quiet typing. As a result, the user can concentrate better while typing. It’s a slim keyboard that fits neatly into backpacks and small spaces. In addition, the keyboard offers smooth operation without driver installation. Finally, it is a durable keyboard that folds in half for easy use.


  • Wide compatibility with most operating systems
  • Driverless installation for immediate use
  • Slim design, so portable
  • Mute button with haptic feedback


  • The right shift key is too small

8. Connected Bluetooth keyboard 

This is a compact full-size keyboard that folds in half for easy use. This is a portable keyboard that you can easily take with you and use anywhere. The keyboard has six rows of standard layouts for fast, error-free entry. It is a portable keyboard with a leather protective cover. The keyboard also features a high-capacity lithium-ion battery for extended use. Overall, it’s a versatile keyboard that connects via USB and offers a stable connection. It is a robust keyboard with an anodized aluminum housing and stainless steel hinges. Users can count on long service life and easy operation.


  • Well-placed keys for accurate typing
  • Solid aluminum construction, so durable
  • Lithium-ion battery with long service life
  • Protective leather carrying case


  • The numbers are small, which makes it hard to use them.

9. Geyes Wireless Foldable Portable Keyboard

It is a folding keyboard with silent typing capability for easy use. The keyboard folds in half for easy storage and transport. You can type silently so that you can concentrate better on your typing. This is an ultra-thin 0.47-inch portable keyboard. The keyboard weighs only 0.42 inches, making it extremely light. You can set it up anywhere and take it with you. The keyboard is also equipped with a large battery capacity for ease of use. It has an operating time of up to 40 hours and a standby time of 180 days. Typically, it is a multi-system keyboard with integrated LV mode, with a range of up to 10 meters.


  • Wide radio range
  • Powerful battery for long-lasting use
  • Portable thanks to its thin and light body
  • Silencer for a concentrated attack


Our latest folding keyboard has a wireless design and seamless Bluetooth connectivity. This is a portable keyboard with an innovative design that folds in half. The keyboard takes up little space, so you can take it anywhere and use it. In addition, the keyboard is lightweight, weighing only 4.9 ounces. It is also equipped with an innovative magnet that makes it easy to turn on and off. All in all, it’s an ergonomic keyboard with a slim body. The keyboard has a V-shape to promote natural typing. It features Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology for a fast and stable connection. All in all, it is an excellent keyboard that you should seriously consider buying.


  • Fast and stable Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connection
  • Simple switching on and off using a magnetic switch
  • Lightweight and ergonomic, so easy to use.


  • Not enough support for certain tendencies

Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a folding keyboard. These factors will help you choose a high-quality folding keyboard that meets your requirements. Below are some important factors to consider before buying a folding keyboard.

Height and weight

The first reason to buy a folding keyboard is portability. This means that the dimensions and weight of the keyboard must be taken into account. The last thing you want to do is lug a heavy keyboard around everywhere. Therefore, all foldable keyboards that are portable should weigh less than half a pound. They should also be able to be folded compactly so that they can be easily transported and used anywhere. This makes it easy to store in your pocket, backpack and drawer.


Then check that the selected keyboard is compatible with the device. This means checking whether the keyboard can be connected to different operating systems. For example, most foldable Bluetooth keyboards can connect to Android, PC, IOS, and Mac devices.

Battery life

For Bluetooth keyboards, battery life must be considered. Most of these keyboards have built-in batteries. Consider keyboards with batteries that can be used continuously for at least 40 hours. They are perfect for making sure you finish your tasks before charging.


Most foldable keyboards are lightweight, just like regular keyboards. An integrated lighting system allows the user to view and print on the device even in low light. Backlit keyboards are ideal for quick two-handed typing. However, keep in mind that these keyboards consume more power and drain the battery quickly.


Is the keyboard waterproof? Nowadays, most foldable keyboards are designed to be waterproof for long-term use. This is a great feature that allows you to use the keyboard outdoors. Ideally, the keyboard should be waterproof and resistant to spills. There have been a few cases of people accidentally spilling a glass on the keyboard.

Bending flexibility

Since we specialize in bending keyboards, we must consider their flexibility when bending them. Most foldable keyboards are made of plastic or solid metal and are folded together with hinges. However, some keyboards use flexible materials that allow them to be folded by rolling them up. Flexible models are usually less expensive and suitable for a variety of locations.


These are the best folding keyboards on the market that you should consider buying. The keyboards are highly rated and recommended for universal use. These are high-quality keyboards with excellent functions for flexible use. Analyze the different options in our list and choose the one that suits you best.

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