Collages have long been very popular. Although people today prefer to put several photos in one contribution, the charm of collages is not yet dead. Some people still like to be creative and create collages for their Instagram stories, even if they need a collage maker.

Since Instagram is now a popular social networking platform, there are many applications available to create Instagram collages for Android and iPhone. And people actually use these applications to place multiple images in the same photo with different layouts and frames to make it more attractive.

The collages are even used by influential Instagram people, corporate accounts, and content makers to enlarge their audiences by presenting multiple photos in a frame. You’re probably wondering why business accounts or influential people use a collage maker? They can advertise a product or service by presenting different pictures, so installers can get a complete picture of the brand or service without seeing more pictures of a particular thing.

Today you’ll find several collage manufacturers made for professional use, and they actually offer some great features that will make your collages unique. Although the search for such collage makers can be annoying for Instagram because of the large number. We’ve gathered the top ten applications to help you create your Instagram Collage 2021.

Supplier of Instagram adhesive applications

1. Instagram layout

Instagram adhesive applications

Instagram’s layout is our first choice for the best manufacturer of Instagram adhesive applications. However, it will surprise you that the application has over 100 million downloads and an impressive 4.5 rating. Therefore, it is only natural that this application, which has impressed more than 100 million people, becomes one of the best applications for making Instagram collages.

Speaking of functions: The application allows users to shuffle up to 9 photos at a time and allows them to create fun and personalized layouts and collages. In addition, you can easily save and share layouts in your gallery on Instagram and other platforms.

The application has several advanced tools and creative filters and effects that make it one of the most popular adhesive marking applications for Instagram. Finally, the application is quite easy to use as there is no need to register or create an account or anything else, just download the application and start creating collages.

2. Collage designer – Photo editor and photo collage

the best applications for making instagram collages

If 9 photos are not enough to create a collage, you can try this procedure because users can then use up to 18 photos at a time to create a collage. With over 10 million downloads and a high score of 4.8, this is our best choice for the best manufacturer of Instagram adhesive applications.

The attachment contains more than 100 layouts with photos and grids to choose from. In addition, users will find numerous backgrounds, different fonts, scribbles, stickers, etc. So you can usually get as much creativity as you want.

Talk about creativity: An application should be the best choice for content authors or people who like to create and share memes with their friends. The application includes both freestyle and lattice styles. In addition, you can select different proportions and shapes for different photos. There are also several additional tools for editing your photos.

3. Network photo generator for the installation

better adhesive application in Instagram

If you are looking for an application with the best properties for creating a raster collage, this is your first choice. We know that the time has come for everyone to upload photos in a unique style and that it’s better than uploading photos that consist of different parts!

The application also helps users take the perfect Instagram photo without cropping. The application can also download photos and videos of the installation. In short, it is a multifunctional application that makes making a collage a breeze.

4. Collage Maker

Business application

Our next choice for the best Instagram Collage Maker application is Collage Maker. The program has also impressed more than 10 million users, who have rated it as one of the best applications for creating collages for Instagram. You’ll find several tools and features here to help you create some of the best classes for Instagram. For example, you can use the freestyle or grid style to create a collage.

The advantage of the application is that you can just select a few photos you want to take at university, and the application will automatically reduce the size of the photos. So it would be the best option for the people. But of course, you’ll find many ways to customize layouts, frames, and other filters and effects for your collage.

5. StoryArt

Request for umbrella bonding

Although StoryArt is a popular application for creating Instagram history, it is also often used to create collages for Instagram. In this respect, the application has become very popular among Instagram users, so you can really rely on it for your perfect Instagram collage.

The application contains different themes, layouts, frames, effects, filters, etc., with which you can create a unique collage. So download the application and see what it offers you; you won’t be disappointed!

6. StoryLab

Instagram Collagen Question

StoryLab is another popular application for creating Instagram Collages, which can be found in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. We added the app to our list because it really impressed us with its great themes and layouts. It seems that you have created a collage using professional quality software. And thanks to this feature, the application has become the best choice for influential individuals and business accounts.

You will find all the necessary functions and tools and a variety of themes, backgrounds, layouts, templates, frames, etc., to create a perfect collage. Stickers, fonts, and brushes also make the application so popular!

7. Photo collage maker

Manufacturer of photo collages

This is not only for Instagram, but millions of Instagram people still use it to create the perfect university for their Instagram stories and history. If the application has more than 100 million downloads, it’s because it has hundreds of different features and options that make it one of the best. It is unlikely that you can complain about the application because it is somehow perfect. Download the application now and get creative with a collage of the incredible features.

8. PuzzleStar

Android binding applications

PuzzleStar is one of the latest applications for creating Instagram collages we have. As few people know him, he deserves much more recognition and popularity than he enjoys now. It’s for people looking for something new and unique in addition to the traditional features and layouts that other collage manufacturers offer for Instagram.

The application is known for the high quality of the photos and the ability to create a beautiful puzzle grid. So if you’re one of those people who want to create an effect like a puzzle in collages, this should be your first choice. In addition, of course, the application offers standard editing tools and numerous formatting and template options.

9. StoryChic

better use of instagram glues

StoryChic is another popular application of Instagram Collage Maker you should know. What will surprise you most about the application are the unique styles and background selection that give your Instagram collage a unique theme. Animated text styles are also available to make your collage even more beautiful and unique. In general, the application is worth a try.

10. InSquare 

the best applications for making instagram collages

InSquare is also one of the best Instagram collage creation applications you’ll ever use. In addition to all the main functions, the application undoubtedly offers several unique features that will impress anyone who wants to create a unique collage design for their Instagram. There are different shapes, layouts, models, and types of frames to work with.


So these are the best Maker Apps 2021 Instagram Collage you need to know. It is the best choice for Instagram influencers, marketers, and private account holders. We selected these applications based on user feedback and general evaluation.

Here’s our work done, and we’ve presented you with the best Instagram collage, the creator of the application, so feel free to download the one you think is best for you. Thank you for visiting this page, and we hope you found this article useful!

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