This article was originally written in March of 2019. It was revised in June 2019 and again in January 2020. At that time, Black commons seemed like they would be a powerful set of cards for Modern Masters 2022. Unfortunately, I had to revise the article again in January 2020 to reflect the release of both the Shadows over Innistrad set and the Modern Masters set. As it turned out, there were many cards that I could not include that were powerful cards.

I’m going to give you an idea of the value of some cards. The cards in this set are the best commons and uncommons that will be legal in the new Modern format, which means they will be legal in all of Modern and will be banned in the new Vintage format. As a reference point, Modern is the most played format in the game right now, and Vintage is the format that is closest to a format that can be played at Pro Tours. It’s a small format, but it is a format that is more high quality and competitive than either Legacy or Commander.

In our guide to the best regular black creatures in MTG, we covered some regular black cards that are still quite strong. However, we have only talked about creatures in this guide, and there are more than creatures. So we decided to put together a guide to the best black MTG commons in general. This is the perfect starting point for you if you are looking for cards for your black pauper deck or if you just want to expand your collection of black cards. Note that we are not talking about ordinary black creatures here. Instead, this guide will look at other black commons that we haven’t discussed before.

Why Choose Commons?

Common is the lowest level on the Magic: the Gathering rarity scale. Cards of this type are much easier to find, generally cheaper, and often less powerful than rare, uncommon, or mythic level cards. This is why people often think the commons are weak. You may think that you should not use these cards, but that is no less true. A card’s place on the rarity scale does not always guarantee its usefulness. Just as there are weak mythic cards, there are also strong regular cards. Another advantage of common cards is that they usually cost less than rare cards. Of course, this is not always the case, but it is more likely than not for most commons. In addition, there is a format made up entirely of regular products called Pauper. Many players find it interesting and challenging to build decks this way, limiting their options and forcing them to be creative.

Best MTG Black Commons

1. Dark Ritual


When we started making this list, we knew right away that Dark Ritual had to be in it. Without a doubt, this is one of the strongest black commons you can get. In short, Dark Ritual is like paying one black mana and getting three in return. With this card, you effectively triple your mana pool. In addition, thanks to its low mana cost, you can use it early in the game to give your opponents an advantage.

2. Night’s Whisper


It’s usually a good idea to play extra cards. If you don’t say peekaboo all the time, you never know what’s coming. This can be a solution to an impending danger on the battlefield or a removal spell to help you get rid of a powerful creature. That’s what makes Whispers of the Night so incredible. For only two converted mana costs, play two cards. Sure, you lose two lives in the process, but we think that’s a small price to pay.

3. Cabal Ritual


Like Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual is another card that can help you get an edge in the early game. It seems weaker at first glance because you pay two mana to get three. What stands out here is the threshold capacity. Cabal Ritual gives you five mana instead of just three if you have at least seven cards in your graveyard. In black, which makes it easy to put things in the graveyard, it’s not hard to put down a lot of cards to access the second Cabal Ritual ability. Cabal Ritual is not always common, depending on the set you buy it in. We decided to include it because it is common in some publications.

4. Tragic Slip


Tragic Slip is one of the best creature removal tools in the game. If the creature you’re threatening is indestructible, basic destruction cards that say destruction doesn’t work. Tragic Slip circumvents this by potentially applying -13/-13 to the creature’s Strength and Resistance. The key is to make sure the other creature dies in the same turn before Tragic Slip is played. But it’s not too difficult, and for a little mana, you can just wait to cast this spell another time when the creature is dead.

5. Exhume


If you can’t invest in the more expensive Reanimate for your deck, Exhume is a great alternative. It has a similar effect; it returns one of your creatures from your graveyard to the battlefield. For the price of only two converted mana, this is a powerful card. Each player may put a creature from their graveyard onto the battlefield, but it’s not a bad price to pay. The key here is that you use it when you have something really important to grab and you know that your opponents’ graveyards aren’t full of strong creatures.

6. Bubbling Muck


Do you need to boost your mana to do an expensive spell quickly? One way to do this is with the Bubbling Muck. This infamous black sorcery causes any swamp you use to gain mana to give you two black mana instead of one. In other words: Bubbling Muck doubles the mana output per turn. This gives you enough mana to cast something expensive.

7. Hymn of Tourach


If you force your opponents to discard cards, they will hate you for this mechanic, which makes it interesting. We like Anthem Turahu because it forces someone to discard two random cards from their hand. Usually, someone who is forced to throw away can choose what they actually want to put in their hands. In Anthem Turahu, they don’t have that choice. Maybe they should throw out one of their best cards.

8. Unearth


Did someone just play a sweep that destroyed one of your best creatures? Don’t worry – with cheap cards like Unearth; you can easily get a whole horde of creatures. You are somewhat limited in what you can give back with Unearth. The creature in question must have a converted mana cost of three or less. However, many creatures with this low mana cost are still strong. And if you don’t plan to dig into your graveyard with Unearth, you’ll pay a total of two mana per cycle. You can reset it and get another card if you don’t need it now.

9. Bojuka Bog


Including Bojuka Bog in such a list is a kind of violation of the rule. Lands technically have no color affiliation – they only produce mana of certain colors. But since Bog Bojuka is a black mana-producing land, we think it qualifies for this list. This is one of the best graveyard hats in the game. This list shows how easy it is to revive something from the cemetery. If you’re afraid your opponents will do the same, you can use Bojuka Bog to prevent this by exiling the entire graveyard.

10. Sinkhole


Land destruction is one of the most brutal strategies you can use. Remember that players use lands to generate mana for spells. If you eliminate their lands, you also eliminate their ability to play cards. As the name suggests, a sinkhole does exactly that: destroy someone else’s land. This effect is so strong for a card that is sometimes printed as a regular card that it has even been banned from the Pauper format.

What is the best black card in MTG?


Black is a powerful color in magic and, therefore, historic. It is very difficult to pick a single black card and call it the best among thousands of others. A card that deserves a place at the top, at least in our eyes, is Necropotence, pictured above. Of course, you can’t throw cards in your draw step, but you can also throw cards by paying a life, discarding a reversed card, and putting it in your hand in your next end step. It sounds complicated, but the bottom line is that you can pay with your life to play cards.

Is Dark Ritual good in Commander?

Dark Ritual is just a really good card, so we included it in this list. If it’s legal in any format, it’s good to add it to your black decks. That’s why we think it’s great for the commander. If you manage to get them in the first round, it will give you an advantage over your opponents.

Final Thoughts

Given the long history of strong cards, it doesn’t surprise us that there are so many good black regular cards. The ones we have included in this list are just some of our favorites. If you want to see more powerful cards, check out our list of MTG artifacts with ainfect. The infection can help you win the game quickly if you use it effectively. Finally, this article reviews the best Black Commons to be printed in the next few years. I’m focusing on card quantity, but I’ll also try to include some cards that will most likely be printed in a common format (e.g., Modern Masters).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best card in Magic The Gathering 2022?

A: If you’re looking for the best Black Commons in the upcoming MTG set, then this is the place to be: the Best Black Commons (2021 Edition) is a single post aggregating all of your favorite Black Commons from the past and the present. For the first time in a long time, magic is being changed for the better. Magic has been steadily updating and updating the card pool for the last decade, adding new cards that are more powerful or more consistent than their predecessors. And now, we have reached the pinnacle of this cycle. With the release of the very first set after the imminent “Fall From Grace,” we have the chance to witness the future of Magic.

What is the best black card in MTG?

A: The next year of products will be chock full of cards that are black if you have a lot of money. Anyone who owns a lot of black cards will want to know which ones will be the best in 2021. To answer this question, our writer has gotten his hands on every common black card in the game to determine which ones are the best and worst. Black is not a color. It is a colorless plane with a back story that is entirely on its own. Black promises a world of doom, destruction, and the darkness of the unknown. The darkness gives black a unique strength and freedom and a dangerous and violent edge. Black is the color of the shadows, and it’s the color of death. Black also is the color of secret knowledge and the knowledge of the unknown. Black is the color of the night sky, and black is the color of the unknown. Black is the color of unfathomable power, and it’s the color of the unknown. Everything that is unknown is black. Black is the color of the unknown, and black is the color of the unknown. Black

Is core set 2022 modern?

A: The Core Set is the first set of Magic: The Gathering cards that a new player receives, and it’s a mix of the best cards from Magic’s past and present.  This set was printed in a hardback book, and it was the first core set to be part of a larger set.  The set was also the first to include five full-art lands.  The full-art lands are the only core set lands to be printed as a separate card.  If you’re looking for a core set, take a look at the Core Set 2022 and buy it. In the past years, we’ve seen the Modern format become more and more popular; however, with the release of the core set in 2022, the format has become even more diverse than before. Looking at the top commons from core set 2022, it seems that the best commons are very diverse, which is something that we see a lot more of in core sets nowadays. From a new card type to the return of the planeswalker, it looks like the black-border format will continue to grow in popularity.

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