With the release of Shadows over Innistrad, the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) world is brimming with exciting new tokens, and lucky for all you cat-enthusiasts out there, you’ve got a set’s worth of furry friends to play with! And while it’s true that the cat-tokens of Shadows over Innistrad are all pretty awesome, which one is best?

Magic: The Gathering is one of the most popular games globally. It is also one of the most expensive. Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is a collectible card game in which players compete by using magical spells, items, and fantastic creatures to defeat their opponent. While not the first collectible card game ever made, it is the most successful. With a history spanning more than 25 years, Magic has grown from a few hundred cards for the Alpha set to over 15,000 unique cards as of 2018.

You’ve probably heard someone ask the question: Do you like cats or dogs? If you play Magic: the Gathering and are a cat lover, you’ll be happy to know that you can show that love in your next deck. A deck theme that revolves around using cards of a certain creature type is called a tribal deck. Cats are a great and unique tribe to build a bridge around. So if you consider building a cat deck, we are here to help. Read on to discover a list of the best MTG cat cards of the moment.

What are cats in MTG?

The first question to be answered is: What are cats? Not in the true sense of the word – you should already know what cats are. When you ask this question, you’re trying to define what cats are in the Magic: the Gathering universe. In MTG, cats refer to most feline creatures. They can be cute furry creatures, like those you find at home or in the wild. But we may also mention here the anthropomorphic felines, as intelligent as human beings, called cat warriors, Leonians, nishobas, or rakshas. If you want to know more about these cats, you can check out the cats’ page on the MTG wiki. Like a playing tribe, cats can be fun. In general, they reinforce each other well with +1/+1 counters, but they cover several strategies in the game.

Best MTG Cat Cards

1. Nethroi, Apex of Death


At first glance, he doesn’t look like a cat, but Nethroi, Apex of Death, is classified as a feline nightmare creature, so we included him in our list. This card is available in an alternate art version, dedicated to Godzilla and based on Biollante. Netrhoy is an excellent commander. This creature would be a good standalone creature if it only had the death touch and the life link, two keywords that make it a formidable opponent on the battlefield. But for four regular mana, one white or green mana, and two black mana, you can mutate him. You may return any number of creature cards from your graveyard to your battlefield if you do. The condition is that their total capacity does not exceed ten, which is not a problem. Many powerful cards can be retrieved from the graveyard with this restriction.

2. Rin and Seri, Inseparable


Who doesn’t love the idea of a cat and a dog being best friends? Rin and Seri, the lovebirds, are a cat and a dog ready to defend each other in battle. This is another important commander to think about. If you identify yourself as someone who loves cats as much as dogs, then the Rin and Seri card are for you. This is a hybrid cat/dog commander that encourages using both card types in your deck. This card allows you to create cat and dog tokens when you cast cat and dog spells. When you gather a large army of cats/dogs, pay one red, one green, and one white mana each to deal as much damage to a target as the dogs under your control. Then you get life points for every cat you check on—no wonder this movie has become a fan favorite.

3. Arahbo, Roar of the World


Arahbo, Roar of the World, is another cat clearly intended for the role of commander. It’s actually from a 2017 Commander-ready deck called Feline Ferocity. Normally, commanders cannot use their skills in the command range. The keyword here is general because Eminence Arahbo’s ability comes primarily from command. This allows Arahbo to give another cat you control +3/+3 until the end of your turn, which is great for an attack or block boost. After playing Arahbo, it’s even better. You can then pay mana to double the cat’s power, boost its stamina, and give it a raid.

4. Marisi, Breaker of the Coil


Several things make Marisi, the reel crusher, overrated. First, it’s his first gift, which is incredibly controllable. It does not allow your opponents to cast spells during combat, meaning they cannot cast spells to prevent damage, destroy a creature, or improve their own in a last-ditch effort to fight you in combat. Second, its other ability causes all of your opponent’s creatures to be zombified if a creature you control breaks through their defenses and inflicts combat damage on that player. Instigate is a keyword that means this creature must attack next turn if it can, and it cannot attack the instigator. Essentially, this means your opponent has to risk losing some of his creatures and possibly angering your other opponent by attacking him. It’s like figuring out the competition for yourself.

5. Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist


Mirri, Meteoric Duelist, is the perfect commander for you if you want to build a combat-oriented deck with lots of creatures. For Mirri, these creatures may not even be cats since she does nothing that specifically benefits cats. But it usually benefits your creatures. Each time it attacks, it forces opponents to block one creature. Since most creatures can only block one other attacking creature, this means that you are almost guaranteed to succeed and inflict combat damage on your opponent if you attack with more than one creature. Mirri also gives you an advantage on the defensive side. As long as it is linked, your opponents can only attack you with one creature. Since you’re likely to attack with it as often as possible, this means it’s usually occupied and prevents opponents from hunting you down with whole armies of creatures. Related post: MTG: How does the lock work? (Instructions for beginners)

6. Felidar Sovereign


It’s not the most powerful cat card in the deck, but Felidar Sovereign is still remarkable enough to be worth a mention. Each of his abilities makes him a worthy addition to your deck. Felidar Sovereign, with only Vigilance and Lifeguard, is a solid card to attack your opponents. He will not give up after your attack and will help you get your life back. Nothing wrong with that. But the second skill is even more important. Felidar Sovereign also says that you win the game if you have 40 or more lives at the beginning of your turn. In Commander, you start with 40 lives, so you can win if you can outsmart Felidar Sovereign right away.

7. Lurrus of the Dream-Den


When it was released, Lurrus of the Dream almost immediately forced Wizards of the Coast to revise the rules for companions. The reason was that this card was just too powerful and too easy to put into a deck and play quickly. In a nutshell: Lurrus turns your graveyard into a second library. If the permanent spells in your library cost two or less converted mana, you might cast a spell from your graveyard each turn as if it were a normal card in your hand. You’re wrong if you think limiting all permanent spells to two mana or less is an impossible limitation. Many powerful spells cost two or fewer converted mana, so you have plenty of options.

8. Wasitora, Nekoru Queen


You’ve seen a lot of weird cat combinations on this list. With Visitor, Queen of Nekoru, you now see a cat combined with a dragon. If you want to know more about her, we recommend reading a bit of her biography. It is a universal and reliable card. First, it flies and tramples, making it a formidable creature in battle. If your opponents can’t block him, he forces them to sacrifice one of their creatures, decreasing its power for you. And if they have nothing to sacrifice, that creates a 3/3 Dragon token with flies. A 3/3 creature is no fun, and Vasitora can help you quickly assemble a small army of cat dragons.

9. Brimaz, King of the Oreskos


The skills of Brimaz, the king of the Oreskos, are incredibly appropriate given that he is the king. As king, he has bodyguards, and those are his gifts. When Brimaz attacks, he creates a 1/1 vigilant cat token that attacks with him. If it blocks, it creates another 1/1 Soldier Cat token with Vigilance that it blocks instead. In short, you always get an extra creature when you attack Brimaz. If he blocks, you don’t have to worry about him taking combat damage because he generates another token that blocks for him.

10. Alms collector


There is a good reason for the higher price generally associated with this cat. The whites in the MTG have a fatal flaw: He often lacks card draw and can’t build mana quickly. Alms Collector solves at least one of these problems. It allows you to draw a card every time your opponent draws two or more. Drawing cards is rarely a bad thing, and in a white in dire need of card drawing skills, the alms collector is a welcome card.


If you’re planning a cat-themed game or just want to add some cat cards to your next game, plenty is to choose from. However, we hope we’ve helped you shorten your list a bit if you were overwhelmed by the choices. Also, don’t forget to include chalkboard napkins in your game. We will take care of you in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cat commander in MTG?

A: Are you deciding which Commander to put in your next Commander game? If you are considering purchasing a cat, there are many options. We have even included some acceptable options in this list. However, choosing the best command cat depends on what you are looking for. Arahbo, Roar of World is great if you want to build a cat breeding deck because it periodically buys your cats and gives you a chance to attack them. Nethroi, Apex of Death is an extremely powerful card that will be a good choice if you want to interact with a graveyard. It allows you to bring back creatures from your graveyard every time it mutates. Make sure your Commander deck has a lot of creatures with interesting abilities, so Nethroi can get them when he mutates. Rin and Seri, inseparable, is also a popular cat commander. It’s not really a cat – it’s also a dog, but it’s a cute card that makes tons of chips for you in terms of taste.

What is the best card in core 2021?

A: The introduction paragraph should introduce the blog’s nature and the blog post’s content, be about MTG, have the title “What is the best card in core 20XX,” and have the blog post published on your blog. The 2012 College Championship was held March 15–17, 2012, at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. 26 schools were competing, with the final four teams decided through a play-in tournament held March 9–10. The teams of 4 consisted of 3 players and 1 writer. The play-in tournament was held on March 9–10, 2012. Four teams advanced from their regional tournaments to play in the play-in tournament. The teams were seeded into a single-elimination bracket based on their performance Magic the Gathering, or MTG, is a card game popular among nerds and many people who are not nerds. There are a lot of different cards to choose from, and a lot of people who make videos about which ones are the best.

What is the best core set MTG?

A: There are a lot of core MTG sets out there. Which one is the best one? This is a question that many new MTG players ask themselves. The answer, of course, is to try out as many different core sets as you can. However, if you are looking for one core set to rule them all, you should probably start with 2021, a Core set that is perfect for any new MTG player. The cards are balanced, and the set has great value. Many players consider it to be one of the best core sets of all time. It’s been 20 years since Magic the Gathering first got released, and the game has evolved immensely since then. There’s a lot to take into account when determining “the best core set MTG”; however, there are some cards that you can never go wrong with. For example, if you’re building a mono-black deck, you’ll want some  Bile Blight s. Focusing on tribal synergy, you may want some  Lightning Shrieker s. And if you’re looking to get your first deck, you might want some  Stormchaser Mage s.

Is Ajani a cat?

A: Ajani is a planeswalker from the Magic: the Gathering universe. He is a white-aligned human who resides in the realm of Theros and serves as the protector and champion of the human plane of Alara. He uses his strength to fight against the enemies of humanity, including the planeswalker Nicol Bolas. He is the brother of Gideon Jura and the son of Sorin Markov. If you’ve been following the game of Magic: the Gathering (MTG) for the past few years, you probably know that the Ajani Planeswalker cards are a hot topic. The cards feature Ajani, an alleged feline Planeswalker, and his adventures in the Multiverse. But is Ajani really a cat? The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. It isn’t very easy.

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