Landscaping and gardening is a way to enjoy our home and rejuvenate our body and mind to the fullest. In this sense, outdoor lighting doubles this experience and brings nightlife into our home.

As technology evolves, so do the types and types of accessible lighting. Here’s a list of ideas for outdoor lighting to make your outdoor life more enjoyable.

1. Signals and traffic lights

A light path is generally referred to as a series of luminaires of the same style that shine down to illuminate the stairs in a room. Light lanes can be used to illuminate the road, to illuminate lanes around the garden/park, to provide safety and protection around certain plants, to mark the boundaries of a planned pavement, etc.

Solar lighting on the track

There are many possibilities, such as energy-saving LEDs, environmentally friendly solar energy, motion detection… All this will give a little life to your usual specific feeling of moving around the farm.

Many luminaires can be used as street lighting, the limit is only your creative work. Anything from garden lamps, bollard lamps, walking lamps or even lighter pebbles can be used to mark the path. Just choose a model that fits your design and complements it well.

2. LED Curtains

In a word, it’s a combination of different light strips that save you time and effort and give you one of the most beautiful and romantic images in no time. When it first appeared, most light curtains were used to decorate the background of your wedding, to accentuate your party scene or simply to combine with the curtains of your windows/sliding doors to show how attractive a dream style can be.

In a few simple steps, look for outdoor spotlights, which you can easily use as a decorative arch, gazebo, under verandas, along stairs, on the terrace, under outdoor tents, … The good news is that most curtains are equipped with LEDs and can be controlled from your smartphone to display different colors, rhythm sequences, gradations and even synchronize with the music on the device.

3. Wall symbols

Wall-mounted luminaires are always the first choice for corridor lighting. Not only lighting and accentuating the entrance, but also a well-designed wall fixture can help add depth, size and shadow to the overall scenes.

Wall lights

As a rule, wall-mounted luminaires in warmer, more attractive colours are used at most entrances.

To round it all off, select large chunks to make them even more visible. Testing and dimensioning curbs can be a good idea.

4. Suspended outdoor lighting

Pendants always add a touch of refinement to their surroundings, as well as basic accents. Suspended exterior lighting is best suited to decorate entrances.

Normally the suspension should be centred and placed about 15 cm above the entrance door. Outdoor pendants are usually hung on a chain, wire or cable that is resistant to water and weather conditions.

5. Outdoor pole lighting

The light poles make it possible to illuminate the path and important areas without brightness or warning lights. In addition, the columnar lamps can be used as an ornament for flowers and vines, around which you can stand or climb, making the area a sight to behold day and night.

Outer lamp for mail items

Luminaires that create a mastat atmosphere are long parts for higher masts, while luminaires with shorter or smaller masts are very suitable for small paths, bays or miniature gardens.

6. Light strips

If you are used to hanging and decorating light garlands all over the house at Christmas, you need to know how they glow magically. This strip lighting is now produced with LEDs, some are even available in a multi-colour RGB version with remote control or sequential replay programs.

View of the LED strip

There is a newer version of light strips such as Tape light. These are mainly LEDs that can be easily assembled or cut into smaller strips that can then be glued to any surface. They are often used to decorate the ceiling, the arch, the entertainment centre… Outside, they can be glued to the perimeter of the house covering the porch. Fences and deck railings are also suitable if you can find a waterproof version.

7. Glow plug

Tea lights These mini-flicker lights mimic small enough to be placed on an open table when served. As decoration, they can be placed in a covered glass pot to create warmer scenes on your patio furniture.

8. Illuminated miniball

These ball lamps are mini LED’s with batteries in the shape of a round ball, which is often waterproof. Although it is a temporary solution, these light balls can be a quick decoration for any outdoor party.

Mini light balloons

You can put them in fountains, small ponds, glass containers, pots with plants, tree trunks… to create a special light effect. For vertical lighting, place them in balloons, flashlights or a large flower. …for a night show or a game. Some lamps can last up to a few weeks. Simply hold the meter and reinstall it when not in use to conserve battery power.

9. Magic wire lamps

These are newer lamps that are super small and interconnected, usually on wires that are easy to mix and shape. These fantastic lamps can be placed in boxes / vases or translucent objects to create shade and atmosphere.

Fairytale lamps

Because the shape of the wire is very simple, these holders provide a good outline for almost any decorative object, whether it is a staircase, flower/crown, tree or stump. ….

Choose a waterproof and rechargeable version to save energy and time.

10. Patiol lamps

The magical way to light up your terrace is by simply hanging up the lamps. That’s all I’m saying. No matter which lamp you use, whether it’s Edison, Globe, coil, candlestick, they all create an extremely warm atmosphere. Although Edison and the Globe seems to be more popular.

These patio lights can still be connected and hung, but in most cases you will need manual wiring to get the desired length when they are cut to size.

Of all these decorative lights, these terrace lamps are quite classic. For special occasions and events you can cover these lamps with a flashlight or special paper or wrapping paper to make a difference in the atmosphere.

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