Lupin is Netflix’s latest French series, directed by the charismatic Omar Thai, who plays Assan Diop. Eager to avenge his father’s death, Asan embarks on a series of robberies before playing a game of cat and mouse in the second part. Unfortunately, if you’re done and want more, you may not know what to watch next.

Well, don’t worry! We searched the archives and avoided finding anything similar to our top ten.

To make it easier for scrim readers, we’ve added their similarities.

Of course, we’ve also included a handy link for all the series we’ve reviewed, so you can read our thoughts on the series and see if it’s something you want to waste your time on.

So without further ado, here are 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite after watching Lupin.

1. The Great Pretender

Similarity: Flights and great discoveries

The Great Pretender is a very, very great anime. The 14 episodes of this self-aware animation combine elements of Carmen Sandiego and Picasso’s rich surrealist style into a beautifully rendered series of flights.

Great Pretender is well written, has a nice rhythm, and is easily one of the most visually stunning anime to come out for some time. The various arcs in the story let each character take the lead, and the flashbacks are consistent and highlight the material on screen.

Although the second half loses some of the momentum that the first half had, it’s not hard to consider it with such a satisfying conclusion. It’s one of the best anime of 2020.

2. Carmen Sandiego

Similarity: Theft, cat and mouse hunting

Entertainment, education, and amusement: Carmen Sandiego is an exciting spy attraction for children rather than adults. Divided into 4 seasons, the spy story borrows from the game series of the same name but is very similar in tone and style to the children’s mystery series of the same name, Kim Possible.

Fortunately, the combination of Carmen’s unique artistic aesthetic with abundant educational content offers enough originality that the series doesn’t look too much like a Disney crime-fighting heroine.

But there’s a lot to love here, and if you’re in the mood for the educational part of the heist, Sandiego may be the right choice.

3. La Casa de Papel 

Similarity: Theft and escape from police

La Casa de Papel, Netflix’s Spanish thriller about predators, is incredibly exciting entertainment. Each episode leads into the next, building up the drama in Season 1 to an explosive finale. Unfortunately, this usher manages to channel the same nervous tension as in the first season of Prison Break and does so with a very simple hook.

Accessing the Moneda and Stamp factory and stealing a considerable amount of money. The protagonist of this mission is a woman codenamed Tokyo who is mourning the death of her accomplice.

When the professor approaches her and recruits her along with a host of other terrifying and colorful enemies, what follows is a cat-and-mouse game that takes on all the hallmarks of the theft, espionage, and thriller genres.

If the fourth season is a little shaky, the rest of the series is fantastic.

4. House

Similarity: Sound and Vision

Imagine a doctor so brilliant and anti-social that there is as much chance of a sarcastic and scathing diagnosis in one sentence as there is of a correct diagnosis (no, not lupus). House is a wonderful medical series that mixes incredibly unusual cases with a team of well-written experts doing their best to find a cure for their patients.

Gambling is combined with a trial-and-error format as the team tries to find answers. This is what makes the show so endearing, greatly aided by the demons of Dr. Gregory House in the form of a Vicodin addiction. Even if the last few seasons haven’t been as strong, there are still plenty here to please.

5. White collar

Similarity: Stamp and charismatic marks

With echoes of Catch Me If You Can, White Collar is a series about a white-collar criminal named Dutch who wants to help the FBI catch other like-minded criminals using his own expertise as a con man and master thief.

The series presents all the usual clichés one can expect from such a genre, with Peter and Neil playing good cop/bad cop characters. However, there are many episodes in this one, and the ever-changing relationships at its heart make television a truly exciting show.

The series is also well written, and considering there are 6 seasons, there is definitely something to whet the appetite.

6. The Mentalist

Similarity: tone and reverse

Patrick Jane works as an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and has an impressive track record of solving serious crimes through his surveillance skills.

He also often uses his mental powers to encourage witnesses and criminals to reveal facts known only to them.

Divided into 7 seasons, The Mentalist mixes this hook with different episodes, full of twists and interesting cases. There is also a long and fascinating story about Patrick trying to find a crazy man named Red John who killed his wife and daughter. If you liked the tone of Lupin, you should be in your element with this one.

7. Miss Marple

Similarity: Puzzle and vodunite compliment

Miss Marple is a true classic. While not quite up to the standard of Poirot (also on this list), the series is undeniably compelling and well-written. The series features several novels by Agatha Christie, with Jane Marple as the main character.

Jane is an older lady with absolutely no experience in the criminal investigation. Nevertheless, she is an expert at solving crimes, especially murders.

Although Jane feels a little out of place at times, the friendly supporting characters help the paper through the cracks. In addition, each season lasts about 3-4 episodes, so you never feel like the writing is stagnant.

8. Whitechapel

Similarity: Imitation and Mystery

In its simplest form, Whitechapel is an ITV drama revolving around the detectives of the London borough of Whitechapel. Our protagonist is new detective Joe Chandler, assisted by Sergeant Ray Miles, who soon realizes he’s dealing with a copycat.

The plot unfolds around many different historical crimes throughout four seasons, with the first season revolving around Jack the Ripper. There’s a mix of influences in this series, and like most ITV shows, it’s not afraid to gather in a series of clichés and tropes of intrigue. Still, the series is undeniably engaging, and season four even ends on a relatively satisfying note.

9. Poirot

Similarity: Puzzle and vodunite compliment

Poirot is a great show. At the center of this mystery is the prolific Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. While there have been many attempts to revitalize this character and introduce him to modern audiences (such as The ABC Murders), in the end, it is the original that really prevails.

The setup is pretty straightforward, and the episodic base case woven around another crime ranging from theft and dead relatives to vacation in Iraq has gone awry. At Poirot’s side is especially the faithful English companion, Captain Hastings. The chief inspector of Scotland Yard, Japp, also appears from time to time.

Great crime novels undoubtedly marked the end of the 1980s, and this gem may be at the top of the list. Poirot is a must-see show for any mystery lover.

10. Sherlock

Similarity: Puzzles, plots, and characters

It is not easy to adapt a classic novel and make it modern and relevant while retaining the essence of the original. It’s something we’ve seen in many series and movies, and it’s hard to do.

Steven Moffat’s modern adaptation of Sherlock largely sets the trend by nailing the feel and authenticity of the book and its characters.

The natural chemistry between the two main characters, John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, ultimately makes the series so delightful that together they make it one of the best in recent memory.

Things are going well, and while the last few seasons take a turn for the usual Moffat twists, the first two seasons are absolutely fantastic and enough to recommend this series.

So we have ten TV shows that are alternatives to Netflix’s Lupin.

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