The stand is one of Stephen King’s best books. This series perfectly captures the tone and atmosphere of the post-apocalypse, with all the usual symbolism that makes King such a prolific writer.

We have what you need if you have seen the CBS remake and are looking for alternatives (or extras).

We searched the archives and prevented you from finding anything like our top ten.

To make it easier for the readers of scrim, we have the similarities they have added.

Of course, we have also included a handy link for all the series we have reviewed, so you can read our thoughts on the series and see if it’s something you want to waste your time on.

So without further ado, here are 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite after watching The Stand.

1. Survivors

Similarities – Splashes and character

An unknown virus pandemic kills more than 90% of the world’s population. These immunized people must try to survive and overcome the difficulties of this new world order. Does that sound familiar?

No, it’s not The Stand 2.0, but a summary of this excellent BBC series that was broadcast for two seasons.

The characters are well written, the rhythm is well balanced, and the 12 relatively light episodes (6 episodes per season) make the entry easy and the descent difficult.

2. Outcast

Similarities – Uniting survivors

If you’re a Robert Kirkman fan, Outcast is a good alternative. Although the series isn’t necessarily about zombies, the simple story revolves around a young man trying to figure out why he suffers from a supernatural obsession.

Divided into two seasons, Outcast perfectly captures the horror and sinister tension that the first seasons of The Walking Dead (Kirkman’s other IP) so well represented.

Although it was unfortunately canceled after the second season, there is still enough left to make a solid run.

3. The Walking Dead

Similarity – Flash

The Walking Dead franchise continues to produce derivatives, sequels, and film adaptations of Robert Kirkman’s original comic book.

Because of these innumerable sounds, it is a show (at least in the beginning) that perfectly captures the essence of survival in a dark and inhospitable world. If the last few seasons have gone astray, the first version of The Walking Dead is certainly a decent apocalyptic choice with (maybe) four major seasons to work on.

4. The Last ship

Similarities – Insulation and Flash

Surprisingly, the last ship is underestimated. It is a spectacle that fights against an epidemic that wipes out most of the world’s population but from the maritime borders of a marine destroyer because the crew docked at different locations. The intriguing main room functions here.

The series has been running for five seasons and seems to run out after season 3, but somehow it manages to offer something completely new and exciting in the middle of a sea of other series with flashbacks. So if you are looking for post-apocalyptic content that is a bit different from the norm, it may be interesting to take a look at it.

5. The Strain

Similarities – Action and terror

Spread over four seasons, The Strain combines the elements of a viral epidemic with vampires in an explosive and bloody battle to the end. This is the classic territory of the monster against man, but the extended duration allows many characters to shine throughout the season.

Central to this struggle is Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, who leads a group of New Yorkers to fight the undead and ensure the fate of humanity itself.

Strain is an exciting show with a decent rhythm, which, despite a few breaks, manages to keep the tension at a high level.

6. By the lake

Similarities – households and survivors

By the lake seems that between the second half of 28 days later and season 1 of The Walking Dead. The human drama is intense, the characters are well-developed, and the world, grim and ruthless, is dark.

It is refreshing to find a series like this that offers such a controlled dose of horror without exaggerating. It’s much more than a character commentary on the selfishness and paranoia that lurks in all of us; it’s the perfect stand companion!

Meanwhile, there has been a strangely similar viral outbreak, like the one we’re dealing with now (without the crazy eyes).

7. Z Nation

Similarities – Family unity and conflict

Although much more comical than The Stand and according to a simple postulate of a zombie epidemic, Z Nation is certainly a unique offering in this post-apocalyptic cycle. What he lacks in large sets and finishing, he makes up for what he lags in large sets and finishes with humor and naughty ideas.

These series aim to have as much fun as possible with the apocalypse, while the stakes are increased every season. The last segments of this film are very funny, and the family atmosphere makes it an easy film to sell.

8. Jericho

Similarities – Small scale surviving area

A small town in Kansas was left in the dark after seeing a mushroom cloud above Denver, Colorado. With radio broadcasts and many unanswered questions, this small town tries to understand what is going on – and how to survive.

Exciting, well-written, and surprisingly convincing, Jericho was a cultural change until it was canceled unnoticed by the chains. The fans were so angry that 20 tons of peanuts were sent to the CBS offices to rebuild the show, and it worked!

If the series works so well, it is partly because it exceeds expectations and goes beyond the simple starting point. There are skilfully written themes here, too, and sympathetic and well-rounded characters support this.

9. Attack On Titan

Similarities – Post-apocalypse

Attack On Titan is a beautifully executed, surprisingly well-written anime that follows the last fragments of humanity when their future is at stake. Monstrous creatures called Titans roam the earth and devour anyone who stands in their way. The last remnants of humanity remain piled up in a hierarchical city reinforced by three layers of walls.

In the town of Shiganshina, which lies on the edge of Mary’s furthest wall, a boy named Eren Yeager is dragged into a conflict that will change his life forever. When the Titans attack and kill his mother, Eren starts a bloody vendetta. He swears revenge on the Titans – apparently led by two new guys named Colossal and Armored Titans.

The story develops and grows throughout four seasons before the game finally changes at the end of season 3. Spoilers aside, Attack on Titan is definitely worth it.

10. Lost

Similarities – Survivors

In 2004, a small series called Lost far exceeded the budget with a trial episode. As a result, several people were fired. No one knew at the time that this debacle would help Lost become a global phenomenon that would completely change the way people watch television.

This highly entertaining series of mysteries revolves around a group of survivors of a plane crash who strand on the coast and struggled to survive on a very strange island that contains many, many secrets.

With religious themes resembling Stand and a large set of morally grey characters, Lost is at his peak when he begins to unravel all sorts of elements from the mysterious box. Although the series sometimes gets stuck, the end result is a 7-hour journey full of epic moments and unforgettable action. If you haven’t seen it yet, Lost is a must-see series.

So we have ten television programs that are an alternative to the CBS adaptation of Stephen King’s Stand.

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