Tom Clancy is a household name in techno horror novels! His books are not only popular, but he has also made it to the big screen, as his novels have inspired many films and television series. It is also popular with gamers because the theme inspires many games. In the course of his career, Tom Clancy has written some forty books, all of which have been translated into different languages. So far, millions have been sold.

Even after his death in 2013, his work will continue through his co-authors, and his honesty will live on among us.

Tom Clancy made his debut in 1984 with his book The Hunt for Red October. The book was a success and was later adapted into a film released in 1990. Although this is only the beginning, thanks to the writing and clever use of technology and the thriller’s plot, everyone has become a fan of Tom Clancy. His use of technology in his thrillers has also earned him a reputation as a successful science fiction author. That’s why we play video games with titles based on the writings of Tom Clancy.

If you are a beginner and have not read any Tom Clancy novels, you may be shocked by choice of the first Tom Clancy novel you read. We’ve listed here the best Tom Clancy books you should read if you’re a fan of techno-thrillers and spy stories. Here you will find the best Tom Clancy books of all time!

Tom Clancy Books

1. The Hunt for Red October

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The Hunt for Red October is Tom Clancy’s first novel, published in 1984. The book impressed readers all over the world and quickly became a bestseller.

Although this is Tom Clancy’s first book, it is considered the third part of the Jack Ryan series, but you can read it without having read the first two books if you want.

This is where you meet Jack Ryan’s favorite character, a former CIA naval analyst. The story begins with information about a Russian submarine at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; this submarine is known as the Red October. Jack Ryan is now up to get the submarine back to America.

The story was so convincing that the readers thought it was real, and real events inspired Tom Clancy. The debate about the reality of this story has never stopped, but this book has made Tom Clancy one of the best writers in the techno-thriller genre.

2. Patriot Games

Book by Tom Clancy

Patriot Games is another popular book and one of Tom Clancy’s best to read if you admire the character of Jack Ryan. This book is considered the beginning of the Jack Ryan saga because it is the first time that the author talks about this character.

The book portrays Jack Ryan as a father who is on holiday with his family and who is trapped in the middle of an IRA terrorist attack. Tom Clancy has to face this situation to save everyone, especially the British royal family. In the middle of all this, he’s also worried about his wife and daughter, and then he decides to join the CIA!

The book also inspired the 1992 film, and people enjoyed both the book and the film. This is by far the best Tom Clancy book you’ll find, and we recommend you read it first if you want to read the complete series of Jack Ryan books in order.

3. Rainbow Six

Tom Clancy's best books

Rainbow Six was released in 1998 and introduced us to the new character in the book by Tom Clancy, John Clark, a former Navy SEAL. Today John goes on a mission and is always ready to serve his country against terrorist attacks.

John Clark is tasked with setting up a new international task force to combat terrorists on a global platform. He’s always on a mission, and each mission is more dangerous and difficult than the last. Nevertheless, the use of technology and intelligent writing impresses readers. And maybe that’s why the video game from the book has been adapted, which has also become a best-selling title.

4. The Sum of all fears

Tom Clancy's best book

The Sum of All Fears is another Tom Clancy book you’ll find. This film is part of the Jake Ryan series and has been converted into a film. The book was also one of the bestsellers in the New York Times.

Everything in the world seems to return to normal. But Jack Ryan knew there could be silence before the storm. And his suspicions prove to be correct, for the shifting geopolitical space of the country and the peace talks in the East are going wrong. Terrorists are planning a major attack, including bombing and a growing nuclear crisis in the country.

Jack Ryan must be convinced that the peace talks are going smoothly and that everyone is safe, but is this possible given the growing conflict between Western nations and terrorist groups who simply want to show the world their power!

The book has a fascinating plot and an action-packed theme that keeps the reader on the line right to the end.

5. Debt of Honor

Tom Clancy's best books

Tom Clancy’s next best book on our list is Debt of Honor. Jack Ryan has withdrawn from the CIA, but that doesn’t mean he will live happily and peacefully without any tension in his life. He has now taken over the position of National Security Advisor.

A Japanese industrialist wants revenge on America, and he has a big plan that could threaten the security of the White House. Jack Ryan knows that something important will happen and that he has to do something to protect the people in his country, especially the President.

6. Clear and Present Danger

Tom Clancy's books are good.

The FBI faces the threat of drug traffickers, who are unhappy with the increasing interference in their affairs. So they threatened to kill the head of the FBI. And with it, Jack Ryan has a new mission to neutralize the threat. But the joy will be easy because Jack Ryan has a lot to learn about drug dealers and how to deal with them.

Jack Ryan faces one of the most dangerous and powerful organizations. He must be careful of the dangers he encounters along the way to neutralize the threat and safeguard national security.

7. Executive Orders

Tom Clancy's books to read

Jack Ryan has taken over the vice-presidency for this year; this year will not be easy with his luck. With new missions and threats to national security, Ryan faces greater challenges in his new job than ever before.

The usual problems don’t exist because Ryan has to think about how someone can run a government without a real government! Everyone is worried and afraid of what’s going to happen! He needs to stay calm and come up with better strategies. The story is simple but full of drama and sensation, and it’s always fun to see Ryan working under pressure and against all odds.

8. Red Rabbit

Tom Clancy's books in reading order

Red Rabbit is another of Tom Clancy’s best books, showing Jack Ryan’s early days before becoming head of the CIA. It was released in the ’80s and is known as the second part of the Jack Ryan series.

The story begins with Jack Ryan’s first day in a CIA office and is anything but normal. But he is still in London, where he has found several letters full of conspiracies and intrigues, and he has some difficult decisions to make. Jack finally gets his first surgery, but can he do it?

9. The Cardinal of the Kremlin

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This time Tom Clancy gave a Star Wars touch to his novels! Jack Ryan is forced to race against the clock after losing his target in the South American seas because he has to develop a launched missile. The Soviet Union has developed a technology that can cause great damage to its country and the safety of its people.

If the Soviet Union succeeded in developing a rocket, it would mean the Third World War, which would benefit no one. So the game of hunter and prey is on, and it’s super exciting and addictive!

10. The Bear and The Dragon

Tom Clancy's best books

The bear and the dragon open a new chapter in Jack Ryan’s life, in which he becomes president of the United States. But it turned out to be the hardest job of his career. Jack is faced with an economic crisis and recessions, which could mean that he is not doing his job as president well. However, there are some simple problems he has.

The biggest problem he faced was the murder of the chairman of the SVR. There are so many suspects and so many programs that need to be resolved before anything else happens that threatens the safety of the American people!

11. The Teeth of The Tiger

Tom Clancy's best books

The Teeth of the Tiger was also a bestseller in the New York Times, which means it’s one of the best Tom Clancy books you can read.

This story’s about Jack Ryan Jr., And he’s trying to be recruited by an FBI agent. Jack Ryan Jr. wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and fight terrorism. But once he starts working as an agent, he understands some of the harsh realities of this world that seem surreal to him, but he has to work hard to meet everyone’s expectations.

12. Locked On

List of books by Tom Clancy

Locked On is known as one of the most popular books and, for some people, has also taken the place of the most popular books.

Jack Ryan has decided to hold a new presidential election instead of taking early retirement. But this time, his resistance is rather dangerous, it seems. Again, Jack Ryan’s opponent is ready to win, and this time the reputation of John Clark, an old friend of Jack’s, is at stake. So Ryan must do something before he destroys John and his reputation!

At the same time, Jack Ryan Jr. is on an anti-terrorism mission and wants to know the current agenda of one of the most dangerous terrorist groups.

Is there a connection between the two incidents? And if Jack Sr. and Jack Jr. exist, can they find out what’s going on and fix it in time?

13. Threat Vector

Tom Clancy's book list

Threat Vector is the Chinese government when General Su Keqiang pushes the Chinese President to invade Taiwan. President Jack Ryan must develop a plan to end this; otherwise, it could harm America and its reputation on global platforms.

14. Comand Authority

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Command Authority begins with Jack Ryan Sr., who unsuccessfully tracks down a KGB killer Zenith. Now, 30 years later, Jack Sr. is determined to finish what his father started. But there are so many things he has to learn and understand; otherwise, he will endanger his own reputation and that of his father!


So those are Tom Clancy’s best books to read. They have all been successful and have received positive reviews from readers and critics. So it’s safe to say these are the best Tom Clancy books you’ll ever read.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you found the best book by Tom Clancy to get you started.

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