Astrology is one of those fascinating subjects that can amaze us. All over the world, people believe that the stars control our lives or that they play a crucial role in our lives. So the more we read and research, the more interested we become, and the more people become obsessed with astrology.

If you are new to this field or want to try it, you should start reading astrology books. Like anything else, books can also help you with astrology. Many astrologers worldwide have written books on astrology and have made people fall in love with the subject. Even if you are a professional astrologer, you can only benefit from reading the amazing works of some of the world’s greatest astrologers and some good books on the subject.

Since you are here, you should look for the best astrology books, and we will fulfill your wish as well. Although there are many astrology books to read, you cannot read every book, so you need to find the best one to read. So we have given you a list of the best astrology books to read.

Take a look at the following top astrology books and choose a few for yourself.

The Best Astrology Books

best astrology books

1. The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need

The title says it all, doesn’t it? All we can say is that the title justifies the book’s contents, and it may be the best astrology book you can read too. Joanna Martina Woolfolk, an astrologer, wrote the book. The book was published in 1982, and almost 500 copies have been sold to date.

The book is quite impressive because it answers many of our questions, and we can easily get lost in the book while reading.

Readers will learn a lot about the composite stars and the zodiac itself. You’ll find everything from celebrities to birthday luck. The comprehensive study of astrology and astronomical compatibility is amazing. The author also mentions some ways to deal with the sign’s negative aspects and all the positive aspects.

One of the best aspects of these books is that they are written in the simplest tone and can be easily mastered by a beginner. Therefore, in general, you should start with this book if you are new to the world of astrology, and if you are not new and have not read the book yet, you should read it eventually because it will not disappoint you.

2. Astrology for the Soul 

astrology books

Do you want to know what your future holds? Do you believe in astrology? Do you want to know all the answers to your astrological questions? Then Astrology for the Soul is your book.

Written by Jane Spiller, a spiritual astrologer, the book is the first attempt to use astrology to shed light on the mysteries of our future.

In this book, the author has tried to teach us how to find our hidden talents and desires and also how to avoid all the negative things in our lives. The book focuses on the North Lunar Node and how it affects a person, and what that means in our lives.

The book covers many things that a person should be able to discover, including special talents, self-destructive tendencies, love partners, pitfalls, and affirmations. Each of these plays an important role in shaping one’s present and future, and everyone should be aware of them. So, all in all, if you are interested in these things, read this book.

3. Parkers’ Astrology

astrology books to read

Parker’s astrology is one of the best astrology you can read sometimes. Julia and Derek Parker are among the best-known authors globally, and they have done an excellent job with this book as well.

As the title suggests, this book is an astrology guide in which you will learn so much, from writing your natal chart to interpretation. The book presents some advanced astrological research and techniques for beginners. By drawing a birth chart, you can also learn a little more about their future. Detailed explanations of everything from birth to every aspect of our lives is a subject worth studying.

Julia Parker has done a remarkable job of describing the 12 sun signs and their characteristics. The book is very well versed in astrology and also very intuitive.

4. Cosmos and Psyche

astrology books for beginners

Cosmos and Psyche are one of the best astrology books to read. Richard Tarnas, a cultural historian, wrote this book. In this book, the author writes about the existence of connections between planetary transits and events in the lives of great historical figures.

The author has written another book, entitled The Passion of the Western Mind, in which he introduces the concepts of this book.

It discusses the views of astrology in today’s world and how people interpret it as mere superstition. There is so much you can learn from this book and discover the true meaning of astrology.

5. The Stars Within You 

astrology best books

The Stars Within You is our next choice for our list – the best astrology books you can find. The book is beautifully written and highlights what statistics can tell you about your personal experiences, not your relationships with others.

The stars would help us reveal our habitual patterns and gifts. But, the book also teaches us how to move forward to achieve anything we desire.

The book is a little different because it gives a new perspective on astrology and suggests how we can read and interpret our natal charts. But, in general, the book covers the basics of astrology and how we can learn the basics of astrology in our lives.

6. The Astrology of You and Me

best astrology books in english

The Astrology of You and Me is another excellent astrology book to read. This book is also very interesting, and if you are not a professional astrologer, you will still enjoy this book.

The book illustrates your relationships with all the people you know based on their zodiac sign. For example, what would your relationship be with a Gemini companion or a Taurus friend? So here are a few things that would highlight your relationship with each sign and also how you should interact with them to maintain your relationship with them.

7. The Twelve Houses

best books on astrology

Next on our list of best astrology books is “The Twelve Houses.” As the title suggests, this book introduces you to the twelve houses and the fate of each of them. In addition, this book aims to tell readers the true interpretations of each house and what future they will see based on their sign.

Again, the book explains to readers what paradise looks like at birth and how to get by.

8. Star Power

astrology books for zodiac lovers

Star Power is also an astrology book that is a must-read if you love astrology. The book shows readers how to read their birth charts and connect their lives to the stars. Readers will also learn about the effects of star timing and the importance of the planets in your life.

You will also learn about your relationship with the universe and how each sign will handle love, wealth, and career. The book also shows you which sign of the zodiac suits you best.

9. Astrology for Happiness and Success

astrology books best

We are all looking for happiness in one way or another, and usually, people read astrology just for themselves to find out how to be happy and where to find happiness. If this is the case, then Astrology of Happiness is the best astrology book for you.

This book will find tips and tricks designed just for you based on your zodiac sign. These tips and tricks will help you find happiness in your life. So read the book to learn more about happiness in your life.

10. The Secret Language of Relationships

best astrology book for relationship

The name says it all. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about their relationship with everyone in their life.

The book also suggests how people are based on their birth time and how people born in a similar week or on the same day have unique characteristics. In this book, the author explains almost every type of relationships, such as love, marriage, siblings, and career. All in all, it is quite a book to spend time with.

11. Astrology, Karma, and Transformation

astrology book

Next on our list are astrology, karma, and transformation. This book is another masterpiece by Stephen Arroyo that you must read at some point. This book introduces the basic concepts of reading natal charts. The book also includes some tips that any reader can use to interpret the various mediums of their own birth chart.

12. Astrology Uncovered

best astrology book

Astrology Uncovered is also one of the best astrology books to read. Thanks to its amazing content and astrological teachings, this book also manages to make it to our list. The boom has some easy-to-follow astrology guides. The author also describes the celestial bodies and their role in our lives and how they determine our destiny.

13. Astrology for Real Life

astrology books list

Real astrology has everything to please. The book mentions almost everything that can be found in a good astrology book. The insightful tone and the topics covered are the best you could wish for as a reader. You will find a complete guide, from reading birth charts to interpreting the meaning of everything and learning how the planets affect your real life.

14. Love Signs

beginners astrology books

Do you want to know more about your love life? How about finding out who you end up with and what that person will be like? You can certainly do that with this astrology book. This book is like a crystal ball. The book also teaches you to be compatible with each sign.

15. Birthdays, Stars, and Numbers

list of astrology books

The Power of Birthdays, Stars, and Numbers is everything you expect. The book is quite long, so if you take it, make sure you have the patience and time to read all 831 pages. The book presents your future, your career, and, in fact, your horoscope. Read this book for all the answers about your destiny and destination.


So these are some of the best astrology books you can find. Some write these books by the best astrologers and authors who spent years researching the subject and then decided to bring them together in book form. All of the above astrology books are worth the time and money you invest in them, and you won’t regret it. So what are you waiting for? Pick a few books and start reading them to learn more about astrology. As we have already said, books are suitable for everyone, from professionals to beginners.

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