15 Best drawing books – [October 2020] Overview

Technology has surpassed human imagination and fantasy. All electronic devices have made the lives of ordinary people easy and comfortable.

If you are an artist or a parent who is a friend looking for the best laptop to paint, for yourself or your child, this guide will help you choose the best laptop. The best drawing laptops are a reliable tool for digital artists. With this device they not only introduce their state of mind into the visual perception, but also offer the viewer reliable structures.

Comparison table

Times have changed, and the notebook screen has become a canvas, and your fingers can choose beautiful colors in the software.

Choosing the best laptop is the most difficult task because you have to do several things at the same time, such as designing the necessary features and setting a budget. If you are looking for the best laptop, this guide will help you choose the best laptop in your bag.

Each company and brand brings the best drawing laptop to the market, but several brands have taken a step forward thanks to the positive feedback from their customers.

If you are an artist and want to transfer your ideas to the screen and show your talent to others, bring these laptops now. The customer’s genius can always use modern equipment and use it to help choose the best laptop.

The price of almost everything has skyrocketed, and in all these circumstances it is literally a blessing to be able to pick up the best laptop. Don’t let the massive and confusing search get in the way and choose the laptop that best suits your needs by consulting this reliable guide. Let’s start by looking at this friendly guide.

Top 15 drawing books

  1. Microsoft Surface Go
  2. Microsoft 3 Surface Notebook
  3. Lenovskaya Yoga C940
  4. HP Spectrum X360 Convertible Notebook Computer
  5. Samsung 9 Pro Notebook Computer
  6. Yoga book Lenovskaya c930
  7. Asus C214MA, the chrome pocketbook
  8. ASUS ZenBook 13
  9. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  10. Apple MacBook Pro
  11. Dell XPS 13
  12. Acer Spin Convertible Bond
  13. Lenovo Flex 5
  14. Microsoft interface by 6
  15. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

1.Microsoft Go interface

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Microsoft brand
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • CPU: Intel Pentium Gold
  • RAM: 8 GB/128 GB
  • Wireless Wi-Fi service
  • Touched and written on screen
  • Turn on USB multitasking C

In the past one had to deal with superficial issues, but surface is very important in the market. The reliable performance of this simple gadget has put an end to the search of many people. If you are looking for a product with the best battery life and that can be stored anywhere, the best portable device will be waiting for you.

The quality of the keyboard is good enough so you can feel the best quality of the sensor with a light touch. Above-ground storage is sufficient to store the required data. The processor and Wi-Fi connection give you the best experience.

The laptop’s processor is a Pentium Gold, and this is the main reason for the laptop’s fast performance. The notebook should solve all the artists’ problems. The best work and services to artists have made it the best choice when selecting the best laptop to draw.

Follow the flow and mode. Despite the fact that the laptop is a bit expensive, it will provide a reliable service. You don’t have to regret your choice if you’re going to buy a piece of land.

The advantages of

  • Portable website
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Standard keyboard quality


  • Dear Sir
  • Remedy unfavourable options
  • Does not have a USB-A port

2.Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Microsoft brand
  • Bluetooth and Wireless Wi-Fi
  • i5 core of 10. Generation
  • Windows 10 Homepage
  • 2.79 pounds
  • USB ports C and A for connection

By choosing the best laptop in the tough competition, Microsoft’s third superficial laptop broke all records. The box hits the heart when the customer unpacks his laptop. The user will never regret having invested in this article. Microsoft has always presented a product with unique possibilities in the market.

If you want to buy a reliable laptop and make the best of it for a joke, you will find all the reliable features of this laptop. The beautiful and luxurious design of the notebook attracts people’s attention. The product specifications are sufficient to defeat your opponents.

On the other hand, the fast processor and elegant design offer additional features. It also contains a USB-C port that has fixed all wiring problems. Wireless communication is also supported via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The speed with which the product is charged can serve you better than your imagination.

Now you can enjoy a stylish and luxurious design and at the same time load quickly. Although the battery life is average, it is still reliable. The product is expensive, but the beauty matches the price.

The advantages of

  • Super smooth design
  • fast processor
  • Fast price: 80% in one hour
  • USB-C connection


  • An aggressive price
  • Average battery life

3rd Lenovskaya Yoga C940

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Contact FHD
  • tenth generation
  • Intel Core i7
  • Window 10, mark: Lenovo
  • 12 GB memory, 512 GB hard disk.
  • Reader with keyboard and illuminated fingers

Each product has remarkable characteristics that distinguish it from the others. When it comes to Lenovo, the company has been fighting for reliable products for years. From games to art to design, they have laptops for everyone.

The FHD’s high-resolution touchscreen can make your work more comfortable and reliable, allowing you to select colours with your fingers. Another advantage of high resolution is that you can easily understand colour shades.

The 4K screen is a powerful feature of this sketchbook. If you are looking for the best drawing laptop and your budget is normal, then this laptop is the best choice.

The advantages of

  • Reliable CPU and GPU performance
  • 4K screen
  • Extended battery life
  • Active pen, touch screen


  • Solder RAM
  • Price tag (Premium)
  • Low niche shortage
  • Terminals and short connectors

4.HP Spectrum X360 Convertible 15 Notebook

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Touch screen
  • Windows 10 Homepage
  • Illuminated keyboards
  • HP brand, wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • 8 GB DR4/ 256 GB
  • Integrated images Vega 8

If you’re looking for a notebook with a streamlined, sophisticated design that delivers optimal performance, HP has the right notebook for you. Thanks to its capabilities and God-given graphics, it is considered the best laptop for drawing and gaming.

The quality of the keyboard is good enough to play with the flowers. A clear 4K display, which made searching easier for many people. The laptop can be heavy and the tablet mode will be difficult to handle, but the laptop itself is the best choice for artists who usually work from home.

HP provided a specification at a lower price; on the other hand, many brands offered the same specification with a touch of confidentiality. These lightweight notebooks can also be used by children for drawing. Even if you can’t work on it all the time, because it makes the soil warmer, you can still use it for a few hours.

The advantages of

  • High quality design
  • Long battery life
  • Incredibly vivid 4K screen
  • Good quality keyboard


  • Big and heavy.
  • It’s hard to hold a tablet mode
  • The ground heats up quickly.
  • Even the maximum brightness is a little low.

5th laptop Samsung 9 Pro

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Convertible touch screen
  • Windows 10 Homepage
  • wireless Bluetooth
  • Brand: Samsung
  • 16 GB DDR, 256 GB SSD memory
  • 1.8 GHz processor with 4 GHz turbocharger

No one can surpass the Samsung Notebook 9 pro in terms of design and style. This notebook not only offers style and design, but also a transformation plan. This 2-in-1 quality allowed the user to benefit from the touch of two gadgets. The notebook is made for everyday use, and the board – for drawing and small games.

High quality features and the best operating system with lots of memory have turned it into a laptop to draw. When selecting a notebook drawing, the brightness of the notebook should be good enough to see the small details of the color. This model of the laptop therefore has optimal backlighting, and this brightness is the best reason to buy this laptop.

The keys slide, but the touch screen has reliable functions. The ID memory is considered slightly smaller than that of other laptops of the same brand. The luxurious design and multi-mode display have made this laptop your choice. Ports are available for connection, and the ports can also be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The advantages of

  • Integrated memory
  • Optimal brightness
  • 14 hours battery life


  • No 4K screen option
  • Small size of the SSD
  • The keys are slippery.
  • No zipper.

6. Lenovskaya yoga book c930

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • The Lenovo Brand
  • Windows 10 at home, touch screen
  • Intel i7 Core
  • 16 GB GDR,
  • Dolby Atmos Audio
  • Active Pen
  • 3 LBS

There’s no doubt that the Lenovo yogacr30 has impressive qualities and that users appreciate it in every way. The appearance of this elegant notebook is enough to show that it has unique qualities. From design to performance, everything is unique and reliable. Among the best laptops to design convertibles, only this brand.

It’s a proud moment for Lenovo to see that they’re new to the convertible display. The 4K light curtain is most suitable for painting. That’s why users generally prefer Lenovo when choosing these notebooks because they pay less and offer more.

The Lenovo touchscreen keyboard is best suited for drawings and illustrations. Graphics and high resolution are also useful for creating the necessary graph. It would be better to say that this point is reliable for most products. That is why you should choose this product. The sound bars and the excellent quality of the loudspeakers are also an advantage in the mid-range segment.

The advantages of

  • Sound style: Dolby,
  • Decent wifi performance
  • Active pen, full screen
  • atmospheric soundbar
  • Good overall performance


  • Does not have a special GPU
  • 7. Generation (the rivalry is being modernised)
  • Inappropriate with SD card reader

7.ASUS Chromed folding book page C214MA

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Chrome booke, touch keyboard.
  • Wireless communication via Wi-Fi___33 and Bluetooth.
  • Operating system Chrome, brand : ASUS
  • Glare-free screen
  • 4 GB DDR RAM, 32 GB flash memory

It is clear that ASUS Chromebook is considered one of the most powerful products for chrome operating systems. This laptop wins the hearts of many people today. If you are looking for a laptop that you can operate in a few hours, choose this laptop because it has a longer battery life.

Another nice thing that is not available with many other products is that the Google Play shop supports this laptop. This means you can install the required applications quickly and reliably.

The outer skin of the product is attractive. The sound quality of the speakers may not be as reliable, but when you draw with them, you enjoy the performance of your laptop more than the music in the sound. From the design you can see that it is a bit expensive, but in general it is the best product to make a happy purchase. A professional artist will not think twice when he hears the name of this product and its characteristics.

The advantages of

  • Highly appreciated and driven by Chrome OS
  • An impressive body
  • Supported by the Google Play store
  • Battery life


  • Lower than average speaker quality
  • It’s a little expensive.

8th Asus ZenBook 13

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  •  Touch screen, window 10 per
  • 16 G IEM. DRUM, 512 G. SSD
  • Innovative screen panel 2.0
  • Quadruple display without Baselle window
  • Connection via HDML, Type C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and micro SD
  • i7 core, 8M processor at 4.8 GHz

The best notebook is the one that gives you all the functions you need for your work. The ZenBook is a notebook with a reliable metal casing, the quality of which is simply delicious. The design of the laptop is fascinating.

In addition, the performance is very beautiful. The high-resolution HD screen and touch screen are the optimal features of this laptop. A single warehouse is enough to solve all your problems.

In addition, the Communication is presented in different ways. All connection methods are specified in the data sheet. The Intel Corei7 and powerful speakers offer the same internal and external quality as a notebook.

The Basel Display is the best feature the company offers its users. Art lovers might think it’s the best laptop. By choosing this laptop, the user solves the problem of display reliability. First of all, it’s not a gaming laptop, so it’s not a demon that works, but your drawing process will run smoothly thanks to the particularly gentle touch. You can choose that cell phone.

The advantages of

  • Good quality metal housing
  • Reliable screen brightness
  • Powerful and reliable speakers
  • Matt view


  • processor performance is unreliable
  • Keyboard support
  • No thunder in clear skies.

9.Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Microsoft brand
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Touch screen display
  • Information, 10. Generation, Core i5.
  • 8 GB memory/128 GB hard drive

The market is full of laptops with remarkable features. Each item is different from the others, but the quality of the processor plays the most important role when you decide to buy a computer. If you are looking for a laptop with a high-speed processor, Microsoft will be your priority.

The leap in the processor of this laptop from generation to generation has made it possible to receive the most positive feedback from people. It would be just as important to say that this notebook is the best choice, from the quality to the screen. Storage is also considered appropriate, and you can save your multiple designs of digital drawings here.

With the best laptops for drawing, Microsoft always offers services that are a step ahead.  The pen bracket and pen holder make the user’s work even easier. In comparison with the company’s previous models, the reliability of advice in key positions has improved considerably. Although the battery life is not that reliable, the notebook’s overall performance is fascinating.

The advantages of

  • 6-WiFi support
  • High computing power
  • Available USB C and A ports
  • Luxury Kicktail


  • The latest update is the same as for the Pro 6.
  • Short and unreliable battery life

10.Apple MacBook Pro

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Brand: Apple
  • 16 inch display
  • 16 GB RAM, 512 GB memory
  • 2.6 GHz Intel Corei7 Processor
  • Touch the keyboard,
  • Operating system: macOS
  • Wireless communication over Wi-Fi

MacBook Pro is designed with the latest features and requirements in mind. The MacBook is not only used for drawing, but the user can use this gadget in many ways. From its unique and stunning design to HD image resolution, the MacBook is a product with unique capabilities.

Use the MacBook’s best features as powerful speakers. The universal power touchscreen of this notebook is in many ways unique and charming, this is the best feature.

Battery life is extended and reliable. That’s why this laptop is the best and only one for people looking for the best combination of music, sound effects, long battery life and macophone. A sketchbook is always the best choice in combination with an apple. So if you don’t have an opinion to buy, this report will captivate you. And in the end, you get a purchase.

The advantages of

  • Powerful speakers
  • straightforward design
  • Long battery life
  • Universal power touch screen


  • SD card slot not available
  • Electrical connection not available
  • dear

11.Dell XPS 13

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Brand: Dell
  • Touch screen display
  • Window 10 at home
  • Intel i7 8TH kernel generation
  • IEM. 16 G TALLER, SB.
  • 8M cache with up to 4 GHz processor

The beginning of the smooth design was made by the famous company Dell. These elegant Dell models will gain prestige in 2015 by bringing high quality design to the market. The 13-inch laptop offers users many reliable options.

To appeal to a healthy, professional audience, Dell launched this model, which includes almost every aspect of a reliable laptop. These laptops are equipped with a touchscreen, which was the best quality so far. Powerful windows ten houses in this Dell XPS and with 1TB of storage space, this is the best laptop for many applications.

The quality of the notebook keyboard is incredibly high; the notebook’s sensor has additional benefits, allowing for an accurate and gentle touch of your fingers. Moreover, all these factors, a 4 GHz processor is enough to attract an audience. These laptops are miniaturized, lightweight and have a materialistic metal casing. With all these qualities, the Dell XPS has managed to beat many rivals.

The advantages of

  • Infinite display
  • Made and of better quality
  • The keyboard and touchpad are exceptional.
  • Longer battery life


  • Some complaints in the structure
  • The brightness is below average.
  • Problems with the front camera

12.convertible bond Acer Spin 3

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Full screen HD display
  • Intel i7 kernel of the 8. Generation
  • 16 GBDR4, 512 GBPS
  • Illuminated keyboard with fingerprint reader
  • Active pen with rechargeable battery

When a company offers the best quality at an average price, it attracts people’s hearts. That’s why Acer is the best company to work on the above strategy. Laptops from this company are a good choice when looking for the best laptop to draw on.

In addition to all these functions, the company offers many other features, including a powerful fingerprint reader. This fingerprint reader allows you to check the safety of an item. An active pen with rechargeable battery is also included with the laptop.

The laptop’s memory is unique and very high, which means that the user can store all the necessary data in the laptop. The features and fast processor with the i7 generation core have delivered the best user experience to date.

Taking into account all the demands of the digital world, Acer successfully brings charming notebooks to the market. Does anyone else need anything else if they get reliable quality at an affordable price?

The advantages of

  • Average price
  • A high level
  • HD view
  • Four types of use


  • Tablet mode seems uncomfortable.
  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t have a wide angle of view.
  • No DSS

13.Lenovo Flex 5

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Touchpad
  • Window 10 at home
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.
  • Intel i5 Core
  • 8 GBB, 128 GBPSD

In the Yoga series, Lenovo released the first convertible top. That’s why Lenovo pioneered the best series of convertibles. This series has yielded many useful benefits. In 2015, the market value of this company has increased thanks to the introduction of new and incredible innovations.

The best notebook in the series is the A-flexible. From screen quality to the optimum touch screen, this notebook offers everything the user needs. The connection is via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and ports are also available for other connections.

The market value of these notebooks has increased significantly. In addition, the flexible five has a long and reliable battery life. This autonomy has made it a flagship.

The memory is also reliable for storing multiple files at a constant processor speed. Although the notebook’s cooling fan sometimes gets noisy and makes noise, it doesn’t get annoying. You can choose this notebook with all these incredible features.

The advantages of

  • A nice advertisement
  • Long battery life
  • Integrated fingerprint reader


  • Cooling fan becomes noisy
  • The price is higher compared to options
  • A strange shape

14.Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Microsoft brand
  • White: GBP 1,7
  • Wireless connection over Wi-Fi
  • 8GB RAM, 256 G SSD
  • Intel Core i5 processor

Microsoft Corporation offers the best version for users.  All Microsoft models have a unique feature that is enough to get good feedback from customers. Although the company does not provide USB ports to users, the best part is that it has provided a wireless connection.

The speed characteristics of the 8. Generations have made this object unique and elegant. Despite the fact that the pro-zes and the pro-sept have almost identical characteristics, the pro-sept has small updates, which means that both are reliable and identical.

If you are looking for a reliable drawing book, this model will end your search. The best part is the reusable and intensive use, if these laptops don’t slow you down. The user can always benefit from the reliability of this product. So if you’re looking for the best laptop to paint, choose a laptop with unique, high-quality graphics.

The advantages of

  • Working speed thanks to the 8. Generation
  • Good battery performance
  • A unique design
  • A breathtaking exhibition

15.Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

Best drawingbooks in 2020


  • Intel Core m3
  • 4 GB RAM, 64 GB eM
  • 13 MP camera
  • Operating system Chrome 12.2
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth

Laptops with the Chromebook operating system are rare, but 2018 was the year in which users were given many options. This technology and Chromebook’s V2 technology have captured people’s hearts. A double spider web was used and the clear, high-resolution screen allowed the artist to work with passion.

An artist can now use this gadget for various works. Although the battery life is not that long, it will support the final system.  USB-C and USB-A cables are available for easy connection to other devices. The quality of the camera is excellent, so this laptop is considered to be the best.

In addition to all these features, the company also offers users the built-in LTE modem to give them a better and more exceptional experience. Make reliable decisions when you choose to use this notebook. This notebook is not suitable for travel as it is heavy and difficult to hold. But the overall performance of the laptop is impressive and unique.

The advantages of

  • Convenient stylus storage
  • USB ports C and A are available
  • Double webcam
  • High definition HD screen


  • Average battery life
  • It’s hard to keep track
  • Keyboard in an uncomfortable state

Purchasing guide

A reliable shopping guide will always help you choose something better. If you don’t have general information about the requirements, check out this purchase guide as it will help you choose the best laptop to paint. Notebooks specially designed for drawing and art have all the features below. After reading this manual, no one will be fooled anymore.

The display of the work support must be exceptional to provide full resolution and HD results. These features play an important role in choosing the best laptop.  The screen should be larger, and if it is a touch screen, it would be a blessing. Artistic nuances are best found on the big screen.

Notebooks from 13 inches and up are considered reliable notebooks for drawings and illustrations. The screen size is therefore included in the purchase guide as a superior feature in the search for the best notebooks to paint.

The performance of a laptop always plays an important role in choosing the best laptop. These laptops, which contain a high-quality processor and RAM, are most useful for users. Digital and other designs will work better if your system has a higher speed.

If you are a daily user, you must meet the laptop’s maximum speed and performance specifications. If your computer can handle the entire workload without hanging up and has excellent RAM characteristics, it’s a good drawing book.

This is the best thing every artist should pay attention to when making a purchase. The graphics and reliable resolution guarantee a long notebook life and determine an excellent image.

Drawing books always contain good photos so that your design is better understood. This is the best specification for a notebook with drawings. A computer with the best resolution is considered the best tool for drawing tasks. Always choose the laptop with the best graphics.

The quality of the keyboard is one of the most important characteristics when choosing a laptop with a drawing. You can use all the functions of your computer if you have a good quality keyboard. The market is now full of touch screen laptops. Touchscreen notebooks offer more possibilities, and the artist can now play with colours thanks to touchscreen notebooks.

Always choose a computer with a high-quality keyboard, at least with a reliable and more sensitive touch screen. The keys on the keyboard must be smooth, or the line must have a reliable sensitivity to support the artist’s work.

The processor is responsible for the internal operation of the laptop. It is considered to be the heart of the computer because all functions are converted by it, both as input and output. A faster processor means great performance for laptops. Always choose a computer with the right specifications and processor speed.

Your best drawing laptop works more accurately if it’s equipped with a faster processor. The fast processor ensures reliable laptop speed, so keep this line at the top of the list in your search for the best laptop.

Style has always been a priority when choosing a laptop to paint on. The market is full of smiling laptops. They look less like a laptop than a mini laptop.  Digital drawings will be easier to make on these laptops. Every notebook with a sleek, sleepy design always draws the hearts of viewers.

The notebook method is an integral part of the notebook drawing guide. Make sure your computer is locked up according to this manual.

This is a general guide developed by experts to help you find a sketchbook. Product reviews with these specifications will help you choose the right job for you. You can choose the product according to your budget or by weighing the pros and cons. Let us make it easy for you!

Frequently asked questions [FAQS]

Q1 : How can you paint on a laptop?

Answers: Painting options are available on any computer or laptop, but if you need additional functionality, you can download various painting applications from certain brands such as Chromebook, OS and Microsoft. These applications offer more possibilities for better designs.

Q2 : Is it appropriate to draw with a tablet with a laptop?

Ans: Yes, you can use the drawer to draw, and the market is also full of these laptop convertibles. A 2 on 1 laptop is the best choice as a travel partner.

Q3 : Why would I prefer to design laptops on the web?

Ans: Drawing is a natural way to illustrate your idea of a visit on a page. Modern times are the era of digital design, so these laptops help create a digital design with high quality graphics. This function is difficult to display on the screen.

Q4 : What are the characteristics of a drawing book?

Ans: A reliable laptop for drawing The best laptops for drawing must have a fast processor so that the artist can do his work efficiently. Graphics and screen resolution must be good to understand the overall process. First of all, the laptop must provide sufficient space for data storage.

Q5 : What preferences should you give to RAM when designing laptops?

Ans: If you’re an artist and don’t want to do all the digital drawings on your laptop, it’s best to have at least 4 GB of RAM. This is a minimum and sufficient specification, but 8 GB RAM is also recommended for those who want good graphics speed.


You can quickly select the best laptops for painting by comparing your purchase with the above guide features.  Otherwise, if you rely on others to help you choose a better laptop, the Apple MacBook Pro should be at the top of the list. You can check the optimal quality of this notebook by reading all specifications and the product overview.

A reliable laptop always meets customer requirements, and when it comes to artists, a fast processor and a good display are essential. The second most reliable laptop on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 list. Now make your purchase easier by taking these laptops with you. Make your work more fun by choosing one of these attractive notebooks.

Make a HAPPY purchase!

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