If you like the world of magic, supernatural things and comics, you must have heard of the author Neal Heiman. He is popular for his fiction, such as Good Omens, American Gods, and so on. In fact, series are also made on the basis of these books. If you’ve just entered the world of Neil Gaman, you should want to know which book to start with. So you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve put together a list of Neal Gaman’s top 15 books that you’re sure to enjoy.

Let’s start with a list, so you can explore the adventurous world of Fingernail Gaman.

Neil Heiman books

Neil Geiman's best books

1. American Gods

Neil Geiman's best book

American Gods is one of Neil Heyman’s popular books, and it is one of his classic books that certainly deserves praise and hype. The book was written when Neil Gaman decided to go to America. The book tells the story of the past, present and future of the country. This includes the mythological gods and how things have changed since the advent of technology in the country.

The story takes you into the world of mythology and mystery and mixes it with the horror and struggles of the ancient American gods. It is absolutely necessary to read it. You must know the series, which is also based on this book.

2. None

Neil Geiman's Great Book

There has never been another Neil Geiman classic or one of his most popular books of all time. Neverwhere’s story revolves around Richard Matthew, a London businessman. But his life changed quickly when he learned he was under London.

It is a whole new world inhabited by the lost and homeless. There is also a place for various monsters, saints, corners etc. in London. The fanatical world is taking Richard further and further away from reality and to take his place he must fight the supernatural! The adventure described in the book is very funny and you will certainly want to immerse yourself in this world.

3. International Peace

Neil Geiman's book list

The InterWorld trilogy has also become famous among readers around the world. It was written by Gaman in collaboration with Michael Reeves. It is a science fiction story that explores many amazing elements that differ from the typical Heiman font.

The figure has been lost somewhere in a world of another dimension. Where he has to work with another version of himself to save the world. This is one of Hyman’s masterpieces you can enjoy!

4. Good characters

Neil Geiman's best books

It’s one of those children’s books they turned into a soap opera. The books take the fantasy genre to a new level and are therefore nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 1991! The story revolves around Satan, demons and angels.

The characters, Azirafal and Crowley, represent heaven and hell on earth! They’re working together to save Earth, but how? To do this, they have to find the Antichrist. And this trip in search of the Antichrist is a perfect humour and a bit of drama for readers. It shows that the demon is not so bad, and the angel is beautiful. Try it, it’ll certainly amuse you.

5. Stardust

Nile heiman's best books

Have you ever promised anyone the beginning and the moon? In poetry it sounds pretty damn romantic, but in real life it can’t happen, can it? And this is the book Stardust, which shows a boy who promised to lead the shooting stars to the love of his life. This fantastic genre will certainly give you the best reading experience.

Some people might think it’s childish, but it’s fun. It is beautifully written and tells about the different aspects of love and fairy tales. So if your type is fantastic, you should try this one.

6. Coral

Neal Heiman's list of books

This is the story of a dark fantasy in which the young protagonist, Coraline Jones, appears. She’s still trying to fit into the new apartment she moved into with her parents. Everything was fine until she found a little door that led her to a new world where everything was perfect. Everyone wants to stay in a world where you get all the perfect things you’ve dreamed of. But it’s not that simple, soon the elements of horror will appear in the story making you wonder.

Caroline, who is a brave and intelligent girl, becomes her own heroine and struggles with the difficulties. It is the perfect combination of humour and horror that you will appreciate!

7. Cemetery Book

Neil Heiman's best books

One of the ideal books for children and adolescents. The story revolves around a guy named No One Owens. No matter how interesting his name is, his story will also interest you. First of all, he lives in a cemetery. He’s always lived there. Plus, he was even raised by vampires and ghosts. At the age of 12, he discovered a new meaning to life and realized the need to change some things in his life. It’s an interesting book that will slow you down and entertain you in its strange way!

8. Incredible unbelievable

Read Neil Geiman's books

Ghastly Beyond Beliefs is the second book by Neil Gaman. He wrote it with Kim Newman. Both writers are known for their interesting work. In this book they presented the last 50 years of science fiction. They collected the bad parts and glorified them with their own efforts. You’re gonna love the book because it’s written the way you want to read it. It’s fun, it’s amusing, and it will certainly add an element of humour to the science fiction genre. So if you think it’s an interesting book idea, feel free to try it out.

9. Unusual and frozen giants

the best book reviews on Neil Geiman.

If you are looking for a Neil Gayman children’s book, Odd and The Frost Giants should be your first choice. The story revolves around the Norwegian boy Odd, who was abandoned by his parents. Then he goes on his own journey. But in this time he meets interesting characters like an eagle, a bear and a fox.

The story doesn’t end there, you’ll soon learn that animals are cursed by the Scandinavian gods. He discovers that the ice giant has cursed his animal friends and decides to fight him. It’s an adventure book about mythology, and kids will love it!

10. Fragile things: News and Miracles

Neil Geiman's best books

It’s one of Neil Gaman’s favorite books if you’re a fan. It contains news and miracles. The book is full of the author’s imagination. There are so many things you’ll find interesting in a book, and it’s a kind of book that you’re bound to find in one place eventually.

11. Warning

Books by Neil Geiman

If you want to read something dark, this should be your first choice. It’s chaotic and inflammatory. The book reveals the truth about greed, and sometimes you feel uncomfortable, but that’s the point. It’s designed to make you feel uncomfortable and worry about what’s inside. It’s a deep, well-written book.

12. Boys Anansi

Neil Geiman's best books

Anansi Boys is another must-read book by Neil Gaman, which you should definitely read. The story revolves around two sons who discover each other after the death of their father. The brothers are part of each other’s lives and this is where the adventure of the book begins. It is not only an interesting book, but also an entertaining book to read. There’s so much that boys learn about other people’s heritage. So it will be interesting to see how they do it.

13. Smoke and mirrors

Neil Geiman's best books

Smoke and Mirrors is another classic book that should be included in your mandatory Neil Heiman books. It is also a collection of short stories and poems. The book reflects the author’s imagination and his ability to create a fanatical world out of strange creatures. For lovers of Neil Gaman’s stories, this is a book they would like to read over and over again.

14. Ocean at the end of the band

Player selection by Neil Geiman

This book follows the story of an anonymous storyteller who much later returned to his parental home to attend the funeral. And this is where the story begins, when the narrator is overwhelmed by childhood memories and the people who have been part of his life.

15. Probability stories

Books by Neil Geiman

This book is an amazing comic adaptation of Gaman’s stories. So it’s the perfect choice for those who love both Neil’s novels and his comics. So if you have the time, it’ll be a trap and keep you on the edge of your seat until you’re done!


So these are the best Neil Gaman books you’ll ever want to read. These books have received both good reviews and a positive reaction from readers. Then go buy some books!

We hope you found the perfect Neil Gaman book.

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