If you are looking for a good series of detective novels, the Mike Bowditch series by Paul Doiron should be your first choice.

Paul Doiron is a popular and successful author whose many works have impressed us. For example, when he introduced us to the character of Mike Bowditch in the first novel of the Poacher’s Son series, everyone became fans, and the book became a bestseller.

The series revolves around the character of Mike Bowditch. He’s a foreman in the woods of Maine. But he is not only a guard because, in his daily life, he is also confronted with all kinds of threats and crimes. He knows that natural predators are not the only threat in the forest. He finds human missions, defends animal rights, creates justice, and engages in local and foreign struggles in the forest.

All of Mike Bowditch’s stories are full of twists, action, suspense, unexpected dangers, hidden secrets, and a little romance.

Overall, this series of crimes is different from what one normally expects from the police genre, and it would be interesting to read the whole series as well. So far, there are a total of 11 effects in the series, some of which will not be available anytime soon.

If you want to read the whole series, you should do so in chronological order; otherwise, you might miss the details that make the series so special. In this article, we will give you a list of all the books by Mike Bowditch Paul Doiron in order.

Consult the following books by Mike Bowditch in chronological order.

Best Books by Paul Doiron

1. The Poacher’s Son

The Poacher’s Son is Paul Doiron’s first book in that order. This book is the beginning of the Mike Bowditch series in 2010.

In this book, we are introduced to the character of Mike Bowditch for the first time. He’s a gamekeeper in Maine. His life is not ordinary. It is full of crime, suspense, action, and mystery. His father, Jack, hasn’t made it easy for him either, being an alcoholic womanizer who makes his living by illegal poaching.

Mike Bowditch comes home after a long absence. Then he finds an earlier message from him on the answering machine. I haven’t heard from him in two years. But his worries don’t end there; the next day, he gets a call that a police officer has been murdered and that his father is the prime suspect.

He is desperate to find out more about the case and clear his father’s name, despite his past. So he and his companion, a retired supervisory pilot, travel through the desert to find clues to solve the case and clear his father’s name.

The story will never fail to captivate you, and you won’t be able to put the book down until you finish it! It’s a great start to the series, and Paul Doiron did a great job as well.

2. Trespasser

The Intruder is Paul Doiron’s penultimate book, telling the story of Mike Bowditch. This time a woman has been missing for a few days, and Mike has to find her and bring her home. The missing woman case should take him back to the Maine desert. He went there because he got a call from a woman stuck in the woods. When he gets there, he finds blood.

It all looks the same and reminds Mike of a case that happened seven years ago. There are similarities, and Mike always thought the case was never solved. It’s time for Mike to recognize the killer and bring justice to the victims.

3. Bad Little Falls

Paul Doiron’s next book in the series is Bad Little Falls. This time Mike Bowditch was exiled to the Canadian border. He was called to the cabin of a frightened couple. The frozen man appeared on their doorstep, and they had no idea. He claims his friend is missing.

Soon the case turns from a missing person case to a murder case. The killer is a drug dealer, and the police suspect that his friend is the killer. Mike is ready to solve this mystery. But what bothers him most is an anonymous executioner who wants to make Mike’s life hell.

Mike struggles with everything, and he has to solve the mystery because the stakes are high, and he can’t leave the case unanswered.

4. Massacre Pond

Mike Bowditch is ready to solve another mystery, and this time he will be put to the test. Mike Bowditch is called to inspect a strange crime scene where seven bodies are found on Elizabeth Morse’s estate. She is a wealthy animal activist and wants to establish a new national park.

At first, it seems that someone wants to harm Morse’s case or take revenge, but soon a body is found, and it is a brutal murder. Now Mike just wants to find a ruthless killer and bring justice to the victim. But there’s a lot at stake in solving this explosive murder case; he could lose everything, his job, his best friend, and even the love of his life.

5. The Beartrap

Bear Trap is a short story in the Mike Bowditch series. In this story, legendary Chief Woodsman and bush pilot Charlie Stevens tries to convince young Mike Bowditch of the dangers that await rookies.

This story, it seems, is a prequel to the entire series, and it is quite short and can only be completed in one day. However, it is well written and proves why we are fans of Paul Doiron once again!

6. The Bone Orchard

After a family tragedy, Mike Bowditch left the Maine Warden Service and is now ready to work as a fishing guide in the North Woods. But the anger did not leave him.

His mentor, Katie Frost, is forced to kill a deranged veteran. It made Mike think about his decision.

On the other hand, Katie is being targeted by the government, and a dead soldier’s platoon is also after her. Meanwhile, the sniper is also in pursuit. Finally, Mike is awake and ready to find the person responsible for all of this. Unfortunately, Micha’s ex has also returned to his life during all this time, making his situation even worse.

7. The Precipice

Jewel is the sixth book by Paul Doiron that you need to read. Mike has a lot on his mind. On the one hand, there are two missing hikers; on the other, there are attacks by coyotes in the Maine woods. They have been on a mission for a long time, and Mike is interested in anyone who has contacted them. Unfortunately, the two girls were in love and kept their relationship hidden.

When the two bodies were discovered, everyone thought coyotes had killed them, and the case was closed. But Mike’s friend and biologist Stacey Stevens has something else to say about all this. Can he solve this case, or is the killer too smart for him?

8. Widow-Maker 

In Widowmaker, Paul Doiron’s next homework book, Mike is about to learn something that will change his life forever.

Mike gets suspicious when a mysterious and desperate woman hides in front of his house. This woman calls herself Amber Langstrom, beautiful, spoiled, and hiding a secret connection in Mike’s life. She claims that she and Mike’s father, Jack, had a child. Adam Langstrom is the illegitimate son of Jack Bowditch and his half-brother Mike.

He’s a wrongfully convicted sex offender, and now he’s missing from a Windowmaker ski resort. So now Mike must put all the puzzle pieces together and determine if the women were telling the truth or not. But, first, he must find Adam Langstrom at the widows’ ski resort to do that.

9. Knife Creek

Knife Creek begins with an emergency situation of wild pigs destroying the forest and surrounding farms. As always, Mike was ordered to take them on and shoot them. But he was shocked to find the buried body of a child. When DNA tests were done, they were linked to a woman who had been missing for four years.

Throughout the story, Mike discovers dark secrets about his neighbors, and they do everything they can to keep them secret.

10. Rabid

Rabid is another short story by Paul Doiron and the next book in the series. Mike joined his old friend and former test pilot, Charlie Stephen. They get together like in the good old days and relive their past stories. They may come across a house in the desert of Maine, and that house is not an unknown place to any of them.

Charlie and Mike connect to this house, and he owns it. Mike finally finds out what happened between Charlie and the owner’s wife a year ago.

11. Stay Hidden

Stay Hidden is the ninth book in the series. A deer hunter accidentally shoots a woman, and he seems to be telling the truth. But when Mike arrives on the scene, he discovers there’s a lot more to it than that. There are so many mysteries, and the hunter says his shot can’t be fatal. So it looks like he was telling the truth after all.

So, who is behind the woman’s death in the forest, and who is responsible for the other mysterious things happening in the forest? Unfortunately, it looks like Mike got his work cut out for him this time.

12. BackTrack

Backtrack is another news story in the series you might like. This time, it’s about young Charlie Stevens and how he manages to find a missing hunter or solve a mystery that goes way back!

13. Almost Midnight

Almost Midnight is the next book in Paul Doiron’s series. Someone has hurt Maine’s only wild wolf, and Mike is ready to find that person. On the other hand, his friend was released from prison because of his good deeds.

Mike managed to find the person responsible for the wolf attack. Unfortunately, Billy’s wife and children are not safe either, and Mike is helpless. What’s he going to do?

14. The Imposter

The man was found dead in a loaded car. The problem is, he looks like Mike Bowditch. That explains why the man who calls himself Director Bowditch does things that can’t be explained. The question now is who he is and why he used Mike’s identity.

15. One Last Lie

The Last Lie is the final book in the series. Charlie Stevens suddenly disappeared. His last words were: Never trust a man who has secrets. What does that mean? Was he trying to tell Mike something, or was he in danger? Mike only wants to find Charlie, and in his search for his friend, he comes across many dark secrets.


So that’s the right order for Mike Bowditch’s books on Paul Doiron, and it’s a good way to read the series. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you found everything you were looking for. What are you waiting for? But these books and start reading one of the best adventure/crime series out there.

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