Do you like singing? Do you like to play on PS5? Shall we mix it up and have some fun? I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Since the launch of PS5, everyone has been going crazy, and people are trying to find their favorite games for their favorite console. Fortunately, the PS5 has a huge collection of games that everyone can enjoy. The search for basic games such as action, shooting, thriller, or even sports games is quite simple. But when it comes to finding games with voices, it is not so easy.

That’s why we’re here. We looked at a few games and found some of the best singing games on PS5. We’ve found the top 15 singing games for PS5 that you should try. We are sure you will find one or two games to enjoy all day.

Let’s not waste time and present the 15 best singing games on PS5.

PS5 Vocal Installations

ps5 singing games

1. Let’s Sing 2021

There is no better game than Let’s Sing 2021 to start our list of the best singing games on PS5. This game is a real gem, and it’s all you need to be the star of your party. The game can be played alone or in a group and is fun in both cases. The best part of this game is that it allows you to play numbers directly from the Billboard. So whether you want to sing Bad Guys by Billie Eilish or Sucker by the Jonas Brothers, you’ve got it all.

The game contains 30 international hits and music videos. You can play alone or with up to 8 people. There’s a new mini-game called Pop Chicken that’s also a lot of fun. This mode also introduces a new game mode called Legends Game Mode. It has 16 participants, 3 challenges, and a final battle.

Players can also play against other players online. You have to earn points to stay ahead of the pack. If players do not have a microphone, they can simply use their phone (via the game application). The game also includes extra songs that you can download by spending real money. This is a must-have game on PS5 if you are a fan of karaoke games.

2. Singstar Celebration

sing games ps5

SingStar Celebration is another popular singing game on PS5 that you should definitely check out. The game was released in 2017 and will also be a great success. The game was developed by the London studio SIE and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is part of the popular Sing Star series, and this game also met our expectations.

With this game, you can also turn your smartphone into a microphone and have unlimited fun. Players will find almost all popular titles from some of the most popular artists, such as Adele, One Direction, etc. This game is absolutely fun, and you can’t miss it. If you’ve played the other games in the series, you know what to expect from them, and they won’t disappoint you either.

3. Just sing

sing games ps5

Just Sing is another popular game series, and it is the 2016 edition. The game is very popular worldwide; everyone loves to play it and sings with all their heart. However, the series of games is a derivative of the popular Just Dance franchise, which was also very popular.

The rules of the game are quite simple. First, players must sing along with the texts displayed at the bottom of the screen. The game then evaluates the player’s performance by observing the voice and lip movements and assigns a score. There are several game modes in this game. There are also single-player games and multiplayer games (up to four players).

Players can film their video while singing and later share it with other players. If you don’t have the extra devices you need to play, don’t worry, you can sync the game with your smartphone and play easily.

4. SingStar frozen

SingStar Frozen is another popular game in the Sing Star series that you absolutely must discover. This game was released in 2014 and is an absolute pleasure for anyone who loves singing and karaoke games!

This game’s rules are no different from the other games in the series. This game was released as part of Disney Frozen’s popular animated film, which has won many prestigious awards. The soundtrack of this film was also very popular, and that’s what the game boils down to. Players will find some great songs in it. This game is worth playing!

5. We sing

best singing game ps5

We Sing is our next choice for the best vocal game for PS5. We Sing is another popular game starting in 2016. The game was developed by the French studio Le Cortex and published by Nordic Games Publishing. The game can be played in both single and multiplayer modes. The reloadable version of the game supports 10 singers.

The rules are the same; players have to sing more and more and score points to advance in the rankings. The game comes with two microphones and a game pack. It’s a fun game to play when you have a meeting or a party at home. There are a total of 30 songs in the game, and they are all very popular and performed by some of the most famous artists. There are six game modes available in the game. Finally, the game also contains music videos.

6. Singstar: Ultimate Party

the best singing games ps5

Singstar: Ultimate Party is also a fun singing game that you’ll want to play someday. This is another installment of the Sing Star series, released in 2014. The game was a success, and karaoke fans loved it. The idea of the game is the same, where you have to sing and collect points to become the player with the most points. There will be different game modes and some great songs. In addition, there’s an application for the game that you can install on your smartphone and turn into a microphone. It’s a super fun game that you’ll love to play.

7. Lets Sing 2020

The best karaoke games ps5

If you are a fan of this series, this game should be played as soon as possible. As part of the popular music game series, Let’s Sing raises certain expectations, and this game makes them all come true. The game has almost everything you were looking for. Great songs, beautiful graphics and music, simple but addictive gameplay, and the ability to stay addicted to the game for hours. All in all, it’s something you should try.

8. Rockband 4

The best karaoke games ps5

Rock Band 4 is probably one of the best games you will play for a long time. Rock Band is a real album, probably sung by a real band. This game is perfect for so many levels that you’ll want to play repeatedly. People from all over the world have shown their love for this game, which makes us say that it really is one of the best singing games on PS5.

The game is available in single and multiplayer modes, and there’s so much you’ll love it. There are a total of sixty songs associated with the game, and if you want a different song, you can probably choose from the library of 2000 downloadable songs.

9. The Karaoke Revolution (2009)


Next on our list is Karaoke Revolution, which was released in 2009. The game was developed by Blitz Games and published by Konami. The game is based on the popular 20th-century television sitcom for centuries.

The game follows the main character in a game where the player has to sing during a live performance. At the end of the game, words are spoken. To make it even clearer, there will also be an audience. The audience will react to the player’s performance. So if you want to create a good atmosphere, you have to give the best of yourself! Both critics and players have well received the game.

10. SingStar, Take that

the best ps5 games

There’s another hidden gem in the SingStar range you might want to know about. It’s nothing but Take That’s 2009 in the series. The game was developed by the London studio SCE and published by the CSEE.

The game is simple and has the basic gameplay of another singing game. The player must sing the song along with the lyrics, leaving the voice and music on the console. The more they sing, the higher their grades will be.

11. Disney Sings It

ps5 karaoke singing games

How many of you have seen Disney music shows as teenagers? I think most of you! Chances are you are a fan of popular Disney shows such as Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, and so on. The game is actually based on the popular High School Musical: Sing it.

The game contains many popular songs from this Disney series and songs by famous artists. The game also features a tutorial mode, which is all you need if you’ve never played a vocal game on PS5 before. Finally, the game is pretty much all you need if you’re a Disney fan! That’s why this classic musical is a must-see.

12. Let’s Sing Country

karaoke game ps5

Another entry in the Let’s Sing series. The game came out in 2019, and it’s not bad either. The game is quite easy to play, and it will be a lot of fun to sing your heart out with this song. The game can be played in single or multiplayer mode. This game is all you need, whether you want to sing privately or show off your singing skills. There are a total of 30 songs in the game, and you can also use your smartphone instead of a microphone.

13. We Sing Pop 

Top song

We Sing Pop is another popular game on PS5 that you love to play. This game is about singing out loud and having fun. You can sing alone or with your friends; at least it’s a fun game. Whether you can sing or not, this game will be fun for you!

14. Now That’s What I Called to Sing 2.

This is a sequel to the popular game Now That’s What I Called to Sing. This game is the best for pop music lovers. There are a total of 30 numbers in the game. People can easily turn their phones into a microphone.

15. We sing 2

popular singing games ps5

We Sing 2 has been a popular game on PS5 since 2009. Simple game mechanisms and easy-to-follow rules make the game fun even for singers. This is a festive game that you want to play together with your friends and show your singing talent.


So these are the best singing games on PS5 you’ll ever want to play. You may not like them all here, but we’re sure you’ll like at least half of the games above. We have tried to list our games for each age group. So whether you’re looking for a singing game for you, your children, or even your grandparents, you’ll find something on our list. Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you found it useful.

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