Standing desks are great for helping people do their jobs while maintaining healthy relationships with their health and their chairs. And though they’ve been around for years, there’s still a lot of confusion about the best ways to use them.

The standing desk is becoming more popular for those who want to work from their living room but don’t want to sacrifice their comfort by sitting on the floor all day. There are endless standing desks available, but what makes a good one? Our list of the best standing desks in the industry serves as a great starting point for shoppers and a great guide.

The standing desk revolution is in full swing. More and more of us are turning away from our desks and onto our feet. But which is best? Which is most ergonomic? Which is most stylish? We’re here to help. More and more companies are using standing desks. They are giving up office chairs for healthier alternatives. These tables are available in different models. It can innovate with electric motors. Some brands stick to basic movements; there are bar tables that are adjusted by hand. Finally, some brands allow you to use your old table with a converter for a standing desk. And these desks will serve you well in your home office. To make it easier for you to buy a good standing desk, we have compiled lists of many desks.

Why these tables?

Good question! Why did we choose these bar tables and not others? We explain how to choose the best standing desk and what factors to consider when buying a new desk. Try it here!

What is the gold standard for standing tables?

How do you know which one is reliable with so many reviews on standing desk brands? Some people do a brand review because they get a benefit from it, i.e., sponsorship. So you can only expect good things. All shaded sides can be shaded. And the criticism of the newcomers is genuine. However, if this is their first standing desk, there is a drawback. You won’t be able to compare it to other brands. So can you rely on these reviews to get the gold standard of standing agencies? Is there a standard for standing desks? And how do you know which brand is the best?

Your cup of tea

The fact is that the gold standard for the best standing desks is subjective. Some brands can be costly. Therefore, marketing and advertising can quickly put these brands on a pedestal. So everyone can line up to buy what the internet considers to be the best. Or, because they are popular enough, they become the main desktop for most users. As a result, many users have good experiences with the remote control. That way, everyone hopes to have the same experience. The gold standard for the best standing desk may be different for you and your neighbor. If person A has a complex workstation, the gold standard of standing desks for him would be resilience and a large desk surface. If you are more concerned with aesthetics, a luxury countertop with curved edges and a wood finish may be your reference. So it all depends on your preferences and needs. Someone may find that a free-standing desk is best in their experience. But you may feel like you’re missing something. Instead, you can choose the Steelcase standing desk. After all, a higher price means better quality, right? But that’s not the case. A higher price does not automatically mean that the best standing desk can meet all your needs. Even a cheaper brand may be a better option if it meets all the items on your list. Therefore, the claim that a standing desk is generally the best is exaggerated. And even that can be misleading to most people.

Does this mean that the most common label is not relevant?

Not necessary. The best standing desk can win for two reasons. First, it’s just blown up by intense and strategic advertising and marketing. And secondly, people have positive experiences with the table. But it can’t be universal; it has to be adapted to your needs and desires. Some brands can meet the needs of the majority, hence their popularity. But you can’t tell until you’ve tried the table for yourself. It comes down to using the table enough to see if it meets your needs. That’s the only way to say it’s the best table. Therefore, the gold standard among the best standing desks is the one that offers you the most value for money. Even if it’s a high-end desk, you’re really getting what you pay for if you buy it at face value. The same goes for a cheap entry-level desk. If it meets all the points on your list, then it is the best option for you.

Refund period

The refund period is one of the features that gives you the best value for money. This way, you can try out the table within a reasonable time. So if you find that the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it and get your money back. And the warranty ensures that if the table breaks down, you won’t have to pay for repairs for a while. This means that there are no unnecessary costs for you. That way, you get the most out of your money. In addition, different brands have different warranty periods and return policies. And these brands are among those offering good deals. I’m going to classify them according to the length of the return period. One year Only brand offer: IKEA If you’ve enjoyed putting together blocks with an IKEA standing desk, you’ll also be happy with the brand’s return policy. It probably has the longest return period. You will not find any brand that offers the same. If you are not satisfied with the table, you can return it after one year and get your money back. Even if the product is fully assembled, you can return it to the store if it has not been used. The way back is quite long. So it’s ideal for those who struggle to find the time. Thirty days Some brands offer a 30-day return policy.

  • Autonomous
  • BTOD
  • iMovr
  • Uplift
  • Full
  • Varidesk

But not all brands cover return shipping costs. iMovr, for example, asks you to pay shipping costs if you return an item. In addition, the brand may charge you a 20% restocking fee.

Which is better – a one-year or six-month return period?

Again, the answer to the above question is highly subjective. There is a one-year return policy for those who can’t take the time to return an item. However, the table should show no signs of use. You will not be able to use the table for a few weeks to test it. But you can try your luck. But it still works for some. Some users just need to try the table a few times. And they immediately realize it’s not for them. But for those who need more time to try out the table, a 30-day return policy is best. Remember to return the table before the 30-day period expires.

Customer service

Brand customer service is another factor that has become the gold standard for standing desks for most users. Buying a table is just the beginning of your relationship with the brand. If there are problems, you want the manufacturer to fix them as soon as possible. And that’s where you get the most value for your money. If your manufacturer gets out of the way, you will not be able to solve this problem. Therefore you cannot use the table. That would be money down the drain. For example, some users complained that the company took a long time to respond to calls asking for refunds. Some brands take a month to respond to a single request or query. And other manufacturers don’t even offer after-sales service anymore. Customer service is important because brands can get recommendations for good customer service. And you’ll probably get a second table or product from them if you’re well served, right? Only a few manufacturers can distinguish themselves in terms of customer service among the groups. Steelcase, a premium brand, is known for its exceptional customer service. You’ll get your questions answered. You immediately feel that the brand is there for you, even if you have already bought the product. And should you have a problem with your office in the future, a simple phone call is all it takes to find a solution. Full also excels at customer service. They will immediately process your return or replacement. And if you accidentally ordered the wrong size, the brand can refund the shipping costs and even get a refund for the table. While it may be different in some places, that’s what I’ve encountered. And I didn’t have to print a return label. It’s like being spoon-fed, haha. The gold standard among standing desks should meet your individual needs and requirements. Therefore, there is no one size fits all. It also helps to do a lot of research. Despite the many sponsored reviews, unbiased and objective reviews can still be found online. All you need to do is research thoroughly. And it’s best to buy from brands that offer a sufficiently long return period. Because at the end of the day, you need to get the most out of your money. This is the gold standard. Okay, I hope you understand. Let’s start with a list of the best standing desks in 2022.

The Best Standing Desks under $1000

The only downside is that bar tables eat up some of your budgets. In our buying guide, we’ve listed the best standing desks under $1,000. Let’s take a look at what these brands have to offer and why they deserve to be in our recommendation.

1. Uplift V2 standing desk 

The Uplift V2 standing desk offers many customization options. Therefore, this standing desk is perfect for those who want to personalize their workspace further. The height of the table can be adjusted using the control buttons on the table itself. It’s nice and solid. And you won’t have to deal with the creaking noise every time you adjust the motor. It works very quietly. It has several customizable options:

  • Table adjustable in height from 23.5 to 59 inches
  • Possibility to add extra power outlets to the table. A cable management system is provided at the bottom of the bridge, but you can add more.
  • Three options for the electric keypad

It is also a stable and sturdy standing desk that can simultaneously support up to 4 monitors. It can carry up to 355 pounds. And you can be sure that your computers will stay on the table. It is equipped with an anti-collision system that can detect light resistance. It automatically stops traffic to prevent unwanted accidents. And even without a crossbar, it remains stable and solid. Overall, this best-standing desk is suitable for those who are looking for more options to organize their workspace.


  • Customizable Features
  • Anti-collision function
  • Supports weights up to 355 lbs
  • Stable and robust


  • Has plastic guides
  • Not enough transverse support
  • Some customers report that they received a late delivery.

2. Ergotron WorkFit-D sit-stand desk

Ergotorn WorkFit is an adjustable and versatile desk for standing work. It can be adjusted to the length of the user. And because it complies with American and European standards, it is equipped with a braking system that guarantees a safe grip. In addition, this product has a manual adjustment function. Since it can be adjusted by hand, it is not susceptible to electrical failure or malfunction. On the one hand, the tabletop is made of chipboard. It has a light and pleasant grittiness that is not too intrusive. The legs of the desk form a table and are firmly connected to the floor. And the adjustment lever is easy to move. And once attached, it stays in place. It’s durable, and you won’t hear a sound when you pull the lever. A working engine inspires too much confidence in the product. The work surface is large enough for two 24-inch computers and some office supplies. It is stable, so your computers stay on the table. It has a spacious work area so you won’t feel cramped. You can even add a laptop to both computers, and you’ll be fine. Overall, this is a solid, sturdy table that will last a long time. This product is one of the best adjustable bar tables with a manual option on the market that you can buy for yourself.


  • Strength and stability
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Easy Installation
  • Manual adjustment
  • Spacious workspace


  • The edges are quite sharp.
  • pretty heavy and enc enc enc enc enc enc enc
  • Not suitable for carpeted floors
  • The manual setting is not suitable for everyone

3. Full Jarvis standing desk, bamboo top

The Jarvis Bamboo Top standing desk is an award-winning standing desk distributed by Fully, a company based in Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California, specializing in selling ergonomic products. As a brand, Jarvis has established itself as one of the best and most popular on the market, producing stylish and affordable bar tables. Unfortunately, the Jarvis standing desk has a few problems that don’t go unnoticed. Stability problems after 40 years, grease stains on metal frames, and safety issues due to the button continuing to move after being released are issues that JieCang and Fully need to improve to make the Jarvis brand the undisputed first choice. But even with these limitations, this table is worth considering. A wide range of height settings allows people of all sizes – from children to adults – to work comfortably at the table. Thanks to the electrical system and the memory settings, you can easily adjust the height to suit your needs. While not the best in the industry, the warranty is one of the best on the market. The 7-year coverage on mechanical and electrical parts is decent. In addition, fully has built a reputation for excellent customer service. Should you experience delivery issues or problems with the table during the warranty period, you can rest assured that you will receive adequate support from Fully. The price and customer service are truly a bargain for a standing desk made in China. You will not get such an offer from Bekant or any other company. Where to buy To get this table, you can buy it here at the best price.

4. Vari Electric 60 Pro 

If sitting is bad for your back, but you love your desk too much, then it’s time for a standing desk from Vari (formerly Varidesk). The Vari Electric 60 Pro standing desk is a good option. You can adjust this standing desk at the push of a button. It’s like upgrading your traditional desktop. Use the control buttons to switch between sitting and standing. It is variably height adjustable and can be raised to 19 and ⅛ inches, making it a suitable standing desk even for tall people. More: Just plug it in and run. It comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to bother putting it together. Just plug into a power source and press a button. It’s perfect for those who hate DIY.


  • Quiet operation
  • You can use it with your old desktop
  • Supplied fully assembled


  • Need for better cable management
  • Not very stable.
  • Can provide limited workspace, depending on the office

Under $800

5. iMovr Energize

You will see that iMovr Energize offers value for money. It has a very solid and stable base. And with a 10-year warranty, you get what you pay for. This is probably the number one feature of the table. And few brands offer such generous coverage and protection. With a long warranty, you can ensure that everything is made with quality. Because otherwise, the brand would have to spend a lot of money on repairs. The base is really solid and stable. And it can carry a considerable weight without wobbling at any height. Energize uses a solid base – the Freedom base. This robust base has many advantages. First, it makes the board very customizable. You can choose between two types of bottoms. The standard two-segment base can range from 24.7 to 42.8. While the Freedom XT can be slightly taller with a height adjustment from 20.3 to 46.6 inches. Second, there is room for a tabletop up to 72 inches wide. And third, the load capacity is 265 pounds, but we thought it could hold more, but let’s stick with what it says. At no time did we experience any wobbling. And it’s not just the frames that can be customized. We like it when the table gives you lots of options. You can choose the countertop’s color, size, depth, and thickness. That way, you can buy what you need rather than what is in stock. It also has all the features you would expect from a better standing desk: LCD screen, anti-collision function, fast transition, and silent motors. All in all, it’s a good deal. And it’s almost a complete solution.


  • Great adaptability
  • Delivered assembled
  • Ergo contour worktop
  • Stable and robust base
  • Made in the USA
  • Long Warranty


  •  The design of the table is not fancy.

6. APEX LITE Desk 71 

This desk is huge. And by that, we mean pretty massive. The packaging did not disappoint; it arrived intact with no scratches or dents. Be prepared for an extra pair of hands when you put it on your door, as it can be heavy. But it’s very nice. The laminate countertop we got has a wood grain finish. It looks pretty rustic, which we like. It also includes a crossbar for added support. Assembly was pretty quick, and it came with a real screwdriver. We were able to install it in less than 30 minutes. The instructions were also very clear and understandable. It wobbled a bit halfway to the top level as far as stability goes. Although all parts, including the legs and feet, are back in place, we think it is important to tighten the screws properly. This reduces the fluctuation. You will also appreciate these features. First: It changes pretty quickly. And the preset and up/down buttons respond well. He won’t make you wait forever to get to the top table. And the counters are incredible. It doesn’t look like cheap laminated particleboard. Overall, it works very well and looks good for the price. You just have to make sure you tighten all the screws. And if you are taller than 6 feet, the highest position may seem low.


  • Beautiful wooden table
  • Stable feet and legs
  • Large office space
  • Simple configuration
  • Well packed


  • Maybe not high enough for tall people
  • The cable management system could be improved

7. Best Electric Standing Desk with Programmable Memory

This 60-seat standing desk offers a large work surface for thoughtful workspace design. We list the features we liked and the larger work area. First of all, the packaging is impressive. You will often find newly delivered chair tables with dents and scratches from misuse. And that’s what makes the S-High table so special. The packaging of the table was impressive. The manufacturer has ensured that no dents or scratches will occur during transportation. Lots of cardboard and polystyrene surround it, so the table arrives in perfect condition. We also liked that the accessories and tools were included. There was an Allen key for each part. And an extra bolt. So you don’t have to worry if you accidentally lose one or two—no need to rush into the material. The table stool is pretty wild, and it meets the advertised carrying capacity of 154 pounds. It also has a large adjustment range for height. So if you are small in stature, you can still use this seating table comfortably. I have no complaints about wobbling, and we have not heard other users complain about the table wobbling. This best electric desk will not move even when an external force is applied to it, and we must say that its construction is very solid. And the electric transition is pretty fast but quiet. It can go from the lowest to the highest table height in less than 20 seconds. So I’m very pleased. There’s no reason to stall. If you are looking for a fairly rugged unit with a large table, this is the one for you.


  • Strong and durable
  • It doesn’t waver.
  • Fast transitions
  • Quiet operation


  • The cable management system could be improved

8. VERSA Powerlift electric high table

If you are looking for a sturdy sit-stand desk, the white Versa desk is for you. This simple yet functional standing desk is designed to support up to 350 pounds. It is heavy and quite sturdy. And it is one of the strongest standing desks on the market with such a high load capacity. The size of the table is 48×30, so spacious enough for two monitors. It also has a monitor mount, so this table is really designed to accommodate multiple engines. Of course, this American-made table also has a lot to offer. This feature is actually unique but can be very useful. If you don’t have paper, you can use the tabletop to take notes! The office is equipped with a whiteboard. You can use it to draw and write with markers on the board. This is unique, and I have never seen a side table with this feature. Sometimes this can be very helpful. It’s also a pretty solid design in terms of stability. There was no hesitation on any level.


  • Made in the USA
  • Solid and stable
  • Large wok cooking area
  • Intensive use
  • The table is available for registration


  • The overall picture of the sit-stand desk is not very nice.

9. SmartDesk Pro standalone

The Autonomous Smart Desk uses a TiMotion motor manufactured in China. This is also one of the reasons why it is affordable, with a range under 800. And that’s one of the reasons why we included SmartDesk Pro in our list. This is a pretty sturdy table with two tiers for a high electric table. More stable stand-alone smart table. You may have tried Smart Desk Core or Home Edition’s old name. It’s a pretty cheap desk, and it can cause headaches from the constant rocking. SmartDesk Pro is a major upgrade. Instability is only observed when the table is set to the maximum level. But if you have a normal or standard size, you don’t have to worry about it. It doesn’t wobble unless you use the highest table. Quick transitions This is perhaps the best feature of this smart table. The transition can be made fairly quickly. It can go up 2.19 inches per second. In other words, the transition is pretty smooth and seamless unless you are trying to reach the maximum height of the table. Reasonably robust construction and quality. We love the overall look of this table. This sit-stand table feels sturdy and stable and appears to be well built. We also like that there is a cutout at the front, which makes the table more ergonomic. You have plenty of room for your hands. This allows you to write or work more comfortably on your laptop or computer. And if you don’t need the curved shape of the cutout at the front of the table, you can also buy it without it. You have two size options for the desk, so you can choose a blogger desk that meets your need for a larger workspace. Large, organized workspace The cleaner your office, the better you work. This is very true, and who needs a messy office with all the wires and cables hanging around? This is another advantage of the SmartDesk Pro Smart desktop. It has a wider working area so you won’t be cramped or crowded. Cutouts in the back make it easy to store cables and wires. You will enjoy a tidy office that will increase your efficiency. And the largest version of the SmartDesk Pro has a higher load capacity of 300 kilos. This gives you more room to put other things on the table. Restrictions This SmartDesk Pro desk is not suitable for tall users. Although it has a wider height range, up to 51 inches, you won’t be satisfied with its performance at the highest ceiling settings. It starts to wobble when you type. If you use the desk in a set of desks, you will feel the desk wobble when you work on it. Overall, the SmartDesk Pro will serve you well for a long time. Don’t use it at the highest setting on the desk, and you’ll still be a happy worker. Yeah, it’s not the most robust. But it can still make the most of your purchase. Hold on to the 5-year warranty as it still uses a Chinese engine. And we all know what that means.

Under $500

10. Flexispot EC1W-R4830W Electric height adjustable table, 48 x 30 inches

This table is not called Flexispot for nothing. You can easily go from a sitting to a standing position. It is operated with a 2-button control. This could be the best agency you are looking for. Firstly, it is durable and robust. The legs are made of industrial-quality stainless steel. There is no doubt about the durability. It can carry up to 154 pounds. The office is large and spacious. Another interesting feature is that it makes no noise when set up. It is equipped with a motorized lift that allows for easy and silent adjustment. The transition from sitting to standing is smooth. You’ll also be happy to know that the design is FCC and UL certified. So you can be sure it’s not just a pretty face. This great standing desk is safe and durable. All in all, this beautiful table only costs about $300. At the same time, you also get a robust bar table with industrial steel legs.


  • Feet of industrial steel
  • The engine runs quietly
  • Easy assembly
  • Low prices


  • It’s a little heavy.
  • Customer service is bad

11. Rise UP Bamboo is the best 60×30 high table

You will immediately notice the work surface of this electric standing desk. It is an elegant tabletop made of bamboo. And what sets it apart from all other bamboo bar tables is the sturdy bamboo wood. It is not laminated, so that you can expect a more durable table. The smell of natural bamboo is also a plus. The 60 x 30 desk is quite spacious and suitable for a busy workplace. This table seems to have some unique features. The width and height of the table can be adjusted (height 26-52″ and width 42-71″). Few standing desks offer this level of comfort. This also allows you to choose the size of the tray if you don’t need a 60 x 30 work surface. Another interesting feature is the three-stage speakers. This means that this table is also suitable for tall people. It has a wider height adjustment. It is also very durable and stable. The sturdy construction and beautiful natural worktop add a touch of top quality. A lot is going on there. Plus, the transition is pretty quick. You can go from the lowest to the highest setting in less than 20 seconds. There is one small drawback, but it’s not serious compared to the benefits you get with this table. Some got their bamboo table with dents and scratches. We think the table could have been packaged or handled better. And you have to drill the holes in the bamboo table yourself.


  • Anti-collision function
  • Adjustable width and height
  • Robust and stable
  • Table made of real bamboo
  • The best standing desk for tall people
  • Fast transitions


  • The bamboo table has no pre-drilled holes.
  • Some damage to the table during transport

12. Ikea Upright Standing Desk

Ikea is known for its affordable and functional furniture. No wonder this Bekant standing desk is on our list. First, this table is as simple as possible. This creates a more productive workspace while enjoying the benefits of standing. It has the sleek design that IKEA is known for. But with its simplicity comes a more organized workspace. There is a cable management system under the table. This makes it possible to place various types of equipment without disturbing cables. This model is easier to work with. And it looks neat and organized. The table can be adjusted by loosening and tightening the product legs. It is simple but very functional. All in all, it is a practical workspace where cables can be neatly stored.


  • Includes a cable management system
  • Simple IKEA design
  • Stain-resistant desk


  • Some stability issues
  • The electronic technology is quite simple

13. Eureka Gaming 48″ electric height adjustable standing desk

We chose this console from Eureka because it looks more expensive than it really is. And it is one of the few standing desks with a rather unique and atypical appearance. Technically it’s a gaming desktop, but it doesn’t look too fancy and fits into a work environment. It is perhaps the most robust table of its kind. We are convinced that it even surpasses all others in terms of sustainability. In terms of stability and durability, it can even compete with the more expensive Apex Elite table. This standing desk can also last for many years. In terms of stability, we also give it a two-inch head start. One of the reasons why it is so stable is the construction of the product. The brand has integrated reliable technical solutions despite its low price. The bolts and screws are in perfect alignment. And because it doesn’t loosen over time, you don’t have to tighten the legs or joints every few months. Some standing desks in this area may need it. One of the reasons for this affordability is that they do not outsource the parts or components they use on their desk. Eureka is produced in-house. So, no ridiculous extra transport costs are passed on to the consumer. This can result in significant savings. A locally made table can compete with an imported one. Eureka I1 has no frills. It’s a simple console, but it’s very clever. It can be difficult at first to understand the context of these elements, so we’ll look at them in a little more detail. If you compare it to other gaming tables of this type, it may not be up to the sophisticated technology that most gaming tables are equipped with. And that’s also one of the reasons why it’s perfect for use as a desktop computer. But there is one feature of the console that we really like. It has overheating protection that prevents the motor from overheating. So if you often adjust the height of your desk, this feature will be very useful. This standing desk has its limits. The maximum height of the bridge is 45.8 inches. It is therefore comfortable for people of average height. So, if you’re 6 feet or taller, that will be a problem. It won’t go high enough for you. And because there’s only one size, tall users won’t find a comfortable fit. Overall, the Eureka 1 is very stable and durable. It also has many positive reviews from online users. And we can say that no one has regretted buying this console. Despite its beautiful Scandinavian style, the same cannot be said for the IKEA Bekant. So this standing desk may not be your first choice if you are looking for the best gaming desktop. But it can certainly be one of the most reliable for the office.

Under $300

14. SHW Electric desk 

Here we have a product that looks simple and yet is great. The wooden surface of the desk makes for a calming workspace. It’s a relief. And it will look great in your modern bedroom. But that’s not all that makes up the beautiful aesthetic. The features are sure to meet your workspace needs. First: The legs are made of steel. It can support the weight of two monitors and a laptop. The steel legs are quite sturdy, which gives you confidence. And he can handle a lot of height adjustments without a doubt. This elegant bar table is very similar to Fully’s Jarvis and Uplift tables. Ty might even pretend to be the twin. But it is a cheaper and easier option. And it can also be very stable. One of the main advantages of this SHW table is its stability and durability. We were able to get a working configuration with 3 engines and had no instability issues. To put it mildly, there are no problems with wobbling or shaking. And since there is room for three monitors, you can be sure that the desk is big enough too. With a width of 55 inches, it offers plenty of room for multiple screens, a phone, a laptop, and other devices. We also like that it comes with an L-shaped corner table. This allows you to increase the space but reduce the area occupied. This SHW table has storage space for wires and cables. And because it’s already included, you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy it. If you have purchased a corner desk, you will notice that the top of the desk is made up of two separate parts. Therefore, the table has a seam even though it is connected. While there is no real problem with stability, it is a matter of preference. Some people will be against sewing. And the brand overlooked this detail when advertising the table. As a result, some customers felt cheated. This elegant table is very similar to the Fully Jarvis and Uplift tables. Ty might even pretend to be the twin. But it is a cheaper and easier option. And it can also be very stable. One of the main advantages of this SHW standing desk is its stability and durability. We were able to get a working configuration with 3 engines and had no instability issues. To put it mildly, there are no problems with wobbling or shaking. And since there is room for three monitors, you can be sure that the desk is big enough too. With a width of 55 inches, it offers plenty of room for multiple screens, a phone, a laptop, and other devices. We also like that it comes with an L-shaped corner table. This allows you to increase the space but reduce the area occupied. This SHW table has storage space for wires and cables. And because it’s already included, you don’t have to pay extra to enjoy it. If you have purchased a corner desk, you will notice that the top of the desk is made up of two separate parts. Therefore, the table has a seam even though it is connected. While there is no real problem with stability, it is a matter of preference. Some people will be against sewing. And the brand overlooked this detail when advertising the table. As a result, some customers felt cheated. Moreover, the table is adjustable in height. This allows you to adjust it to a comfortable height for you. It is easily accessible with buttons. You can choose from 4 predefined height levels. It is suitable for people up to 1.80 m tall. Moreover, the installation is quite simple. The instructions are very clear; a dictionary is not necessary. All the pieces are labeled, so you don’t feel like you’re putting together a puzzle. Interestingly, it costs less than $300. This is one of the most affordable qualities of standing desks on our list.


  • The desk is robust and stable
  • Sturdy steel feet
  • A wider field of action
  • Easy Installation

15. Calico Designs Adapta Adjustable Height Desk

It’s elegant and chic. This standing desk is suitable for a modern and chic office. Finished in walnut and black, it exudes professionalism. The aesthetics are as good as the quality. It consists of a sturdy, stable table and sturdy legs. For starters, the thickest table is about 1 inch thick. This makes this product particularly strong. Also, the edges are not sharp. The table has a T-shaped edge, so it’s safe even if kids run around your home office. It also has a height adjustment that can relieve back pain. The table can be adjusted by slowly loosening the steel legs. The table must then be adjusted to the desired height. In short, this product is best for those looking for a thicker and more durable table.


  • At a thick and heavy table
  • Easy Installation
  • All equipment for installation is included in the delivery.
  • Large working area
  • It has a floor leveler


  • The adjustment process may not be appropriate for people with physical limitations.

16. Table seat with swivel mechanism

This stepped desk for standing work offers more working space. Monitors and computers can be placed on the upper floor. And the second level offers more space for a keyboard and office supplies. It is probably the most comfortable two-level standing desk on the market today. T has a 90-degree angle, so you can rest your hands comfortably on the table while you work. The table is adjustable with a handle. This allows you to choose the optimum table height for you. The lack of electric motors does not make this product any less perfect. The manually adjustable rods are easy to use. And when you operate something by hand, you avoid the potential failures that can occur with some electric motors. Another interesting feature is deciding where you want to place the bars. So left-handed people can easily set it manually. It is also equipped with swivel castors. So it is very easy to move it from one place to another. It might even be fun. In short, this two-tier standing desk offers more workspace at a great price.


  • East for the installation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Large working area
  • Movable with castors


  • The pendulum is not for everyone

Best Electric High Tables with Monitor

The best electric standing desks are often seen as inferior to their dual-motor counterparts. But this is not always the case. It depends on the design and quality of the engine. And you won’t be disappointed by its functionality. The best brands on our list may even outperform other dual-drive desks. We have listed the four best electric desks with the motor. This may be just what you need for your home office. These tables have a lower load capacity than the tables with two motors. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for you. Scroll down to see our best options.

17. Ergo Elements standing desk

Ergo Elements is one of the most eco-friendly electric desks on our list. It is made of 100% recycled wood. Eco-friendly materials are in fashion these days. Not only is it helping to save Mother Earth, but it’s also good for your health. In addition, this product is VCO-free and contains no solvents. It also meets the CARB standard. So make sure you’re not breathing in toxic fumes. This makes it a safe option for the home office, especially if children are involved. Despite the material of artificial wood, this product is quite stable and durable. It is manufactured using an innovative process called instant UV curing. This makes the worktop hardwearing. It also gives it an elegant and neat look. The 4 memory keys are another important feature of this product. It is adjustable, and you can preset the desired height. You can choose any size between 27 and 44 inches. Because of the height of the table, even a stationary bike can be placed under it. Therefore, even tall people can use this table comfortably. The office also accommodates more than two monitors. It is quite sturdy and can carry up to 200 pounds. In addition, the engine runs very quietly. And it’s easy enough to pause the motion by pressing a button. And if you change your mind, you can always get out of an upward or downward motion. And you’ll appreciate that it doesn’t fade or leave fingerprints. So it’s pretty easy to clean. Just wipe it off. It also has a beveled edge where you can rest your hands comfortably. Overall, this product is worth the price. This is a solid programmable dental table at a reasonable price. It can be customized to fit your budget and size.


  • Wear resistance
  • Fingerprint resistance
  • Commercial steel frames
  • Programmable height adjustment


  • The installation instructions were rather confusing

18. Ant-Man, single-engine programmable

This product combines aesthetics, value, and functionality in one product. First of all, the appearance of this desk will not disappoint you. It is available in 10 colors for the top and 3 colors for the frame. You can choose the style that suits your personality or your office design. And you’ll be happy to know that laminate flooring is reversible. That way, you can give your table a different look every week. It’s like having two different counters for the price of one. Second: You pay for what you really need. You can buy the complete set with the countertop and steel frame. However, you can continue to use your old countertop. Because you only have the option of buying the frame.  The price is less than 499 without the steel frame. Finally, it has several functions that make it practical. The product has 4 programmable height settings. Access is at the touch of a button. In addition, the engine runs quietly. The noise of the running engine will reduce your confidence in the product. Overall, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a standing desk with lots of design options for the top. And the features will more than meet your expectations.


  • Waterproof work surface
  • Quiet operation
  • Possibility to buy only a steel frame


  • Maybe not very comfortable for little people.

19. VIVO electric table 60 x 24

The VIVO electric table can meet your need for additional workspace. Table size 60 x 24. And even with two monitors, there’s plenty of room to store some extra office supplies. One of the advantages of this product is that it is quite stable. It is equipped with telescopic legs with comfortable adjustment feet. The legs and frame are made of durable stainless steel. They are firmly attached to the ground. So there’s no stalling. So your computers stay on your desk, where they belong. It also has highly sensitive touch-sensitive control panels for height adjustment. You can change the height of the table using the up and down buttons on the right. The height adjustment ranges from 28 to 47.6 inches. You can also save the desired table height with the presets. And you will love the silence. The smooth-running electric lift allows the height of the table to be adjusted silently. In short, this is a standing desk that is perfect for mounting multiple monitors. You’ll even have more room for office supplies and knickknacks. Just don’t exceed the 176-pound weight limit.


  • Waterproof office
  • Telescopic legs with adjustable feet
  • Large working area
  • Nearly silent electric motor
  • Sustainable


  • The pieces are pretty heavy.
  • The complexity of the installation

20. Ergolux stand-up desk, single motorized

The Ergolux table with one motor can have an advantage over other tables with two motors. It is equipped with a high-quality motor that works perfectly. That’s why it’s a difficult mode. This product can carry up to 154 pounds. Moreover, this product is quite stable. You will not hear any engine noise during the adjustment. In addition, the frame and legs are made of durable stainless steel. This also ensures the longevity of the product. And the large work surface (140×70 inches) lets you work comfortably and on time. In addition, the engine is not visible. It is equipped with a cable management system that ensures cables are hidden from view. Now it’s easier to work on your deadlines and projects without anything getting in the way. One of the most useful features of this product is the programmable control panel with memory. You can set the desired table height in advance by pressing the letter M. Plus; it looks chic and simple. It has a simple, clean design with a black or white finish. This product can give your home office a more professional look. In summary, this product is super solid. And in terms of stability, it can even compete with some dual-motor desks currently on the market.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Stable
  • Chic and simple design
  • Includes a cable management system
  • Reactive control panel

21. AITERMINAL 49.2 x 25.6 electric standing table with drawer

This product is a unique solution that differs from the usual standing desks. It has a cherry-colored drawer pull. It gives the table a vintage charm and offers other benefits as well. One of the main benefits is that you have extra storage space for office supplies. This is a feature not often found in competitors. Another advantage is the overload protection function. The table stops automatically when the weight limit is reached. This way, you protect your office and your computers and office supplies. That way, your investment stays on the table. In addition, this product gives you more organizational options. It has 3 AC ports and 4 USB ports. And they look good on the counter. So you don’t have to worry about tangled cables. Everything is well placed and organized. In addition, you can preset the table to the desired height (28.7 to 45.6) with a single programming button. You can set it at 2 different heights. Just press and release the button, and it automatically adjusts; another great feature of the product is the container stop system. This makes it possible to change the height requirements at any time. Overall, this is a product for those who want an elegant and functional table. This vintage-style desk can also beautify your home office.


  • Elegant and functional
  • Overload protection function
  • Vintage look
  • Has a drawer for extra storage space
  • Complete with AC and USB connectors

22. Existing transformer with two monitors

Bar table movers are the best alternative to more expensive bar tables. Also known as toppers, these portable tables offer great flexibility. If you have just switched to working in a standing position, a standing desk inverter is an ideal choice. You just put it on your desk to keep using the old desk you love so much. Moreover, these inverters are compact. It is therefore also ideal for small rooms with limited space. Especially if you have to use two monitors. Standing desks with two monitors provide the necessary work surface with a small footprint. In addition, desktop converters are easier to set up. Some brands are delivered fully assembled. We collect the 5 best converters for a standing desk with two monitors. You will certainly find a solution that will make your work more enjoyable.

23. Standing Transfer Table SIMBR 31 x 20

The SIMBR stand-up transformation table is designed for the big leagues, but the price is lower. This product is spacious enough to accommodate a full computer. In addition to two monitors, it offers space for a laptop and other office equipment. And yet there is still plenty of room for novelty. Even the office workspace remains spacious. Everything about this product is spacious. And a keyboard tray is no exception. In this way, it provides a more comfortable workspace. Especially if you have a lot of office stuff, you can also remove the keyboard tray when you are not using it. The beveled edges are another important feature of this product. The upper and lower shelves have curved edges. It also has an ergonomic design. This way provides the perfect angle and position for your hands. It’s also sturdy enough not to slide off your desk. The frames are made of stainless steel. They also have steps, making them non-slip. Moreover, this adjustable standing desk transformer is suitable for tall people (up to 1.80 m). And to change the height of the table, is quite easy. Just press the lever on the right side of the table. It is then easily raised or lowered to the desired height. It uses a double gas spring force. This allows the height of the table to be adjusted easily and safely. In short, the SIMBR standing desk conversion offers you a generous workspace. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design. So you can count on maximum comfort. It also has one of the most competitive prices on the market today.


  • Ergonomic design
  • With adhesive tape for threading
  • Spacious shelves
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Important development


  • Not very comfortable to use while seated

24. iMovR ZipLift+ sit-stand converter

This dual-screen converter has probably the most ergonomic features on our list. It also offers customizable options so you can work comfortably. First, it has an adjustable keyboard. This allows you to adjust the keyboard’s angle to your preference easily. This is also called a tilting keyboard. And it’s a joy for your hands and wrists. Another interesting feature is the unlimited height adjustment. With a maximum height of 20.5 inches, it offers a variety of height settings. It’s also pretty easy to customize. Finally, it has an opening where you can easily screw in an additional monitor stand. This way, the workspace is maximized. It also has a decent 35-pound payload. Yet it does not wobble and is quite stable. All in all, this product can be an upgrade from your old standing desk transformer. If you are willing to pay a few extra for the extra features, this unit will serve you for a long time. But the extra cost is well worth the extra comfort. And its slim, compact profile means it will look great in your home office. And all that thanks to the hidden construction of the spring.


  • Compact and flat design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Customizable

25. Trading house Standing office

This freestanding transformer table is perfect for those who don’t like DIY. It comes fully assembled, so there is no need to install or configure it. It also has features that you may find very useful. On one side, it has a removable keyboard tray. The special thing about this system is that you can easily derive it from the screen. It can keep your eyes from getting tired. Secondly, the height of the table can be easily adjusted. Simply operate the two levers on either side and pull up. It offers 5 variable height settings (6.5-16.5 inches). This standing desk is also ideal for working in a seated position. In this way, it ensures a smooth transition from sitting to standing. After all, this product is quite durable. The load capacity is 50 pounds. And the frame is made of stainless steel with a polished finish. You can even find out more about your weight while everything is on the table. In short, this is a practical standing desk converter that comes fully assembled. This is perfect for those who have no patience or basic DIY skills.


  • Universal
  • Expandable keyboard compartment
  • No installation required
  • Sustainable


  • The keyboard tray is quite small
  • It’s a little heavy.

26. Flexispot M2W

This product is one of our recommendation’s most consistent standing desk converters. He goes from sitting to standing without hesitation. Even with many modifications, this product retains its integrity. It can withstand up to 6,000 adjustments without breaking down. One of the biggest advantages is the keyboard tray design. This removable keyboard holder is durable. Thus, it remains fixed and stable even when installed at any height. You will not notice any vibration when using the keyboard. And unlike other brands that tend to stick when set to the highest setting, this keyboard tray does not. Therefore, it still provides a stable, flat writing surface. In addition, the keyboard tray is quite spacious. You can even put a coffee cup next to the keyboard and still have enough free space. In addition, the Flexispot M2W has 12 variable height settings. So it’s easy to find a height that suits you. Note, however, that the table tilts slightly forward. It is, therefore, best suited for rooms with limited space. It is also equipped with a gas spring system. This makes the transition easier. Overall, this product is one of the most stable vertical transducers on the market. It can carry up to 35 pounds. However, don’t expect any wobbles or jumps at any point.


  • Reasonably stable
  • Variable table height adjustment
  • Very easy transition from sitting to standing
  • Easy assembly
  • Compatible with most ergonomic screen mounts


  • Not recommended for small spaces
  • The monitor table is quite small.


The 48-inch upright processing table provides a large work surface. The top shelf offers a large workspace. And even with two screens, it can hold more office supplies. And the keyboard tray is pretty roomy too. It also has a unique U-shape. This creates more space for access to the keyboard. You feel like you’re working at a real desk and not a converter. Another advantage of the product is that it uses a low gas spring for easy lifting. This type of lifting system is quite easy to use. You can choose from 12 variable height settings. It does not bend forward or backward when adjusted. It holds its position and therefore has a smaller footprint. And you’re also good at organizing. It is equipped with USB ports for your convenience. You can also use the ports to charge phones. You will also appreciate the appearance and sturdiness. The 45-pound carrying capacity allows you to carry extra office supplies. Moreover, it is delivered fully assembled. All you have to do is unfold it, and it’s ready to go. It also saves you time, especially if you are not a gentleman. Undertaker. Not everyone has the basic DIY skills and the patience to do it. Overall, this spacious standing desk transformer is perfect for small spaces. And you’ll be happy to know that it works completely silently.


  • It offers a large working area
  • Quiet operation
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Has USB ports
  • Supplied fully assembled


Well, that’s it then. I hope you enjoy the list we’ve put together. We will update the list as soon as possible. For example, some brands can update tables. For example, creating a new table or deleting an old table, etc. We make sure that if you want to buy an excellent standing desk, it is always available in the market. We’ve already picked out the best standing desks for 2019, but what about 2022? You will see many changes in the home office over the next few years.

Frequently Asked Question

What are standing desks?

A: Stand-up desks have been all over the news lately, but what exactly are they? Some might call them standing chairs, while others call them workstations, but the terms are vague. The most common types are Sit to Stand desks, which allow you to lean back when you’re working, and Sit to Sit desks, which allow you to lean forward when you’re working. Standing desks are ideal for standing when you work, but when you’re sitting all day, you can damage your health if you spend too long-standing. Nonetheless, a standing desk can help you get more work done and helps you make a healthy lifestyle change.

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