It isn’t easy to find the best 4×6 photo printer because there are many 4×6 photo printers on the market and can print hundreds of them in 4×6 format. However, thanks to the new printing technology, this article meets your needs if you are looking for HD images with standard 4×6 format photos, spectacular details, and vibrant colors.

You need to know this before choosing the best 4×6 photo printer.

Comparison Table

The table below gives a general comparison of the five different photo printers before discussing them in detail.

Figure Product Details Price×6 Printer-in-2020.jpg 1. Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6″ Photo printer
  • Printer type: Portable image
  • Connection type: Docking drives, WiFi, WiFi Direct, USB stick support
  • The size of the printed photo: 4×6”
  • Battery: No
  • A4 Print Format: No
Check the price×6-Photo-Printer-in-2020.jpg 2. Canon SELPHY CP1300
  • Printer type: Portable image
  • Connection type: WiFi, WiFi Direct, Large Disk, SD Card Slot
  • The size of the printed photo: 4×6”
  • Battery: Yes
  • A4 Print Format: No
Check the price×6-Photo-Printer-in-2020.jpg 3. The victim’s printer
  • Printer type: Portable image
  • Connection type: Bluetooth
  • The size of the printed photo: 4×6”
  • Battery: Yes
  • A4 Print Format: Yes
Check the price×6-Photo-Printer-in-2020.jpg 4. Photo printer with a sharper image on the docking station
  • Printer type: Portable image
  • Connection type: Bluetooth
  • The size of the printed photo: 4×6”
  • Battery: Yes
  • A4 Print Format: Yes
Check the price×6-Photo-Printer-in-2020.jpg 5. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100
  • Printer type: Portable image
  • Connection type: Wireless, Wi-Fi Direct
  • Size of printed photos: up to 8.5 x 11.
  • Battery: No
  • A4 Print Format: Yes
Check the price

Best 4×6 Photo Printers

1. Kodak dock & portable photo printer Wi-Fi 4×6

The printer produces photos in the standard 4×6 format. Keep your memories forever and update your albums in just a few clicks. This printer has an overhead stand to which you can connect the phone and print directly. The base is compatible with Android and Apple mobile phones.

The best thing about the dock is that it charges your device simultaneously. If you have a tablet, it is equipped with an external connection cable for connecting large tablets.

Moreover, despite its small size, it has its own WiFi Direct function. You can then connect your devices and print directly to the network.

Finally, it also supports USB keys. This allows you to save photos to a memory card and print them directly to that disk.


  • The compact and sleek design fits easily into the backpack.
  • The docking function works perfectly; it is easy to use it allows you to charge your phone.
  • Excellent connection properties


  • Normal size documents cannot be printed.
  • Does not support the battery.

Kodak Dock is considered one of the best 4×6 photo printers of 2022 for those looking for high-quality photos.

2. Canon SELPHY CP1300

We’re in the age of technology. From mobile phones to printers, everything is wireless. And why wouldn’t it have happened! As technology evolves, it opens the way to making it easier for everyone around us. Take, for example, the revision of the Canon Selphy CP1300. This is a compact photo printer that works wirelessly. Now, let’s talk about the advanced stuff. You can have a compact device at home or in the office, and you don’t even have to connect your system.


  • SD card slot
  • Color sublimation technology
  • Marginal printing
  • Occasional consultation
  • Rotatable LCD display
  • Mobile printing
  • Wireless communication
  • Different printing methods
  • Extra battery
  • Extra protection


  • Canon brand photo paper leaves prints with jagged and perforated edges.
  • An extra battery is not included, so it must be purchased separately to use the printer as a portable device.

It is one of the best printers for 4×6 images if you want to get your own images and other fast images.

3. Victure Portable Photo Printer

If you are looking for a printer specializing in standard photo printing, look no further than the Victure Portable Photo Printer. This handy product has been specially developed for smartphone photography. First, download the Victuupplication to your iPhone or Android. You will also get some of the sharpest 4×6 photos. This small printer is easy to move, easy to use, and your photos’ quality is worth the investment. The victim contains ink and a paper cassette for the first photo set.


  • Compact and portable
  • Print quality 4 x 6 inch
  • Perfect quality of the generated images
  • Easy to use

This printer offers a tangible experience. This compact and portable printer is one of the best 4×6 photo printers if you use a smartphone.

4. Photo printer with a sharper image in the docking station

With this Dock Printer, you can connect via Bluetooth to the included Sharper Image application, your iOS (such as the iPad), or Android devices to print your special events. Printing a 3 x 3-inch waterproof photo with 4PASS technology ensures protected all your photos.


  • Excellent photographic quality
  • Print from any smart device with a Bluetooth connection
  • Resistance and impermeability of fingerprints
  • Elegant and compatible design


  • Supports Bluetooth connection only.

If you are looking for high-quality photos and a compatible design, this is one of the best 4×6 photo printers that can be used in 2022.

5. The XP-7100 Wireless Expression Premium Printer

The XP-7100 Wireless Expression Premium Printer offers exceptional image quality and is truly useful for creative families. Save time with the 30-page ADF and automatic double-sided printing, copying, and scanning. Print lives, unlimited photos of 8 x 10 inches or on special paper and DVD. The intuitive 4.3-inch touchscreen lets you view, edit and print photos directly from the memory card slot or even from a USB port. In addition, you can print from your smartphone or tablet, and of course, with or without a router, as this is not necessary at home or on the road, in addition to printing 4×6-format photos in just 12 seconds and custom projects with the creative printing application that comes with the printer. It looks like stencil printing, but it’s different from envelope printers, where you can get envelope printers to do a perfect job.


  • Save up to 50% paper with automatic double-sided printing
  • Promotes printing on recycled paper
  • Processed product
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • RoHS11 compliant
  • Epson America, Inc. is a transportation partner of SmartWay™ 12.


  • This is an expensive solution compared to other 4×6 photo printers.

Epson Printing specializes in photo printing. If you are looking for high-quality images printed with wireless technology, this printer can be one of the best 4×6 photo printers.

Buying Guide

Here are the things you should consider before buying one of the best 4×6 photo printers shown above. So here are some of the standards you’d like to have on your photo printer:

Printer type

When it comes to images, an inkjet printer is an expensive option. Pigmented ink printers are also costly. They are also easy to maintain. Although thermal printers offer better image quality, they are more expensive.


Image quality print resolution. Choose a printer with a resolution of 4800×1200 dpi or even higher for perfect photographic reproduction.

Printer size

The size of the printer is important, especially if you want to take it with you on the road. You can take the printer to a picnic or party location for fun and make a few prints on the spot.


The printer must be compatible with your device. It must be compatible with your smartphone to make a good impression. Today’s photo printers offer wireless and Bluetooth compatibility with smartphones and iOS devices.

Choose the right paper.

There are different types of paper for printing photos.

Glossy paper

The paper is shiny and seems to shine. The print is more beautiful and brighter thanks to the shine of the paper.


The canvas paper is a good choice if you want to use a frame. This is a premium photo paper with a professional look and feel.

The paper is matt because it has no internal gloss or shine, but it has better color and contrast and is of better quality.


Art paper for professionals who want to show their photographic results. Gives your photos a classic look.

Matt paper

Matt paper has no gloss but is the actual color of the image.

Extra gloss can be annoying, and if you want more serious images, matt paper is better. Due to the good quality of the matte paper, you can see the finest details.

Beads or shiny beads

These cards have a high-quality surface. They are also known as semi-glossy paper. It is a high-quality paper that combines the properties of matte and glossy photo paper.


As the name suggests, metal foil gives your photos a metallic sheen. These papers often give your photos a chrome finish and ensure that the printed photos are of high quality and sharpness.

These are more expensive photo papers. However, you can use it in cases where you want to present printed photos or use it as decoration.


When it comes to choosing the perfect photo printer for what you’re looking for, it’s not exactly a piece of cake. However, here is a list of the best 4×6 photo printers on the market that you should check out right away.

Our first printer is the Kodak Dock, the optimal portable printer, even if it doesn’t come with a battery. It is light and can charge the phone.

The next printer is the Canon SELPHY CP1300, the perfect photo printer for easy connection and fast printing from any device.

Then there is the Victure Photo Printer, which produces high-quality standard 4×6 photos and uses dye-sublimation technology to print thermal transfer standard 4×6 photos with pleasant colors and great detail. Blurred, water, and tear-resistant photos make memories linger forever.

Our fourth printer is the Sharper Image Dock with 4PASS technology, which uses thermal transfer technology to print high-quality four-color printing in fantastic colors. In addition, the prints are waterproof and finger-safe.

Finally, the Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 photo printer offers excellent photo quality and clear text for convincing documents.

The only negative point is that most of them are really affordable. An average printer can cost part of the starting price. However, most of them have high ink costs, making them expensive to use.

If you are a director or employee of a bank or financial institution, you need cheque printers, so read on. It is also highly recommended to use a label printer to perform daily tasks, especially complex tasks, as labels are an important part of any business process, especially for advertising companies.

In general, the printers discussed here are specialized photo printers. However, they are designed to interact with mobile devices and can take advantage of common printing applications. They are therefore highly recommended for the daily use of photo enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a specialist photo printer?

A: There is no specialized printer, or even almost every printer in a photo printer. However, only a few specialist printers offer functions that go beyond printing. Some even have enough memory on the camera to store hundreds of photos, so you can take the printer, view the photos, and print on the spot.

How much does printing cost?

A: The cost of a photo is usually easy to calculate because most manufacturers sell packaging printed with sufficient ink and paper for a large number of photos.

Do you print in black and white?

A: In most printer categories, you have to ask yourself whether you really need color or not. The photo printer changes that, so you really need to think about whether you need black and white prints that some printers can’t handle very well.

The most common error in black and white printing is the tinting or shading of different colors appearing in different shades of grey. Therefore, when printing black-and-white photos, check the quality of the color photos in the printer and the quality of the black-and-white photos. This is usually a problem for specialized photo printers, not those who are almost specialized, but you have to consider it.

Connection options: wired or wireless?

A: Anyway, why do you want to print? Most specialized photo printers can print from a computer via a USB connection, but they are actually designed as stand-alone devices. Almost all new models are equipped with a WiFi connection, and many can print directly from PictBridge-compatible cameras and memory cards. (Make sure your printer supports the desired card format).

Is the quality of the product excellent?

A: Regardless of the printer used, it is important to check the quality of the output signal before purchase. When using special photo printers, inkjet printers and thermal inks are the most important printing technologies. Each type of printer delivers at least the print quality you normally see on pharmacy prints. If you use an inkjet printer, ink and paper are usually purchased separately, so you should follow the paper manufacturer’s recommendations for the printer. If a thermal dye is used, the ink cartridge can be purchased together with the corresponding paper in one package. And this is only for a limited number of prints.

Is the print speed and quantity important?

A: Don’t worry too much about the print speed of this type of device. These types of printers are different from copy printers, which offer variable speed. When it comes to images, quality is really more important. Today’s slowest printers can give the accepted print speed; in our experiments, about 2 minutes for 4 × 6 inches. Also, note that the measured speeds are generally slower than indicated and that the speed of this printer may vary depending on the source from which it is printed.

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