Gamers need to have a quality headset to participate in online matches and chat with teammates. This article will highlight the best budget gaming headsets under $50, so you can find the one that fits your needs.

Over the past several years, the gaming headset industry has flourished, with what seems to be an endless supply of inexpensive alternatives to pick from. So how do you know which one is right for you with so many headsets to select from?

Personal taste might help you narrow down your options, but we’ve chosen to detail some essential characteristics we believe you should think about before purchasing a new gaming headset.


Communication is essential, particularly for competitive players. Because of its significance, you must ensure that your microphone is of the finest possible quality at a reasonable price and that it can be placed in various positions. Unfortunately, gaming headphones under $50 often have mediocre microphones that pick up bizarre hisses or are unusually silent. Despite having a $50 budget, we acquired gaming headphones with excellent and dependable mics.

Aesthetic Appeal

Of course, what would a good pair of headphones be without stellar Aesthetic Appeal? While much of audio quality comes down to preference, each of these headphones provides an exceptional grade for the price.

Furthermore, superb stereo imaging is required. We picked headphones with imagery that delivers all of the environment developers have put into their games since so much of what occurs in a game is relevant to the surroundings.


Once again, appearances are important. While your rig does not need to be showy in every way, your headset will be worn on your head.

As a result, they must professionally present themselves.

Each item on this list was picked, at least in part, because of how it seemed. Yes, it may seem to be a worthless quality, but everyone appreciates a little bit of flair.


This is primarily a matter of common sense. You want to get a headset compatible with the system you want to use it with. Headsets are available in several types and designs, and some are only compatible with specific techniques. It’s simple to determine if a headset will function with your system. A label on the package will always state what it is compatible with. Make sure to seek a compatibility label before you spend your hard-earned money.


When it comes to gaming headsets and other headsets, comfort is crucial. Uncomfortable headsets may drive people insane, whether used for long gaming sessions or just a little casual fun. Many gaming headsets in the under $50 category sacrifice comfort, but we’ve done our best to find ones that sound great and feel great.

In many circumstances, the materials utilized may significantly impact the gaming headset’s overall comfort. Therefore, it’s always good to look for any gaps in the connecting portions of your next possible buy. A well-built headset should have minimal wiggle space, and any stitching on the headset shouldn’t unravel after a few usages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Xbox headset under 50?

A: The best Xbox headset under 50 is the Razer Thresher Ultimate.

Which is the best budget gaming headphone?

A: The best budget gaming headphone is the Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Gaming Headset with Mic.

How much should a gaming headset cost?

A: A gaming headset can vary in price depending on its features. For example, a wireless headset would not have any cables to deal with and thus is more expensive than wired headsets since they are less complicated.

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