World of Warships is a free-to-play naval warfare MMO developed by Wargaming that pits players in the roles of fleet admirals as they control fleets of ships from World War II to modern times. Experience exciting and intense battles with your friends, or fight against them using powerful alliances.

World of Warships is an online multiplayer naval combat game that can be played on PC and Xbox One. The game has been out for a while, but it’s still worth playing. Here are five reasons you should be playing World of Warships.

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried World of Warships’ open-water combat thrills. For the uninitiated, World of Warships is a naval-warfare-themed MMO introduced in late 2015, but don’t be fooled by its youth — it’s a beast.

Players compete aboard sea-faring warships, charting tactical paths to defeat their opponents with the strategic foresight of an admiral.

Here are five reasons why you should be playing World of Warships if you still need persuading.

1. A plethora of warships

World of Warships, based on the heyday of naval combat during the First and Second World Wars, has over 200 ships for players to hijack and deploy throughout the seven seas.

We have destroyers for individuals who like speed, stealth, and striking their foes with devastating torpedoes beneath the cover of the waves.

Whether guarding a fleet or leading an assault, fast-firing cruisers are intended to be equally versatile against opposing ships and aerial aircraft.

Then there are the enormous battleships, capable of devastating strikes and sustaining damage while defending the rest of your fleet bravely.

Finally, aircraft carriers bridge the gap between the ground and the sky by providing a launch pad for aerial strikes, surveillance, and coordinating a variety of grand battle techniques.

2. Take up the role of one of the most potent naval powers of the twentieth century.

The ships are unique, but we’d be nothing without the most considerable naval forces of the past. You may play as the USSR, USA, UK, Japan, Nazi Germany, France, and Italy in World of Warships.

You may play as regional cohorts beside each other. There’s Pan-Asia, which brings ships from China, Thailand, Korea, and Indonesia together. The Commonwealth is a group of former British Empire allies. Finally, there is a Pan-American group as well as a European contingent.

Having such a diverse range of countries is that each one has its strengths and weaknesses, adding to the game’s strategic complexity. One may be more suited to one job while utterly failing at another.

3. Battlegrounds for Naval Battles

We’ve got the ships and the naval powers, but the numerous real-world naval combat scenarios, each with dynamic weather ranging from concealing mist to storm-ridden rough seas, are where World of Warships shines.

These sandbox maps may be found from the arctic ice caps to the gorgeous turquoise sea tropics, across tight straits and the islands of the Aegean Sea, and everywhere in between. There’s even a map set in space, complete with asteroids and a vacuum instead of oceans.

4. Getting a Grip on PvP Skirmishes

You’ve picked your ship, given your fleet a naval power, and selected a map; now it’s time to fight. World of Warships’ online multiplayer component is impressive, with some of the most entertaining, not to mention intense player vs. player fighting we’ve seen in recent years.

If it all seems too much, you can always join up with pals and play against bots for a more forgiving experience while learning to be a commander.

5. It’s a no-cost game

While all of the above are compelling reasons to play World of Warships, the most significant part is that it is entirely free. Instead of needing to pay money for micro-transactions, the gameplay grants access to more ships and prizes. It’s a grind, but one that’s all too enjoyable.

You may upgrade to a paid premium account if you want to improve your XP or unlock new ships and tech with real-world dollars.

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