No matter what your CPU cooler is, it will always be a good idea to monitor the temperature of your processor. This can prevent thermal throttling and significantly extend the lifespan of the hardware.
Introduction: There are many tools for monitoring temperatures, but most require third-party software or additional subscriptions to work correctly. These alternative options should not overpower your computer with their resource usage or cost much money.

1. HWMonitor

HWMonitor is a fantastic program that enables users to keep track of their CPU temps and a variety of other hardware parameters. With this simple program, you can check your GPU temperatures, fan speeds, storage devices, and different hardware outputs. HWMonitor is a beautiful place to start if you want an essential and efficient monitoring tool.


HWMonitor may be downloaded here.

2. Core Temperature

Core Temp is a simple monitoring tool that does exactly what it says on the tin: it tracks the temperature of your CPU. The user-friendly CPU temperature monitor is relatively simple, with no additional hardware possibilities. It does, however, provide you with everything you need to precisely monitor your CPU temperatures, including specific core temperatures and power use.

This is the go-to CPU monitor tool for many, with a simple design that gets the job done.


Core Temp is available for download here.

3. Launch the Hardware Monitor

HWMonitor and Open Hardware Monitor are pretty comparable in functionality and monitoring possibilities. Open Hardware Monitor, unlike Core Temp, has a slew of more monitoring functions, including clock speeds, load, and power usage, to mention a few. Temperatures, load, fan speed, and clock speed may all monitor your GPU.

Open Hardware Monitor is an excellent alternative to HWMonitor for people who don’t want to use it, and it offers a lot of flexibility.


Open Hardware Monitor may be downloaded here.

4. The Fan’s Speed

Speed Fan could be the CPU temperature monitor if you like the old-school vintage look. Despite its simple appearance, it has several complex functions — at least for monitoring software. Users will alter fan speeds depending on their CPU’s temperature, allowing them to create a more efficient fan pattern than what comes standard.

Like all of these CPU temperature monitors, Speed Fan allows you to examine CPU, GPU, and total system temperatures.


Here is where you can get Speed Fan.

5. Actual Temperature

Accurate Temp, like Core Temp, solely displays CPU temperature monitoring data. This CPU temp monitor has an easy-to-understand design that allows you to check your internal CPU temperature rapidly. Unlike other programs, Real Temp displays the lowest and highest CPU temperatures, enabling you to compare various conditions easily.

This tool’s ability to indicate how far away from TJ Max your CPU is – the maximum temperature your CPU can reach before throttling – is unique.


Accurate Temp is available for download here.

6. Thermometer for the CPU

The following program is CPU Thermometer, a primary CPU temperature monitor that performs just what it says on the box. It has a similar look and feels to HWMonitor and Open Hardware Monitor. It does not, however, provide the ability to detect GPU temperatures.

Like several of the other CPU-only temperature monitors in this list, CPU Thermometer displays clock speeds, CPU core temperatures, load percentages, and total power usage.


Here’s where you can get a CPU Thermometer.

7. Speccy

Speccy is the first CPU monitoring program on our list that focuses on the whole PC rather than just the CPU and GPU. Using Speccy, you can not only keep track of your gear’s temperatures, but you can also get a detailed breakdown of the PC’s technical details.

This may be an excellent method to show off what your PC offers in hardware if you want to sell it. Furthermore, thanks to the unique visual display, reading temperatures is straightforward while monitoring your CPU/GPU.


Speccy may be downloaded here.

8. Aida64 Extreme

Aida64 is a full-featured benchmarking and monitoring program. It comes with many valuable functions, such as hardware monitoring, built-in benchmarking tools, stress testing, diagnostics, etc.

Aida64 Extreme is the most versatile tool on the list, but it’s also the only one that costs money. That’s correct, you’ll have to pay a premium for this, but in exchange, you’ll receive unequaled functionality.

Aida64 Extreme may be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CPU temp monitoring software?

A: There is no such thing as the best CPU temp monitoring software. Every operating system has different ways in which it monitors the temperature of your CPU, and every single application will monitor some other aspect of the performance of your computer. So this question cannot be answered without first understanding what you are trying to accomplish by having a specific temp monitoring program on your PC or laptop.

How can I check my CPU temp for free?

A: To check your CPU temperature, you can enter system info into the search bar on Windows 10.

Is there an app to check CPU temperature?

A: Unfortunately, there is no app to check CPU temperature. This can only be done by taking the temperatures with a device such as an infrared thermometer or inserting it into your PC’s internal hardware.

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