The Arkadia daypack is a lightweight and compact backpack with various features. It has a padded back panel, lumbar support, and breathable mesh shoulder straps. This pack is perfect for short hikes or daily commutes.

The waterproof packable backpack is a product I have been using for the past few weeks. This bag has been great because it is lightweight, waterproof, and can be packed into its pocket in your daypack.

The Arkadia Sea to Sky Pack may be right for you if you’re searching for a simple but effective daypack. On the other hand, the Sea to Sky Pack may potentially be for you if you want to walk beneath a waterfall or perhaps slide into a river. Arkadia claims that the pack is waterproof, so let’s see if she’s right.

Aesthetics & Materials

The pack is available in various vibrant hues, but we like to keep things neutral, so we went with black. Although contrary to its web color description, you may be disappointed if you’re expecting a black jet bundle to come to your doorstep. The pack is a deep gray rather than a pure black, which we didn’t mind, but the thought was worth mentioning.

Components from Outside

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack Fabric Closeup

This stylish bag is a tough material constructed of 30D CORDURA Nylon Ripstop. Even though this pack is touted as 100 percent waterproof, we’ve found that the front pocket isn’t completely waterproof, but it is water-resistant—it has left a few of our things wet, so you won’t want to put anything precious in there.

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack Waterproof Testing

We also learned to make sure the front zipper is pulled as tight as possible to prevent water from getting in. It may seem obvious, but if you leave that thing open even a few millimeters, you will have a swampy surprise. It’s also worth mentioning that, even though this pack is constructed of tough material, abrasions may impair the thin nylon’s water resistance.

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack Roll-top Clipped Shut

The bag has a roll-top closure mechanism similar to that seen on many boating dry bags. You wrap it up so tightly that nothing (not even air) can get through. However, upon closer inspection, we discovered that the roll-top mechanism might be manually unrolled without unclipping it at the top. This is also presumably why there’s a “DO NOT SUBMERGE” label on the front of the pack.

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack Submerged in Water

The roll-top will rapidly unfurl and fill with water if enough pressure is applied to it. We know because we’ve tried it. This is unlikely to happen unless you’re jumping into a lake while wearing your pack—which is not advised and something we haven’t seen anybody do in a while—but it’s worth mentioning.

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack Packed

Arkadia designed this item to be very travel-friendly since it just weighs 5.5 ounces and fits perfectly in your jacket pocket. We were pleasantly surprised by how much you can fit into it—it has a capacity of 24L, which isn’t bad for a 4.9-inch-by-3-inch packable bag. The pack is very simple to put back into the tiny bag; however, take track of the small bag while unpacking since it is not connected. For safety, we kept ours in one of the exterior side pockets.

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack Detached Packing Bag

Suppose you’ve seen the Matador Freerain24 Backpack. You’ll see that the two are extremely similar in design and function, except that the Freerain24 has a few more features, such as Duraflex hardware (which we love), siliconized CORDURA, and less strap confusion.

Inside the Bundle

There’s not much to see on the interior if you look closely. Because there’s just one main pocket with no internal organization, we suggest utilizing cushioned packing cubes (like a GORUCK Field Pocket) to organize and protect your belongings. Although you can fit a 15-inch laptop in here, there is no separate laptop compartment, so we suggest putting it in a case to protect it from the lack of cushioning on the pack.

The front vertical zip pocket is the bag’s only additional section, which we found to be a bit difficult to put items in. We discovered, for example, that a bag of newly made cookies is not the ideal location to store them. They’ll smoosh together into a massive cookie monster, which isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world.

This is a wonderful pocket for storing things like a spare t-shirt that won’t be damaged by the contents of the interior compartment slamming into it. The vertical zipper takes a little getting used to, but it allows you to access the contents easily. The luminous zipper is also a plus—not for safety, but because it is very visible and simple to grasp.

Testing and Durability

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack at Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

In addition, Arkadia has improved the bag’s exterior appearance, which we found to be very pleasing throughout our trips. There are two mesh pockets on the right and left sides for water bottles or other small things. When carrying one item on each side, the bag may balance upright on the ground, which is a great feature. A tiny 95-decibel emergency whistle is also included in the pack, which is an excellent safety feature. If you’re in a particularly dodgy position, just start blowing this whistle, and no one will approach you since they’ll think you’re insane. Also useful for rousing up a sleepy hotel room companion. Arkadia, bravo.

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack Mesh Straps

The load-lifter straps are adjustable and composed of a mesh material that is both pleasant and breathable. However, if you intend on going on that waterfall hike, be aware that your straps will be completely wet. We had to leave ours in full sunshine to achieve a faster dry. To accomplish this, we used the pack’s convenient hanging hook, which is situated at the very top of the pack. There is also an adjustable sternum strap, a removable hip belt, and mesh straps. We didn’t find the hip belt to be essential since we didn’t have many heavy goods in our daypack, and the straps seemed like additional luggage, but if you do, the attachable hip belt may be useful.

Whether or not you need a sternum strap on a packable daypack is a hit-or-miss proposition. We just conducted an Instagram survey, and the results were nearly 50/50 on whether or not they are required on smaller packs. However, you may not have a choice with this daypack since the strap isn’t very secure.

Arkadia Sea To Sky Packable Daypack Tiny Carabiner

There are just a few things that worry us, apart from the sternum strap’s lack of security. Because the zippers are so tiny, we’re not sure how long they’ll last after using the bag. We also observed that the small carabiner on the pack’s outside is made of plastic, which is easily broken—you’re better off discarding it and using your own metal carabiner instead. Finally, we wish the little drawstring pack bag was connected while unpacking.

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