The Transit Backpack is a great travel backpack for anyone who wants to carry their laptop, tablet or other personal items with them on the go.

The bellroy transit backpack, 28l is a review of the Bellroy Transit Backpack.

If you believe that traveling smartly is the best way to travel, you’ll want to check out the Bellroy Transit Backpack. It’s a sleek and comfy 28L pack with well-thought-out organization and enough of room in the main compartment.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Bellroy if you’ve been in the gear scene for a long. It’s an Australian label renowned for stylish and reliable carry-on luggage. The new Transit Backpack is designed to “flex between long commutes, adventurous excursions, and business travel.”

Bellroy Transit Backpack In DetroitIn Detroit, Bellroy Transit Backpack

Our crew has been using the Bellroy Transit Backpack for two weeks in the Motor City at the time of this review. From our Quick Hits video, we’ve had a lot of specific inquiries regarding this bag. Check watch our video review if you want more in-depth answers to those topics.

So, let’s get started.

Aesthetics & Materials

The Bellroy Transit Backpack truly excels in this area (which is no surprise). Bellroy is known for choosing high-quality materials and putting them together in a thoughtful manner. This bundle is an excellent illustration of it.

Bellroy Transit Backpack LogoBackpack with the Bellroy Transit logo

The Bellroy Transit Backpack keeps things basic when it comes to branding. The trademark Bellroy owl can be seen on the left shoulder strap, and a Bellroy wordmark can be seen on a leather tab at the front bottom of the bag.

Bellroy Transit Backpack EmblemEmblem for the Bellroy Transit Backpack

The Bellroy Transit Backpack is available in three colors, each with its own set of materials. The black variant, which we’ve been testing, is made of nylon and is very comfortable to wear.

The Ink Blue is made of the same recycled Venture Weave polyester as the Bellroy Sling we tested a few weeks ago. This variant has a great feel as well, although the black is a little softer to the touch. The Charcoal bag is composed of soft-woven polyester that has been recycled. We love it when companies use more recycled or sustainable materials in their product lines.

Bellroy Transit Backpack MaterialMaterial of the Bellroy Transit Backpack

The style of this backpack appeals to many of us at Pack Hacker HQ. In addition, we surveyed our Instagram followers, and 86% of you agreed. This doesn’t happen very frequently, therefore it speaks a lot about the backpack’s overall look.

The Bellroy Transit Backpack also has YKK AquaGuard zippers for further weather protection, magnetic buckles on the sternum strap (which are quite pleasant to use), and some very professional-looking leather zipper pulls.

Bellroy Transit Backpack ZippersZippers for Bellroy Transit Backpacks

ITW plastic hardware is used throughout the keychain (more on that later), with premium-feeling metal and aluminum hardware in places like the adjustable shoulder straps.

Components from Outside

Let’s begin with the harnessing system. Even when the bag is completely filled, the Bellroy Transit Backpack features thick shoulder straps that are extremely pleasant to carry.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Harness SystemBackpack Harness System by Bellroy

At 28L, a hip belt or load lifters aren’t really necessary. However, if you stuff this bag with anything heavy, like photography equipment, you’ll definitely feel it—which is true of any bag.

While testing the Transit Backpack, we observed that while carrying a large load, the edges of the straps may rub against your shoulders and chest—a problem that Tom Bihn, for example, addressed on its Synik 30 by using an edgeless shoulder strap design. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s something to consider.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Shoulder StrapsShoulder Straps for Bellroy Transit Backpack

The Bellroy Transit Backpack has a rail-like construction with a highly adjustable sternum strap. It’s also simple to take away. While most bags conceal the end of the rail a little more (making it harder to remove the sternum strap), Bellroy allows ample room. You know, it’s the small stuff.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Sternum StrapSternum Strap for Bellroy Transit Backpack

Behind it all, the bag’s back panel is cushioned, with two rows of foam ridges (covered in mesh) and an airflow channel. Although the rear panel has a somewhat technical feel to it, it is nevertheless attractive and sleek. While avoiding the infamous swamp back is difficult, particularly while hiking through Malaysia, this back panel might assist.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Back PanelBack Panel for Bellroy Transit Backpack

It’s also worth mentioning that the Bellroy Transit Backpack is curved naturally. During testing, some members of the team were enamored with this feature, while others considered it to be a pain in the neck. Your mileage may vary depending on your body shape and carry preferences.

Smooth metal strap adjusters, which slide smoothly, are located at the end of the shoulder straps. The comfortable seatbelt-like material at the bottom of the straps is also a plus.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Shoulder Strap AdjustmentShoulder Strap Adjustment on the Bellroy Transit Backpack

Finally, we have some plastic strap holders on the straps (at least for the harness system) that will help you control extra strap and give you that oh-so-satisfying dangle-free feeling.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Strap KeeperStrap Keeper for Bellroy Transit Backpacks

The top handle has a little bit of cushioning and is constructed from the same material as the bottom of the shoulder straps for a very comfortable grip.

There’s not much more to say about the outside of this bag, which we think is a good thing. It has a sleek appearance and is well-organized.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Held By Top HandleTop Handle of Bellroy Transit Backpack

Inside the Bundle

The Bellroy Transit Backpack, as we stated at the outset of this review, has a lot to offer in terms of pockets and organization. So get a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever beverage you like and relax. Let’s get started.

A lay-flat YKK zipper keeps the quick-grab compartment on the top of the bag low-profile and out of the way—nice touch, Bellroy. This drop-pocket is nice, although it’s not that deep. However, because of its breadth, it’s generally ideal for flatter things like your wallet, phone, headphones, lip balm, and so on.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Quick-Grab PocketQuick-Grab Pocket on Bellroy Transit Backpack

Although the pocket has a flexible mesh material to let you put more things inside, it’s still a very quick-grab pocket. On the plus side, it doesn’t encroach too much on the main section of this bag.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Quick-Grab Pocket AccessQuick-Grab Pocket Access in the Bellroy Transit Backpack

A leather tab and AquaGuard YKK zipper open the vertical compartment on the front of the Bellroy Transit Backpack. This pocket is a good size for stuffing bigger things, such as your jacket. A horizontal organizing pocket accommodates smaller notebooks within this pocket, as well as two sleeves for pens, pencils, or styluses (styli?).

We appreciate the size of the horizontal pocket, but we’ve noticed that when pockets in vertical purses like this are flipped sideways, items tend to be jostled about and get jumbled within. Especially when there are no flexible mesh zippers. Just something to keep in mind if you’re a stickler for neatness in your luggage.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Front PocketFront Pocket on the Bellroy Transit Backpack

At the top, there’s also an ITW plastic keychain. While this keychain serves its purpose, it falls short of the quality appearance and feel of the rest of the bag.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Key RingKey Ring for Bellroy Transit Backpack

The water bottle pockets are next. The Bellroy Transit Backpack has one hidden on each side, and they open using a tiny heat-shrank paracord loop zipper pull that is hidden and out of the way (hence, concealed).

Bellroy Transit Backpack Water Bottle PocketWater Bottle Pocket on Bellroy Transit Backpack

When these water bottle pockets are opened, a large compartment is revealed. Keep in mind that they may not accommodate the biggest of bottles, so if you want to remain hydrated, keep that in mind.

Now, these pockets are one of the things about which we’ve had some inquiries, so watch the video review for additional details.

Bellroy Transit Backpack SoloBellroy Transit Backpack is a solo backpack by Bellroy.

If you load the Bellroy Transit Backpack in a particular manner, it can stand on its own (i.e., having something heavy at the bottom like a fully-packed camera cube to give it shape). Otherwise, it will most likely fail. If you want a bag that can stand on its own, there are certainly several choices out there that can do it better.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Laptop CompartmentLaptop Compartment in Bellroy Transit Backpack

The laptop compartment is perhaps our favorite feature within this bag. It includes a weather-resistant YKK AquaGuard zipper on the outside, soft material on the inside, and a fake bottom to protect your laptop from drops. Basically, it fulfills all of our requirements for a laptop compartment.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Tech PocketBellroy Transit Tech Pocket Backpack

The horseshoe zipper is kept from opening up too much by two strips of cloth on the side of this area. A zipped pocket at the top of the laptop compartment is a perfect size for holding electronic accessories like cables, chargers, and the like. To keep things secure, it also includes some cushioning and structure.

We like how accessible this pocket is. However, bear in mind that it has the potential to cut into the bag’s main compartment, so don’t overstuff it.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Main Compartment With Packing CubesMain Compartment of Bellroy Transit Backpack With Packing Cubes

On the Bellroy Transit Backpack, the main compartment is very spacious. One medium-sized Peak Design packing cube and one tiny Peak Design packing cube will easily fit (you ask we test it).

Because the Transit Backpack has somewhat rounded corners, other packing cubes with more rigid edges may not fit as well—your mileage may vary, so discover what works best for you (and check out our packing cubes guide if you’re not sure where to start!).

Bellroy Transit Backpack Internal Compression StrapInternal Compression Strap for Bellroy Transit Backpack

An elastic compression band may be found on the rear of the main compartment to hold your clothing or cubes in place. We’re curious to see how long this period lasts, so we’ll keep you updated in the Usage Timeline below.

Bellroy Transit Backpack Mesh PocketsMesh Pockets on Bellroy Transit Backpack

A smaller, zipped, stretchy mesh pocket is located on the front flap of the main compartment (there’s something about Bellroy mesh that you simply have to love–extremely it’s flexible and wonderful to the touch). There’s also a bigger zipped mesh pocket that runs the length of this flap, perfect for storing small items like socks and underwear.

Plus, we’ve discovered that one layer of packing cubes gives you simple access to the bag’s remaining compartments.

Testing & Durability

The Pack Hacker crew has been testing the Bellroy Transit Backpack for two weeks throughout Detroit, Michigan at the time of this review.

Bellroy Transit Backpack In DetroitIn Detroit, Bellroy Transit Backpack

For others, the bag’s curvature was an issue. It was a little uncomfortable for them, mainly since the bottom dug into their lower back. Others, on the other hand, thought this bag was very comfy.

The whole crew believes that the general structure of the Transit Backpack demonstrates some careful planning. We really appreciated having the second horseshoe pocket of the laptop area for keeping electronic stuff. There’s clever arrangement without pockets that eat up too much of the primary capacity. Instead, everything is kept simple, allowing you to use the whole 28L capacity—a fantastic feature for one-bag travel.

The bellroy transit backpack plus is a backpack that is designed for traveling. Bellroy has made this bag with the traveler in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

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