Best Apps for Modern Sports Enthusiasts

It may be obvious, but the best apps are those that can enhance our smartphone experience. This was the common denominator of the Android apps mentioned in the previous Best Android Apps article. Apps like SwiftKey, Spotify, and Waze are not only fun and useful from time to time, and they really change what we can do with our phones.

This list will look at some of the best applications for modern sports enthusiasts, with the same idea in mind. If you’re interested in sports, here are some of the downloads that can really change and enhance your mobile experience.


The best sports apps for modern sports enthusiasts, the best sports apps, espn apps



The title given to ESPN, the world leader in the sport, may seem a little strange. But when it comes to the company’s advertising compared to most other sports journalism media, that’s a fair description. The application covers all major leagues, from European football to the NBA, with incredible details worldwide. And when we talk about coverage, we don’t just mean that there are points in it. The application offers news, estimates and statistics, post-match analysis, highlights, and in many cases, even live feeds. Many sports enthusiasts may take it for granted, but the ESPN application is an incredibly reliable tool for all sports enthusiasts.


The best sports applications for today's sports enthusiast, the best sports applications for live performances



With the Livescores application, you can keep track of the results and statistics of all your favorite sports events. You can follow the games and contests as they happen, all simply and conveniently. It’s nothing the ESPN App can’t do, but it’s the simplicity that makes the live scores precious. If you want an ESPN application for significant needs but don’t mind having one without too many base points, this is a great option to have on your device. You won’t know it’s there, and yet your sports fandom is better suited to it.


The best applications for modern sports enthusiasts, the best sports applications, Draft Kings applications



DraftKings was one of the first applications for the pioneers of large-scale daily fantasy sports, allowing fans to choose a fantasy line for individual days or competitions, enter competitions and win real money if they were successful. Of course, there are other good sides to the everyday fantasy, but no one can lead the DraftKings in pure size and variety when it comes to the competitions on offer. And as if that wasn’t enough, the application is now positioning itself to become a major player in regular sports betting. When New Jersey opened its doors to gambling, Pennsylvania passed laws on legal issues, and more and more states are queuing up, mobile sportsbooks are about to take off among U.S. fans. And the writers, as it happened, already have their own.


The best applications for modern sports enthusiasts, the best sports applications, dummy applications



Even a modern sports fan would like to watch the matches live. And to make this possible, there have been many different ticket applications over the years. Ticketmaster has been around for some time; SeatGeek is probably the most popular new option; one of them, called Gametime, even seems to make people forget about StubHub, as some say. But we chose StubHub, which is probably the most comfortable and pleasant to use. With the application, you can easily keep track of your schedule, view the seating arrangements, track teams, and offer better ticket prices. It also allows you to sell tickets if you can’t come to the game for any reason.


The best applications for modern sports enthusiasts, the best sports applications, bleach reporting applications


The Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is in many respects similar to the ESPN Report, without the same coverage. But he tries, and Bleacher Report Live is a step in the right direction. This is a relatively new but very promising program that offers live video streams of games from different sports and competitions, including the NCAA and PGA. You can mark your favorite leagues and teams to stay informed about upcoming competitions. If there are no live feeds available through the application, you can always use the application to find out where you can see them. In the end, Bleacher Report Live works because it tends to provide access to some of the rare events that an ESPN application cannot cover (although a growing DAZN application may be a competitor for the same reason).

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