For most of them, a game night is an opportunity to relax and have fun. That’s what you’re looking forward to. It can even be a valuable family tradition.

But even the pleasant sensations of a good board game can be disappointing or stressful for dyslexics. When words and numbers can be confused, reading a complicated card game or rulebook becomes overwhelming.

To let all dyslexics enjoy board games, we made a list of the best board games for dyslexics. Read on to find out what our favorites are.

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Best board games for dyslexics

Azul is one of the most affordable games on this list and is a pleasure to play. On Azul, everyone plays the role of a craftsman trying to build pattern tiles that can be used to decorate the royal house.

The goal is to create templates and make sure you get the right tiles to complete your designs. It is a game that is almost exclusively played with visual rather than textual elements. You don’t have to struggle with reading small texts on thick cards or books that are too thick and confusing with rules.


  • A visually motivated gameplay.
  • Supports two to four players.
  • He’ll be handsome, the way you play.
  • It’s easy to learn the game.
  • Suitable for all age groups from eight years old.


  • It was pointed out that the points system is a bit difficult to understand at first.

Thanks to a freshly prepared and reworked set of rules, easy for beginners to understand, Carcassonne is known for its ease of learning. The rules are simple enough to appeal to beginners, but the strategies are varied enough to appeal to board game veterans as well.

In Carcassonne, your goal is clear: You want to claim functions on the board to get more points. Each player takes turns moving pieces to place them on the board, each piece having a certain number of characteristics. Characteristics include cities, streets and farms.

To make themselves known as a milestone, players simply place one of their Meeples (human figures) on top before anyone else does. It may sound too easy, but there’s a lot of strategy in this game, especially considering that each of the possible roles you can play in the game will earn you different amounts of points.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • Excellent for beginners, but strategically well suited for experienced players.
  • The board is different every time you play, because the pieces are drawn randomly.
  • You don’t have to read the cards wrapped in the text and the lines are easy to read.
  • Even if you don’t want to read the rules, this game is so popular that there are tons of lessons on the network.


  • When pieces are accidentally drawn, the game can sometimes be more about luck than strategy.

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Like Azul, Blockus is a game where you have to make patterns. It’s very similar to Tetris, because the goal is to find your color wherever you can.

Each player must try to place 21 of his colored pieces somewhere on the board. But every piece they place must touch another piece of the same color… and only in the corners. The more players place their pieces, the harder it gets.

The rules are so simple that no one will have trouble playing Blockus. It’s a great game for the whole family, including the kids.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • An exceptionally easy game.
  • You can play games pretty fast.
  • Perfect for the whole family.
  • You can learn to play it in less than a minute.
  • The more you play, the more colorful the image becomes.


  • A simple game should not be attractive to people who are looking for complex sensations.

We recommend Mystery to anyone looking for a mature and scary experience. Because it is not filled with text instructions, it would also be quite easy for a dyslexic person to play comfortably.

At least two players are needed. One person should be a ghost and all other actors should be researchers. The mission is to find out how the ghost was killed, and the ghost can give clues to other players using face cards.

The thing is, these court cards are weird and dreamy. It won’t be easy for the researcher to interpret them, and therein lies the difficulty.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • Theme and funny paranormal story.
  • It has a high repetition value because the truth behind the puzzle is different every time.
  • It contains some of the most amazing works of art we have ever seen in a board game.
  • You can play with two or seven players.


  • We recommend playing with different people if possible, because by playing with the same people you can develop code too often with images that are too simple.

When people think about board games, Jenga probably doesn’t come to mind. Anyway, we put it on because it’s an absolutely classic game that’s perfect for a dyslexic person.

There is no need to read the cards, and the game couldn’t be less complicated. Once the Jenga blocks are stacked in the tower, players simply try to remove the blocks without knocking down the tower. You win the game by being the last person to remove the block without knocking down the tower.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • It’s a classic that anyone can play.
  • It doesn’t take long to set it up and clean it.
  • You can play with an unlimited number of players.
  • Suitable for almost all age groups.


  • The box is just too big, so it doesn’t hold the tower blocks well when you put them down.

It looks like you shouldn’t want to play a game called trouble, but we promise you that this game isn’t as crazy as its name suggests. Each player takes one color and the next side of the board with that color.

With their coloured balls in place, players must try to chase each other across the board. The danger is that it will get even worse if another game catches your ball along the way.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • The board is very solid, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down quickly.
  • Rules that are easy to understand.
  • Can play with six people.
  • Suitable for the whole family.


  • There are messages that hitting the board can lead to the ball rolling out of the slot.

What could be better than a tried and tested classic that you can bring to your own table? In this set you will receive not one but two different sets: Queen and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Both – it’s a game, a learning process that doesn’t take much time, and complex books with rules you have to browse through. You can play them all on a nice solid wooden board.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • Contains two different sets in one set.
  • The board is made of solid, solid wood.
  • Lady and Tic Tac Toe can be learned in minutes.
  • It can be used by all family members, regardless of their age.


  • These two games can be too easy for board game veterans.
  • Some say the sign is sometimes too slippery.

Qwirkle is a game with visual effects that your whole family will love. Your goal is to match shapes or colors as you draw lines on the table, that’s all. No unnecessary complications and no problems with easy to change cards.

In addition, this game is of great value as a training tool for young players. It stimulates children to develop their visual powers of perception.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • Fantastic for the kids.
  • You can learn the game in seconds.
  • Easy to install and clean when you’re done.


  • It can be too easy for some adult players.

Characteristics to be considered

Illustrative game

For people with dyslexia, numbers and letters are often interwoven. It is more difficult to read long passages and sometimes even to speak for a long time.

That doesn’t mean they can’t do something like that. Most of them learn to deal with this and just get on with their daily lives – even playing board games.

This doesn’t mean you can’t like them when you’re playing with your dyslexic lover. There are many board games that rely on visual cues rather than textual or numerical cues.

They might be easier to play for anyone, including people with dyslexia. You no longer have to look at the lines or the cards with text.

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Level of difficulty

When we talk about difficulties, we’re talking about the difficulty of learning this or that game. Can you pick it up in a few minutes or do you have to browse the manual for hours?

This applies to everyone, not just people with dyslexia. Always think about the difficulties, especially if you want to play with someone who isn’t very experienced in board games.

Demanding board games are best suited for veterans who want a more in-depth experience. In general, a game can be determined if it is complex based on the number of numbers and the statements of the players.

Competitive or cooperative

Finally, think about the general game you will choose. Do you want something where people compete with each other, or do you prefer something where everyone can work together?

Cooperative games or games in which individual teams can participate can be useful for anyone who has difficulty reading. In these games, teammates can help anyone who needs a little help.

Competitive games are great for pumping everyone’s blood. If you want to brighten up the evening, you can’t do better than a good old-fashioned board game.


Anyone can play board games, and we think everyone should do the same. No disability, be it a learning disability, a physical disability or any other, should prevent you from living life to the fullest and having fun.

We are convinced that all the games on this list can be suitable for a lively and entertaining evening for everyone, including dyslexics. Our favorite on that list is Azul.

The model-based gameplay is easy to understand and looks great. We find the way the pieces of the game almost look like complex works of art while the game is being developed.

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