With a market cap of $12.9 billion, the solid-state drive world requires a lot of research to find the best external SSD for your needs. We take a look at some of our favorite options with thoughtful reviews and tons of data so you can make an informed decision about what would work best for you.

How We Make Decisions?

The need for high-quality external SSD storage is growing in tandem with the demands of current games. To assist you in making the best selection possible, we’ve only recommended things that we like and believe would be excellent for gaming.

SSDs are recognized for their speed and storage capacity. Thus these are essential considerations in our selection. We merged our research with what we discovered online and user reviews to provide a well-informed assessment.

We struggled to choose just five to include in our list of favorites, so in addition to the above, we compared benchmarks to the results of our in-house testing to gain an accurate knowledge of the SSDs.

Consider the following:

If you’re constructing your PC from the ground up, you’ll soon notice that component costs may mount up. Unfortunately, SSDs aren’t inexpensive even on their own, so it’s critical to do your homework and understand your requirements.

This section will cover some of the most important characteristics to look for when purchasing a new external SSD.

Storage requirements

When considering buying a new external SSD, you should consider how much storage capacity you’ll need. For example, are you upgrading because the power of your present SSD isn’t enough, and if so, how much more will you get?

If you can afford it, acquiring a greater capacity than you think you’ll need as a method to future-proof your PC setup is a good idea. Still, if you’re happy with a smaller library of games, the price difference may not be worth it since more storage equals more money.

We suggest at least 500GB of storage for gaming if your budget allows. You may probably get away with a little less, but the number of games and data you can save will be restricted. Although 1TB and 2TB of storage are plenty, they may be costly.


One of the most significant benefits of external SSD storage is that it is more portable than previous hard disk drives (HDD) generations. In addition, depending on the brand and model, some SSDs are tiny and compact enough to be readily transported.

Because the size of an external SSD grows in tandem with its capacity, you’ll have to decide if you value storage more than the hardship of carrying hefty PC equipment about everywhere. However, SSD drives may be pretty tiny and compact, making them more straightforward to move.


Following up on our previous point, if you’re bringing your SSD with you regularly, it has to be durable. SSDs with a solid, durable outer shell will last longer than those with flimsier, less substantial outside covers.

SSDs are shock and vibration-proof, which is a desirable feature to look for since it minimizes the possibility of data being damaged when transporting the storage device or if you drop it from a great height.


Some higher-end manufacturers have established a reputation for dependability and are recognized for producing storage goods that survive the test of time. Still, it’s impossible to single out one company as the most trustworthy SSD manufacturer.

In general, less expensive SSDs are less stable and more prone to problems or corruption, so verify the manufacturer’s warranty duration to see how long you’ll be protected against defects or errors. Most will provide two to three years, although this varies by brand.

Optional Extras

This won’t apply to every SSD, especially when you get closer toward the lower end of the price range, but a lot of manufacturers will include Optional Extras and extra perks with the purchase of their SSDs.

Some companies may sweeten the offer by including backup software, more cloud storage, or data encryption, which may push you over the edge in your choice since it improves the value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which external SSD is best to buy?

A: The best external SSD to buy is the Samsung 860 EVO.

Are external SSD reliable?

A: External SSD drives are not as reliable as internal options. They’re more likely to experience data corruption, power loss, or malfunctions that can lead to a failure of the entire drive due to any one issue.

What brand of SSD is best?

A: Intel or Samsungs SSDs are the best for performance. One brand that you can get with a discount is ADATA, which has fast speeds and an affordable cost.

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