Computer games need more than a good screen. A powerful gaming keyboard is also important if you want to gain a competitive advantage in gaming. For the players, the game keyboards work like a joystick. So it’s clear that you need a high-quality device that doesn’t come at the expense of ease of use.

Given the $50 price range, you can get lost looking for a keyboard that optimizes game performance. So we’ve put together some of the most popular high-end gaming keyboards on the market. To help you make the best and most practical decision, we have included a buying guide.

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Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard - IP42 dustproof and waterproof - 6 programmable macro keys - special multimedia keys - removable


Redragon K552 RGB LED backlit iridescent LED wired mechanical gaming keyboard with red switches for Windows Gaming PC (87 keys, black)


Wired Gaming Keyboard Havit Combo LED Rainbow Mouse Backlit Gaming Keyboard RGB Gaming Mouse Ergonomic Wrist Rest 104 Keys Keyboard Mouse 4800....

Rainbow Heavit hard wire lighting.

It is the best choice in terms of overall efficiency.

The best gaming keyboard in its price range

The cheapest model with the best features

Best Keyboard under $50 for Game Reviews

Here are the 5 best gaming keyboards available on the market for less than $50. Read our detailed review of each product to choose the one that best suits your gaming needs.

#1 Corsair K55 RGB keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard - IP42 dustproof and waterproof - 6 programmable macro keys - special multimedia keys - removable

Do not underestimate this gaming keyboard because of the price. Yes, it is one of Corsair’s basic gaming peripherals, but due to its robust construction it will last longer than most. This RGB keyboard is known for its performance and contribution to your game world. You can switch between different lighting effects; the backlight has ten preset positions. With Corsair’s iCUE software you can adjust the colour. This area is generally the best choice because it serves a purpose, is user-friendly and programmable and has a stylish design. Plus, it’s in a good price range.

This keyboard can be used with Windows 8, Windows, 7, Windows Vista and Windows 10. You can adjust the volume continuously during playback. This full-size keyboard has 110 keys, including media buttons, volume buttons and 6 customizable macro keys (to give you a competitive edge).

Don’t worry about speed and accuracy with every shot, thanks to a multi-touch anti-foosting feature that increases responsiveness. In addition, comfort is ensured by the adjustable height and the integrated (removable) stand. This greatly reduces the risk of wrist fatigue. This membrane keypad is quieter than its mechanical counterparts.


  • Protection class IP42 (protection against dust and leakage)
  • 6 macro keys (programmable)
  • High parameters
  • Antisuperiority
  • Incredibly responsive – ideal for games
  • 3 separate lighting zones


#2 Redragon K552 Mechanical game keyboard

Redragon K552 RGB LED backlit iridescent LED wired mechanical gaming keyboard with red switches for Windows Gaming PC (87 keys, black)

The Redragon K552 offers fantastic performance and feel, allowing you to get the best value for your investment. This gaming keyboard is designed with ABS and a metal alloy for durability, giving it the look and feel of a high-end keyboard. The 87 keys of the keyboard are mounted on a plate and have dome-shaped covers that have been precision machined for even and durable backlighting.

This ergonomic mechanical keyboard has a more compact design, i.e. without a numeric keypad.

It’s outemu The red switches under the keys hold up during demanding and intense gaming sessions. In exchange for Cherry MX, the red keys of this keyboard are a real godsend for their action points and low sensitivity. They can give you the competitive advantage you need without sacrificing the overall gaming experience.

K552 is a little noisy when you hit him. If you’re looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard, you can get it because it doesn’t compromise on many features that are important for gaming.


  • Incredible value for money
  • 60% mechanical keyboard
  • Keys are easy to handle – no resistance
  • Robust construction
  • Anti-splash and anti-slip keyboard
  • Red key switch Outemu
  • Tested to withstand at least 50 million hits.


  • No macros
  • The lack of a separate license plate can be a problem for some people.

#3 Rainbow illuminated keyboard with cable

Wired Gaming Keyboard Havit Combo LED Rainbow Mouse Backlit Gaming Keyboard RGB Gaming Mouse Ergonomic Wrist Rest 104 Keys Keyboard Mouse 4800....

Do you have a tight budget? The Havit gaming keyboard is surprisingly affordable considering the impressive features it offers. It comes in a combo package with a 6-button 4800 DPI mouse with an elegant root pattern and 7 lighting modes.

This model is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000. This is a standard keyboard with 104 keys that offers excellent accuracy and responsiveness at a low price.

This 2-in-1 combination is wired. The amazing backlighting of the keys makes the game keyboard look like a rainbow in your hands. Other game features include a window lock button that can be turned off at any time during game sessions. There’s even a handy space bar, as well as 11 combination media keys, 19 conflict-free keys and four arrow keys that suit most people’s gaming habits.

You can just plug in and play without using any software, unless you want to adjust the lighting. The keyboard has 3 lighting modes. Four height-adjustable and detachable cuffs make your entire playing time more comfortable.


  • God’s speed and precision
  • Combined selection – with the mouse
  • Ideal for newcomers to the game
  • Grand Prix
  • Wide compatibility
  • Individual n-key switches on all keys


  • Some people had problems with the light on the mouse…
  • Membrane keypad

#4 Redragon K585 DITI Single arm RGB mechanical keyboard

Redragon K585 DITI one-handed mechanical RGB gaming keyboard, blue switches, professional C-type gaming keyboard with 7 keys and...

Welcome to the future of video games. You can now have a game mouse, a keyboard and a game keyboard at your fingertips. Redragon’s half keyboard fits in the palm of your hands and your wrist can rest comfortably on the removable magnetic tray at the bottom of the keyboard.

This is one of the most affordable one-handed keyboards on the market today. If you are looking for a semi-circular plate, this may be your option. It can literally kill programmers.

This device is equipped with Outemo Blue switches, which are clones of Cherry MX. The keys of this mechanical keyboard are touch-sensitive and available in different colours with 5 backlight modes.

Don’t worry if you’ve used a full-size keyboard; this device gives you all the essential game keys, plus 7 extra functions and macro keys you can program. This option offers a full anti-hosting function and a USB port that allows you to charge your phone.


  • accurate WASD movements
  • High Response Sensitivity Keys
  • Switch Outemo Blue
  • Portable location
  • Deactivates your margin
  • A stable base
  • Total resistance to guests
  • 7 programmable macro keys
  • Brilliant RGB illumination


  • Not for inexperienced players
  • Some have problems with the software

#5 HyperX Alloy Core RGB Gaming Keyboard for

HyperX Alloy RGB - Membrane keypad, Comfortable and quiet keys with RGB LED backlight effect, Waterproof, Special keys, Luminous diode

Gamers looking for a particularly affordable membrane keypad can choose HyperX gaming keyboards. If the brand is known for its gaming headphones, then the simple alloy keyboard is also worth a look.

This keyboard distinguishes itself by its comfort, quality and durability. This model is quiet, which makes it the best choice if you plan to play computer games for long hours at night so that no one else is disturbed. This Hyperx gaming keyboard model is waterproof and compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

When you start designing, you can take full advantage of RGB backlighting to customize your keyboard with different backlight options (six effects) and bring your battle station to life. The structure is durable and the sleek design gives a high-end impression.

This device is equipped with special multimedia keys, which is a bonus. The core of the HyperX alloy features touch-sensitive buttons that promise precision and speed; they are also highly responsive. This exceptionally well-designed gaming keyboard is popular with gamers because of its silent keys, ability to execute multiple commands simultaneously, and anti-hosting features.


  • Dynamic backlight effects (adjustable)
  • A solid – sustainable framework
  • Quiet and responsive keys
  • Leakproof
  • DeepL Access codes
  • Keypad lock
  • Anti-key reversal accommodation
  • Special media buttons + volume control


  • No macros
  • Some have a ringtone when the lights are on.

Purchasing guide

Everyone has their own particularities when it comes to finding a gaming keyboard. We’ve added a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the gaming keyboard that best fits your needs. Here are the most important factors to take into account:


Switches are the most important feature of any gaming keyboard. For less than $50, your options are limited, so choose wisely and with your needs in mind. Manufacturers tend to reduce the number of buttons, but there is something for everyone in our list. You can choose one of the following two types of switches:

  • Membrane/Red switch : Membrane keyboards give the impression that typing is smooth and fast due to their mushroom feel and they are much quieter than their mechanical counterparts. They are cheaper and usually come with a waterproof frame. Although Reds can be quite reactive in the beginning, most are more difficult to push. In addition, the red sliders are not removable.
  • Mechanical switch / blue : Unlike membrane keypads, mechanical keypads are more expensive and heavier. However, they are more popular with the players. These blue switches are tactile, durable and have an almost instantaneous response time. Moreover, their caps are removable.


Keyboards under $50 are available in a wide range of sizes. The full-size keyboard includes luxury features such as special media keys. The size is what you would normally imagine of a keyboard with more than 100 keys and a numeric keypad on the right.

Next come the TKL or Tenkeyless cards, with keyboard sizes ranging from 40 to 80%. They are very compact and easier to transport, but this means that the function keys are a bit of a mess.

Moreover, they usually don’t have a numeric keypad; the numbers are on the letter keys themselves. 40% of the keyboards increase the space on the Playstation, but often they don’t have as many shortcuts as in the game and have compressed function keys.

Layout vs. see

While some people prefer a simple and elegant keyboard, others prefer a more extravagant design. Therefore, layout and appearance are essential elements to take into account when purchasing a gaming keyboard. First of all, pay attention to the formatting points.

So your whole playing experience depends largely on the position of the keys and the distance between them. A simple numeric keyboard can also affect the game if you are used to using it during the game.

Most gaming keyboards are backlit to give them an authentic game look that matches your overall setup. You can usually customize and customize them. The keyboard backlight can be turned off when not in use. And if you plan to play for hours, comfort can be a problem. In this case, ergonomic keyboards with functions such as. B. a wrist support is best.


The best gaming experience depends on a stable peripheral connection. Gamepads have two types of connectivity: wireless and wired. A wired connection is certainly the best option to improve your gaming sessions as it provides a more stable connection without delay. The only small drawback is that the settings are limited when the keyboard is in hand.

Wireless keyboards, on the other hand, are suitable for casual gamers. You can use it remotely, so you are not restricted in your movements. However, there may be both connection problems and access delays.

Frequently asked questions

Q : Are mini-keypads good for gaming?

Compared to full-size keyboards, the compact options are much more comfortable to play with. The extra space gives you more housing possibilities. A better load on the arm, wrist and shoulder and a smaller range of movement can give you a considerable advantage in the game.

Q : Are mechanical game keyboards better than mechanical ones?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. However, players tend to prefer mechanical keyboards because of their tactility and fast reaction time. If you like intense games, they’re definitely more durable.


Players can’t do without a good gaming keyboard – you already know that. Now you also know which factors to consider when looking for a gaming keyboard that best fits your needs. With a list of products tested by users and manufacturers, you’ll get one of the best gaming keyboards in 2021.

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