Am I having trouble finding a better gaming laptop under $700? Do you have any suggestions?

If you have the same question in mind, you’ve come to the right place.

We understand how difficult it is to find the best game laptops when you have a limited budget. So check out our review below to learn more about what the best gaming laptops with a $700 budget have to offer.

Best Laptops for Games Under $700

1. ASUS TUFF (FX504)

  • Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3550H
  • 8 GB DDDR4
  • 256 GB PCIe Nvme SSD
  • AMD Radeon Rx 560X
  • 15.6 Full HD IPS Level


  • 1 TB of storage space
  • Lightweight construction


  • The durability of the screen is not that great.

The ASUS TUF (FX504) is a great laptop if you have a $700 budget. We were impressed by the elegant design, because it combines black and red, giving it a spectacular appearance. In addition, people love that this laptop only weighs 5.07 pounds and is super thin. This makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for a game to play on the go. The screen measures 15.6 inches and has a high resolution 1920 x 1080 HD screen.

As an 8th generation i5 processor powers it. Generation, you can be sure it will run smoothly. The package contains 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPUs. This GPU is designed to work with the games you create. This gives you an impeccable gaming experience.

In addition, thanks to 1TB of storage space, you have a lot of space available. It is available on the FireCuda Hybrid SSD, which is much faster than standard hard drives. So you don’t have to buy additional storage drives with this laptop.

2. HP Horn 15-cx0056wm


  • Glare-free screen
  • 1 TB memory

The HP Pavillion 15 is another great gaming laptop with an excellent design. It is made in green and black colors, giving it a gaming laptop aesthetic. 15.6 and Full HD screen. It was appreciated that this screen is equipped with an anti-glare function which makes it easy to see the screen regardless of the brightness of the surroundings.

The IPS technology is also used, allowing colors to be seen as they are meant to be. In addition, the notebook is powered by an i5 processor that operates up to 4 GHz in turbo mode. This is a very interesting feature for players because it makes it possible to run games without problems. We also liked the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5 because it allows us to play with incredibly smooth graphics.

You can also store a lot of stuff on this laptop, thanks to the 1TB storage space that comes with the laptop. In addition, the backlit keyboard makes it easy to use even in the dark.

3. Dell Inspiron 15 7570

  • Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core Processor
  • 8 GB DDDR4
  • Intel UHD 620 Graphics
  • 15.6-inch Full HD touchscreen display


  • 8.5 hours battery life on one charge
  • Ideal for work and leisure


  • Speakers can be distorted

This Inspiron 15 7570 laptop from Dell can be used for both work and play. Consider this a great option if you want to use a laptop for work that can also handle games. This notebook is perfect for professional and everyday tasks with its silver design. We liked that it is equipped with the 8th generation i5 processor. The generation works because it allows all programs to be executed without any problems.

In addition, 8GB DDR4 Aries are available. Not to mention the NVIDIA GeForce 940MX GPU. This gives you great processing power that you can play with. The screen size is 15.6 inches, and it is in Full HD. There is also a clear display that allows you to see all the details. With a total battery life of 8.5 hours, you can confidently use this laptop for hours before connecting it.

With a hinge of a 180-degree range, you can even put this laptop in completely flat mode.

4. Dell G3579-5965BLK-PUS

  • 8th generation Intel Quad Core i5-8300H processors.
  • Total 8 GB DDR4
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • G3 Gaming Notebook-15 FHD


  • Double fan
  • Reflection-free HD display


  • 2 Engines can be difficult to control

If you’re looking for a high-quality Dell gaming laptop, this model could be a good choice. We found the screen in Full HD and 15.6 inches. It also has an excellent anti-glare function. This way, you can be sure to use the device indoors and outdoors and continue to see the screen clearly, regardless of the brightness. The display also features backlighting and IPS technology, making the colors even livelier.

We were also impressed by the two fans built into the laptop. It’s a great design feature that helps keep your laptop cool while playing games for hours.

5. Aspire 5 A517-51G-55RE

  • 7. i5-7200U 2.5 GHz core
  • NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
  • 17.3 Full HD


  • 17.3 HD screen
  • 7 hours of battery life


  • The responsiveness of the touchpad is not great

The Acer Aspire 5 A517-51G-55Re has a slightly larger screen than the previous laptops in our test. It has a size of 17.3 inches, which can be a good option if you want to play on a big screen. We loved the high-quality 1920 x 1080 resolution and the LED-backlit display. It also works with an 8th generation i5 processor. Generation, which allows you to run several programs easily.

The 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GDDR5 VRAM ensures smooth playback of all types of games. You also have 8GB of RAM, which will improve the fluidity of your games. With a total storage capacity of 1TB, it is unlikely that you will need to purchase additional drives for storage. The built-in speakers in this laptop are equipped with TrueHarmony. It’s great to listen to music and hear all the sound effects of your games clearly.

Once fully charged, this laptop will last a total of 7 hours before you need to charge it again. So you have plenty of time to play without having to plug in a laptop.

6. ASUS VivoBook S


  • Ideal for work and leisure
  • Lightness and slimness


  • The fingerprint sensor does not work as reliably as some had hoped.

ASUS VivoBook S comes in a gray color to match. This is another excellent laptop from our test that can be used for both gaming and work. Although the design makes it suitable for work, the equipment purchase also makes it great to play in your free time. The screen has a 14-inch diagonal and features a Full HD screen with WideView technology. This ensures that you can see the colors in their true form, regardless of the angle you look at the screen.

We liked the fact that it has 8th generation i5 processors. Generation a, which is equipped with 8 GB RAM. So you can meet all your general work needs. The 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPUs are also installed. This allows you to play all kinds of games on your laptop. A 256GB SSD drive is also available, so you can easily store all your files.

People also appreciate the thin and lightweight of this laptop. It weighs 3.75 pounds and is only 0.7 inches thick. So it’s very easy to take it with you and play/work on the road.

7. Acer Nitro 5 VR


  • 1 TB memory
  • IPS technology

If you’re looking for a powerful and aesthetically pleasing game laptop, this Acer Nitro 5 VR might be good. We liked the matte red and black colors that make it feel like a real gaming laptop. In addition, the 15.6-inch screen’s IPS technology lets you see vibrant colors from every angle. What’s more, it’s completely HD.

An i5 processor at 8. Generation and the Windows 10 operating system are available. For example, you can use it to run various programs unrelated to the game. There is also 8GB of RAM, which allows you to use the laptop to perform various functions easily. With a 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU, you can be sure you play smoothly. We were also impressed that there is 1 TB available on the hard disk! This means you don’t have to buy additional hard drives.

The backlit keyboard allows you to see all keys clearly, regardless of the room’s brightness.

8. Aspire 5

2020 The latest Acer Aspire 5 Slim 15.6 FHD Notebook

15.6-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED large format

  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200U 2.6GHz to 3.5GHz; Get the
  • Upgrade to 8GB DDR4 RAM for the
  • 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and 1 HDMI port
  • Windows 10 in S-Mode is designed to improve security and


  • High-end sound
  • 15 hours battery life Battery life


  • Non-adjustable keyboard backlight

The Acer Aspire E 15 has a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is Full HD. The design includes black colors that give the notebook an excellent appearance. It works with an 8th generation i5 processor. Generation, which uses the Windows 10 operating system. It’s great that you can use all your programs with it without any problems. In addition, the 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics system delivers a smooth gaming experience.

This applies particularly to the 8 GB RAM, which is also included. You can easily do several things at once. Not to mention a fast SSD system with 256 GB of storage space. We were impressed by the fact that this laptop will last up to 15 hours after a full charge! It’s a great feature if you’re looking for something you can play with for hours without having to plug it in.

It was also mentioned that the sound quality available with this laptop is high. This is due to the TrueHarmony system. This allows you to hear all the game’s sound effects for more fun.

9. ASUS VivoBook S15

  • Intel Core i5-8250U (up to 3.4 GHz)
  • 8 GB DDDR4
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • 15.6 thin and portable


  • 1 TB free disk space
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Keys can sometimes be difficult to read

Looking for a game laptop that’s easy to take with you?

If that’s the case, ASUS VivoBook S15 is worth a look because it’s made in a lightweight package that weighs just 3.7 pounds. It’s also ultrathin, barely 0.7 inches thick. It is built on an 8th generation i5 processor. Generation with Windows 10 operating system reached. This makes it ideal for everyday use, away from games.

The 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card delivers a smooth game when it comes to gaming. We also liked the fact that the laptop has 4 GB of RAM, which makes it quick to use. Not to mention the fact that there is 1 TB of storage space available on the hard drive, which is more than most people will ever need.

The screen size is 15.6, and the WideView system. It allows you to see all colors clearly, whatever your surroundings.

10. Lenovo Ideapad 720c

  • 7. Generation i7-7500U 2.7GHz core
  • 16 GB DDR4
  • 512 GB M.2 SSD
  • NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB
  • 14″ FHD IPS (1920×1080)


  • Fantastic for play and work

The Lenovo IdeaPad 720s can be used for both play and work. This can be a great option if you want to spend more time at work and play with one device. In addition, it’s incredibly light, weighing just 3.4 pounds and only 0.62 inches thick. This makes transport easier and makes it possible to play and work on the road.

It is an 8th generation i5 processor. This is the third generation, which allows the laptop to multitask and run all programs. A 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU is also included. It works efficiently and allows you to run games with ease. And with the 14-inch Full HD screen, you can play without glare thanks to the anti-glare function.

IPS technology has also been introduced, allowing you to see all the colors as they are meant to be. People were also impressed that the laptop could run for 14 hours after a full charge.

Purchasing Guide

Now that you know more about what some of the above laptops have to offer, you may be interested in learning more about the factors you need to consider before deciding. In the following sections, you’ll find more detailed information to help you confidently choose the laptop that best fits your gaming needs.


One of the most important characteristics of gaming laptops is the quality of the screen.

There is nothing more frustrating than playing the latest games and not being able to enjoy them to the fullest due to the limitations of the laptop’s screen.

The laptops we tested in this drive are equipped with full HD screens where you can see all the images clearly. All images and colors are fantastic.


The graphics card that is available with your laptop for the game is one of the most important things to consider before making a final decision. He is responsible for placing the images on your screen.

You will notice that the gaming notebooks in our test area are equipped with NVIDIA systems. They are reliable and of a high standard to give you a smooth gaming experience. A range of NVIDIA processors is available. You can learn more about the differences between the two.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
gaming notebooks with this processor are perfect for games with lots of detail. You can change all the images on the screen to make them more beautiful. It works best on laptop screens with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
The NVIDIA 1050 is one of the most popular GPUs for gaming notebooks. They offer excellent frame rates so that you can play without unnecessary delay.

If you’re looking for a more powerful gaming processor, consider a notebook with an NVIDIA GTX 1070 processor. Indeed, it can offer excellent framerates that allow you to play games with incredibly smooth graphics. These processors are also compatible with VR systems for a more immersive gaming experience.


Want to find a laptop to play with at home or on the go? If this is the case, consider the overall design and weight of the laptop.

The maximum screen size of the notebook you want to use for portability is approximately 17-18 inches. In addition, the laptop may be uncomfortable to take with you. Larger laptops are best used at home, where you can free up more office space for them.

We, therefore, recommend that you stick to a maximum 18-inch laptop if you want to take advantage of portability. Most gaming laptops in our test are closer to a score of 15. As a result, they are an excellent choice for use both at home and outdoors. In addition, they’re usually lighter, which makes them easier to carry.

Laptops for 13-14-year-olds are the best choice if you’re looking for a laptop you’ll use a lot on the go. Indeed, they are easier to store in sacks and are lighter. However, these small laptops do not always meet the standards of large game laptops because they are more compact and have less space for most high-end systems.


Many gamers prefer laptops with SSD. This is due to the speed with which they work and the fact that the loading time and delay are minimal. But laptops with 1TB storage are also a good option.

Not to mention that our test covers gaming laptops with both a hard drive and an SSD. So it’s good that you can download all your games while you have extra space for other programs and files you need to access.


This concludes our assessment of the best gaming laptops under $700. Our first choice is the ASUS TUF (FX504) gaming laptop.

Thanks to its anti-glare properties, it has a fantastic 15.6-inch screen, which is ideal for playing at home and elsewhere.
The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU allows you to run all games smoothly. With 2 fans, you can play for hours without worrying about your laptop overheating.

If some people have had trouble dealing with two records, it’s easy to get used to it, especially if you look at the 256GB SSD drive because it offers a good speed.

We hope that our study’s details have helped you make the best decision!

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