Here, I will be reviewing the best gaming mouse pad available in 2022. The good news is that many of these are still relatively affordable today, and a few even come with free shipping.

Many mouse pad alternatives are available, and it might be tough to choose the best one for your gaming requirements. However, almost every peripheral manufacturer now offers a mouse pad on the market, with each stating that theirs is the must-have for gamers.

We’ve detailed the primary aspects that impact a gaming mouse pad to help you distinguish between good and, well, lousy mouse pads.


While mousepads aren’t necessarily “built,” they have to withstand a lot of wear and tear over time. So when it came to choosing the finest mousepads, we focused on the pad’s quality and design, ensuring sure it met (what we believe) the most important criteria.

The stitching around the border of a mouse pad is an essential part of its lifespan. However, as you may have seen, the molded edges may become rough and less appealing over time. Therefore, we chose solutions with superior stitching that wouldn’t tear over time since gamers are constantly moving and ripping their hands over the pad.

The Edge

While we’re on the subject, the edge of your mouse pad may have a significant impact on your overall gaming performance, mainly if you’re using a braided wired gaming mouse.

The mouse chord’s braided finish may rub against the edge (if both are low quality), resulting in incorrect aiming and missed shots.

You could notice a change in your gaming performance by utilizing a mouse pad with a well-finished edge.


The majority of mousepads are firm or soft. For hard mousepads, plastic is typically used, whereas a densely woven fiber is usually utilized for softer fabric mousepads. However, producers have been known to use glass and other materials to provide a unique gaming experience.

Although hard plastic mousepads are simpler to clean than their soft cloth equivalents, fabric mouse pads can be folded up, which may be a game-changer if you carry your mouse pad to events or even a friend’s home.

The gamer’s selection for the surface is up to them, but generally, the firmer the mouse pads are, the quicker your response time and quickness will be. That so, it’s clear that this has a significant impact on accuracy. As a result, striking the appropriate balance is critical to your gaming success.

Optional Extras

While most mousepads remain simple in their construction and design, there are still many Optional Extras to be found on some of today’s latest offerings.

To keep your wireless mouse running, you may acquire mousepads with attachable wrist rests, RGB lit mousepads and even wireless charging mousepads.

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