When it comes to the responsible possession of firearms, many factors must be considered. In addition to buying a gun and going through the necessary inspection procedures, depending on the condition in which you live, you should also think about how you will store the gun once you have it at home. If you live alone and don’t have anyone in the house who accidentally comes across a gun, it’s another thing if you have a family and especially young children. In these situations, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that you take the necessary precautions to protect your family while enjoying all the benefits of owning firearms. One of the best purchases you can make to store your gun is a safety pistol. Like a safe containing money or valuables, a weapons safe is an object that can only be entered by a person with the correct access code or key. Without it, everything in the safe would be safely stored, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

Buying a rifle safe is not as easy as purchasing a valuable safe, although there are more options to consider, depending on what you are looking for. And even if you don’t have children around, we advise you to get a gun locker always to keep your weapons under control. So we have leaped forward and made our recommendations for the best safes for firearms under $500 by 2022. Read on to make your next purchase decision easier!

Rifle Safes Under $500 in 2022

1. SnapSafe

The first on our list is the safe under the bed in the SnapSafe store. It’s a sturdy safe, but its streamlined design makes it easily store under a bed or other low surface. Although it looks stylish and is extremely easy to install, you don’t think this gun safe won’t hold a bullet, thanks to the pre-drilled bolt holes for permanent installation. It is made of 14-meter steel and comes with a sturdy three-foot cable for extra safety when you want to attach it to a fixed object. It has a tamper-proof door to prevent unauthorized entry, and access is numeric via a keypad, although you can also use a standard key to gain access. Depending on your preference, you can program a three- to eight-digit code to be entered. Once opened, you can store your weapons or other valuables in it. Thanks to the sizeable pull-out drawer, you can quickly and easily display what you need or enjoy what you have at hand. You can put it under the bed, under the couch, or even in the car. As one reviewer remarked: It’s a well-built vault for money!

SnapSafe Under Bed Steel Secure Gun Storage and Safety 75402, Medium (26 W x 5 H x 20 D), Black

SnapSafe Underbed Steel Safe Gun Storage and Safety 75402, Medium (26 W x 5 H x 20 D), Black

  • Manufactured from 14 high strength sheets of steel with pre-drilled bolt holes for durable installation
  • Outer dimensions – 26 W x 5 H x 20 D | Inner dimensions – 23.5 W x 3.5 H x 14.3 D | Weight – 51 lbs. | Power supply – 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • When properly locked, SnapSafe modular safes meet California specifications for safes and safety cabinets.
  • You get a 1 ½ degree refractory ceramic fiber in one hour with a temperature of 2300° degrees | Digital access plus traditional key input. Programmable with a 3 to 8 digit access code.
  • A sturdy door prevents access for children and unauthorized persons | A sturdy 3-foot cable provides extra security when attached to an office machine.

2. Gun safe from Titan Security

If you are looking for something more specialized in firearms, with features that give you quick access, you can consider this gun as safe from Titan Security. His motto: When speed is not enough! Make sure you get quality and reliable protection with this gun safely. It is manufactured to military standards using 14-meter hardened steel and has even been approved by the California Department of Justice for the proper storage of small arms. This design is mechanical – there are no batteries or electronics to manage, so you don’t have to worry about what might happen to you at the last minute. It is much smaller because it is designed to fit under a desk or even in a car for easy access, but it allows you to have a firearm at hand. Patented mounting plates make installation easy but prevent anyone from removing them. Users appreciate the accessibility of the gun safe. As one researcher remarked, this gun safe opens quickly “I can open mine in less than two seconds in total darkness with both hands, and care must be taken not to rush.”

3. Stealth Handgun Safe DeepL Access Safety Gun Box

It is also specially designed for firearms but offers more flexibility and storage space inside. You can choose between different access options: electric lock, biometric opening at the front, or biometric opening at the top. The biometric fingerprint scanner can store 31 different combinations for added security, and the four-button electronic lock offers over a million possible combinations. As a backup option, you also have the opportunity to overwrite the key manually. As soon as you enter your access code, a padded pop-up door gives you instant access to your weapon, so you don’t have to waste a second. The body of the safe itself is made of 12-meter steel, the door is made of 14-meter steel, and the locking mechanism is secured. As a bonus, there’s an optional silent hidden access mode, so you don’t have to worry about getting out of the way when you open your weapon, and there’s an internal light that shows you everything when you enter. A reviewer remarked that connecting the safe to an electrical outlet is a great feature because you never have to worry about an empty battery. It contains 3 full-size guns with additional warehouses.

Quick access to the security pendant for stealth biometric weapons

  • HIGH POTENTIAL: With 3 rifles on standby and 2 rifles flat – Max Capacity: 5
  • FAST ACCESS: Spring-loaded valve with red interior lighting and optional silent mode
  • STRONG STEEL CONSTRUCTION: 3/8 solid steel door with non-stick stickers and high-security lock – straw resistant and optional new welded lock housing
  • THREE WAYS IN: Biometric fingerprint scanner, EPC, and laser-cut high-security key
  • Leave the unit connected or use an external 9V battery: 9 H x 9 W x 12 D / Weight: 20 lbs / AC DOJ USED

4. Moutec large electronic safe for firearms

You can’t go wrong with this Moutec vault for the gunman who wants it all. It can contain everything you have and more. It can fit almost anywhere for five rifles up to 50 inches long with or without range, depending on the type of shooting you want to do. In the safe itself, there is a separate lockable compartment that can be used to store bullets and weapons or other valuables for extra functionality. The gun rack is adjustable, giving you more flexibility in the way you want to store everything. You can easily unlock the safe with a pin on the numeric keypad or use the key as a backup if you wish. The safe will issue an alarm code if the wrong code is entered three times to prevent unwanted access. Four AA batteries, two spare keys, two keys for the internal lock, and four anchor bolts for easy installation. Compte tenu de alles wat vous obtenez, c’est een excellent coffre-fort à acheter. We agree with a reviewer who said this gun safe is good value for money. Fingerprints work perfectly and fast!

Moutec large caliber gun safe, long gun safe for home shooting, DeepL access cabinet for five guns (with/without action area) with sliding gunlock

  • A larger and deeper safe with a separate safe: The safe can hold up to 5-6 rifles/carbines and up to 50 rifles with or without visor. There is also a separate safe inside for storing firearms and other valuables in your home or office. External dimensions : 14 (W) x 13.8 (D) x 57 (H).
  • Increased safety, quiet operation: This safe has great strength and a solid structure. Smart technology protects the content of children and other people. The secure locking mechanism is locked with an electronic keypad, and you can create your own PIN code or lock it with a security key. You can also mute the sound.
  • You can unlock the safe directly with a secure PIN code for quick access. Keep children and other people out.
  • Easy installation: 3 pre-mounted mounting holes at the back and 2 at the bottom allow easy fixing to the floor or wall (or both) with the screws provided. So you can assemble it anywhere you want.
  • Complete accessories, 24-hour customer service: including 1 safe, 4 aa-batteries, 2 spare keys, 2 inner box keys, 4 bolts, 1 manual.

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