Many keyboards have built-in wrist rests, but they’re usually made of flimsy plastic that doesn’t provide much support. This reviewer bought a few different models and tested them out to see the best keyboard wrist rest for comfort.

Dimensions & Aesthetics

A keyboard wrist rest’s size and form impact how supportive it is and how it appears on your desk. Various heights and angles support your wrist differently, and various keyboards, sitting positions, and body types need different heights and angles. You should also acquire a wrist rest that is the same size as your keyboard. If you’ve spent a lot of money on a great-looking computer and desk, you may be concerned about the color of the wrist rest and how it appears in general.


Gel or foam are the two most common materials used to make the cushioned component of keyboard wrist rests (either memory foam or standard). A different material covering is frequently (but not always) present over the top of the cushion, which may or may not be removable. Many of the other issues mentioned below are influenced by the materials chosen to make the wrist rest. Various individuals like the sensation of different materials on their skin more subjectively.


Different materials have varying degrees of traction, and some may become slippery when wet. Even on easy-to-clean materials, some wrist rests include anti-slip patterns or textures to avoid this. It’s also essential to examine the grip between the wrist rest and the desk.

Cleaning Ease

Unless they include coverings with readily wipeable materials or those that can be removed and cleaned, foam and fabric wrist rests often suffer in this area compared to gel wrist rests. If you have sweaty hands/wrists or work in a hot room, this is something to think about.

How Quickly It Warms?

In addition to those mentioned above, specific wrist rests are more relaxed than others, which is determined mainly by the material they’re composed of (how breathable it is, etc.) Foam rests, for example, are prone to heating up, but there are exceptions. Cooling is also affected by the product’s design: particular wrist rests include ventilation channels and other design characteristics that increase breathability and cooling while relaxing on your skin.


The material and construction quality both influence how long your wrist rest will endure before it has to be replaced. For example, if it’s not readily cleanable and has a build-up of absorbed sweat and filth, you could have to toss your wrist rest sooner than you’d want if it begins to go wrong. In contrast, if you can remove and wash the cover of your wrist rest, it may wear out over time due to frequent washings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wrist rests for keyboards good?

A: Wrist rests are suitable for people who have wrist issues. They distract the wrists from being overused, which can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome and other health concerns.

What kind of wrist rest should I get?

A: While it is possible to use any material for a wrist rest, the generally accepted standard is foam or silicone.

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