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Finally, we arrive at the features and pricing area, which is the final and, for some, the most significant component of any hardware upgrade.

I’ve merged these two categories into one because I believe that if you pay enough money, you can get a desk with a lot of features. What distinguishes many desks, though, is their feature-to-price ratio.

A $500 desk with six features will be far less appealing than a $300 desk with five. It all comes down to striking the perfect mix between high-quality features and reasonable pricing.

The following are some of the amazing features found in our suggested desks:

  • Additional occupants
  • Waterproof microfibre skin
  • RGB controllers that are wireless
  • RGB
  • Height-adjustable controller
  • Management of the cables
  • Design with ergonomics in mind

This is the most difficult portion of buying new stuff for most people, so don’t worry. To ensure that the suggestions we give are up-to-date and correct, the team spends countless hours exploring, acquiring, and testing the many hardware options available. If there’s anything worth sniffing out, they’re the ones to accomplish it.

As a result, we believe that all of our desk suggestions have been thoroughly reviewed in light of these three (4) areas.

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