Their energy efficiency user-friendliness characterize LED light strips, and now also by their dynamic display. In addition, most of the new LED strip lights are equipped with an IR remote control or with chips that are controlled via the phone, making them even easier to decorate, upgrade or switch off.

There are many stripper bulbs on the market, but these are the few that stand out.

1. TP-Link Kasa KL430 Intelligent LED strip flashlights

Kasa Smart LED torch strip from TP-Link

As part of the TP-Link Kasa Smart product line, the TP-Link Kasa Smart LED strip lights to feature multiple color-changing LEDs to decorate, accentuate and create an atmosphere in your home.

This light strip has many light effects, varying from a raindrop to a rainbow. Each of the 2.5-meter bands contains 16 different color areas that you can adjust to create a pleasantly smooth color gradient.

Kasa lamps work in conjunction with other TP-Link smart home products that connect directly to Wi-Fi in the home, eliminating the need for an additional device. You can also control the Kasa light strip with smart devices like Google Assistant and Alexa. Just use the voice control to turn it on/off and also to change the colors.

It is possible to set a timer so that a light strip is automatically switched on/off at a certain moment via in-app.

If you want a longer cable, TP-link has an extension cable to which you can connect all cables up to 33 feet long.

2. Govee Bluetooth LED Light Strip 32.8 ft

Govee H61261D1 LED Strip Lights

The ribbon consists of 5050 ultra-bright LED lamps that can display 16 million colors, divided into 15 segments, each of which can be adjusted to different colors and brightness.

Thanks to the unique integrated chip, these LED music lights can display multiple colors simultaneously and create a temporary rainbow effect for your light show. Do you want the chase? Understood, flash your room with many built-in lighting effects such as car chase, music dubbing, fade, flickering, crossfade, skip.

The striptease can be controlled via the Google application with many built-in light modes for a quick and easy light show.

As fresh as it looks, it is the only light cone that can only be used indoors because it is not waterproof. However, in terms of price and dynamic operation, this light can be used to decorate the house, Christmas tree/decoration, interior staircases, door/window frames, etc.

3. Sanwo 32.8 ft LED Strip Light

Sanvo - colour changing LED light strips

Sanwo offers a wide range of light strips and variations, but it is characterized by its waterproofness and a kind of weather resistance. This means that it can be used to decorate both indoor and outdoor projects.

This strip lighting is 32.8 meters long with about 300 color-changing SMD 5050 LEDs installed, lasting 50,000 hours. A whole line with a rated voltage of 12 V, yes, that’s all you need for a magical light presentation.

These lamps come with remote control and a smartphone application to control the display sequence. You can adjust brightness, color mode (e.g., RGB or color gradient). The remote control also has a built-in microphone to indicate the synchronization of the music.

The strip can easily be adjusted to the size of your project, so you can cut the 3 nodes and connect them with the supplied connectors. So you can make it short, long, or as long as you want.

The best feature will be the sticker with fairly strong retention, so there is no need to nail or screw. It can adhere to most surfaces and bend to fit at any angle. Attach them to your house, to the woods, to the track, to the lanterns on the track, and so on.

4. HRDJ 65.6FT LED Strip Light

HRDJ LED strip

A very long light band that can certainly bypass most typical decorative lighting projects. These light strips consist of 600 LEDs on a curved cord that rolls smoothly into the cord wheel. The total length is 65.6FT on the 4 rolls of 16.4FT each, which can be easily connected to each other.

The advantage of RGB LEDs is that you can choose the color reproduction in a wide range. The selection has grown to 16 million color swatches with the smartphone application. Add the dimmer and timer function, and the show is more with the preset flashing, breathable and gradient mode. You can also set your own brightness, time, and delay settings.

The line also comes with manual remote control for the lighting or synchronized with the music player via the built-in microphone. To have fun, turn on the music as you like and see the light move or move according to the time/algorithm.

These LED strips have a memory function to store the last light setting used in case of a power-off.

Unlike other light bands, this light band can be cut with its 3 LEDs and cutting marks, adjusting it to the desired length. It also has a strong adhesive tape on the back, which can be stuck directly onto any surface – saving lives without holes or cracks in the nails.

5. Gusodor 32.8 ft Waterproof LED Strip Flashlights

Gusodor lighthouses

Last but not least, this 32.8-meter waterproof LED strip lighting from Gusodor offers many interesting possibilities for a reasonable price.

First of all, it’s a smart feature, and this LED bar can work with the application on your phone via a Bluetooth connection. From here, you can fully customize the color of the band segments, the display modes, and the effects such as the flash, the breath, the strobe, the slopes, etc. You can also adjust the brightness with dimmer control. Do you want to adjust them manually? You can do this with the supplied remote control.

The tape also has a built-in microphone to support music dubbing mode. The memory options also allow you to remember the latest tape settings to reconfigure them. The built-in timer function allows you to automatically control when the light turns on/off. In combination with the visual effect, it works as an elegant alarm clock to remind you of an alarm clock or event at an early stage.

The entire light tire consists of 2 separate wheels, which can easily be attached or cut at the 3 knots of the marking line. It’s useful if you want to know the exact length of a staircase, an entertainment center, or the surrounding outdoor figures.

This light strip has a self-adhesive function to make hanging and decorating easier, so you don’t have to make an opening or markings on your wall. The best feature of this belt is its resistance to water and weather, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Guide for Choosing the Best Light Ribbons 

By adding a light band, your decoration project can be taken to another level with visual impact and a luminous atmosphere, creating the atmosphere for a party, a meeting, or simply your own comfort.

When it comes to choosing the best comic strip lamps, there are many important points of attention. We hope this guide covers some of their aspects and helps you choose the band that best suits your needs.


First, measure the distance or length of the closed perimeter along which the light strip will pass. Commercially available light strips often vary from a single strip of 15 feet to more than 100 feet long or simply connect several shorter strips together.

Some light strips can be cut, usually for all three light nodes, while others are fixed and cannot be adjusted. Depending on the size of your project, choose a strip slightly longer than the desired length for full coverage.

Location: inside vs. outside

It’s also important to know where you put your comic. Most batten luminaires are built for indoor use only, but some are equipped with weatherproof and waterproof devices. Of course, these weatherproof tapes will cost a little more because the tape must be covered with additional material, completely cover/detect the adhesive area of the substrate, than the blisters and wires.

So, when you furnish an outdoor project in one way or another, such as accessories, gates, garden arches, a floating terrace, etc., don’t forget to opt for those with waterproof properties.

Mobility: alternative power supply

An interesting feature of these light strips is that some of them are designed for mobility, i.e., they can be used with a battery, USB charger, etc. This is very useful when you need to decorate a temporary project, such as an outdoor wedding, a birthday party, or a party where there is no outlet nearby. Some even use it to enhance or scratch around their Halloween costume to create amazing light effects.


Some light bars have a built-in timer, so you can automatically turn them on and off. This is very nice, especially for exterior decoration, where the light has to go on and off at dawn, for example.

If you attach a light strip to your room, it will serve as a visual alarm clock, and you will also wake up at a certain time every morning.

Colour and type of lamp

If you’re used to hanging Christmas lights, guess what? The development of lamps and LED technology has given the pendulums a better visual appearance with the lowest energy consumption. As a result, you can do your light show all day long, and it only costs 12-30W.

Select the right bars based on the desired color when comparing the light bars. For example, if you just want to have a monochrome strip under your wardrobe to create an atmosphere, then any cheaper strip will do. But if you want to customize it with colors and effects, you get it with ready-made RGB LEDs.

Smart features and visual lighting effects

There is an enormous light effect to be found in these light strips. Some are simple and bright with just one color, while others have 16 million colors to choose from in the corresponding application.

Visual modes can be fixed or mobile, with color change, fade, flicker, gradient, etc. Some even have a built-in microphone for music dubbing.

I hope at this point you have a general idea of what to choose for your light show. The lightweight tape works really amazingly well and is so easy to handle.

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