The Intel i7-10700K is a powerful, capable CPU perfect for gaming builds. So whether you’re building with an expensive Z370 motherboard or using the cheaper B360 chipset and buying components from companies like MSI, GIGABYTE, ASUS, or ASRock, this will be your new favorite chip.

How Do We Make a Decision?

WePC comprises a group of seasoned testers, analysts, and gaming professionals. Processors and motherboards have come and gone throughout the years. We’ve never released them until we’ve thoroughly bench-tested them and documented our results since, at WePC, we live for two things: testing components and educating others about the features we’ve tested. That’s it – that’s what we do, and we like it.

As a result, we know what’s crucial to players in every new advancement and what’s engaging, and what’s a gimmick.

Then we tell you about it so you can go straight to the point, save some time squinting at the tiny print, purchase the correct components for the construction you want to do, put it together, and then lose your mind over the beautiful thing you’ve created.

We’re not here to squander your precious time. If you have an i7 10700k CPU and need a motherboard to match, none of the solutions on our list is a “poor” pick; they’ll all push the processor in ways that will blow your mind. But, as you know, boards may be fantastic in their own right, but they may not be exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we picked the ones we did — there’s something here for practically everyone who now has an i7 10700k.

Are we the “Fountain of Motherboard Wisdom”?

Well, erm, yes. We are, indeed. However, as you may be aware, Your Mileage May Vary is the cornerstone of all knowledge. Every i7 10700k user should find a motherboard here. However, if you have your ideas, pursue them and make them a reality by all means.

We’re just here to help you save time, money, wasted investment, and frustration. All of the motherboards on our list are capable of doing so.

Factor of Form

Any collection of boards’ genetic blueprint is the form factor. It explains what the board is capable of, such as how many ports it has, where the mounting holes are located, etc.

It also contains the fundamentals, such as total board size; thus, knowing the form factor provides a bare board map.

The Advanced Technology Extended form factor is now the industry standard across all manufacturers (ATX). You may also acquire a micro-ATX version for smaller projects and ITX boards, which are the best choice for really compact systems.

Socket for Processor

In build dynamics, the CPU socket and chipset are often discussed simultaneously. While Intel CPUs and the motherboards that supported them utilized the LGA 1151 processor socket for many years, the LGA 1151 was replaced by the LGA 1200 processor socket in 2020, which is now standard on all of the motherboards we’ve gathered here. The processor socket does exactly what it says on the tin: it connects the CPU to the motherboard.

PCI Slots and Chipsets

The Intel Z490 Express chipset is used on all of the 400 series motherboards mentioned here, with Intel Thunderbolt 3 managing onboard graphics data sharing. The PCle 4.0 data exchange link is progressively being deployed out with AMD chipsets as an attempt to future-proof the company’s motherboards. However, Intel motherboard makers have been hesitant to do so – or have found it too difficult and time-consuming to do so at this time since it adds nothing to their boards’ present capabilities. Indeed, PCle 4.0 is only used on a few occasions in any of the motherboards we’ve chosen to go with the i7 10700k. The Intel chipset architecture allows for the integrated use of more in-house connections, so there’s now little benefit to embracing the PCle 4.0 standard. As a result, PCle 3.0 will most likely be shared across Intel motherboards compatible with the i7 10700k and will probably stay so for some time.


If you’re going to use RAM, you’ll need a slot to put it. The most common RAM on a motherboard is DIMM RAM, and the most recent standard is DDR4 RAM. As a result, the maximum RAM capacity of your board is frequently determined by the number of slots it has. The majority of the panels on our list feature four slots and a 128GB maximum capacity.

NVMe versus SATA

The SATA 3 ports link to extra memory storage on a motherboard, such as hard drives, solid-state drives, and, increasingly, NVMes — data storage with ultra-fast data transfer rates and protocols. In addition, SATA ports explain how the board works in terms of data source connections. The Gigabyte AORUS, for example, contains three M.2 ports (including SATA connectors) and six more SATA connectors, each capable of transmitting six gigabytes per second. NVMes are becoming more widespread on motherboards, but they are still far from the standard – many builders are content with current SSD data transfer speeds. So, yes, don’t settle for anything less than a board with NVMe capabilities if you want edge-of-your-seat next-generation data transmission. But check your money account before you decide that’s a must-have right now since, like any cutting-edge technology, anything new will cost you more.


Finally, while purchasing a motherboard, look into the additional functions it offers. Maybe you’re a purist who cares about your chosen capabilities and wants your board to have them upfront.

Manufacturers of circuit boards will almost certainly have thought of things you haven’t. Sure, some of them are frills you’ll never use and shouldn’t be forced to pay for. But, in any event, go through the list to see whether the life-changing feature you didn’t realize you needed is on the board you’re considering as the foundation for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which motherboard is best for Intel i7 10700K?

A: The Intel i7-7700K is a good choice for those who want an upgrade to their motherboard. It has the newest microarchitecture, which you can use with the most up-to-date games and software.

Which motherboard is best for i7 10th Gen?

A: That depends on what you plan to do with your computer. Some motherboards are better suited for certain things than others, so it is best to speak with an expert about which one will be most beneficial for the tasks that you have in mind.

Which motherboard is best for i7?

A: The best motherboard for your i7 would be one that has a lot of PCI-e slots.

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