When it comes to professional photography, studio lighting should never be compromised. Moreover, it becomes much more difficult with a small object because the focus area is usually small and needs to be made less shady.

It is not very difficult to solve this problem, and a photo tent can help you with that. But, of course, it has to be in your kitten, especially if you’re a professional photographer.

But the fact is that it’s not that easy to buy a tent for a photoshoot, and before you buy a tent, there are a few things to consider. Well, let’s see.

Photo tents can be supplied in different sizes. There are smaller formats on the market with which you can, for example, take photos from an ordinary smartphone.

In addition, some models can even pack an adult. So it depends on the picture you want to take.

Ease of use is perhaps a significant factor to consider before buying tents for photography in India. Therefore, ideally, you should buy a product that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Many people prefer a thin, compact, and perhaps lightly packaged product. Please also note that no special tools are required for assembly/disassembly.

Some tents have an open front, while others have closed sides with small holes around the camera lens.

So whatever model you buy, make sure it has different angles. Also, make sure that the product has an opening at the top and front.

To help you make the right decision, we have collected feedback on the best tents for the shooting in India. Well, let’s see.

The Best Shooting Tents in India

1. Smiley disc photo lighting booth

Portable tent for a photo shoot with a smile

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get professional, clear, and sharp photos. This illuminated photo stand from Smile Drive is, in fact, a complete and reliable photo kit for your home, which you can ideally purchase.

It is also equipped with super bright LED lights, which make it easy to take beautiful product pictures. They are also supplied with magnetic end caps and can be effectively attached to the top of the photo cabinet hood.

This illuminated photo holder is also available in a handy bag, in which you can easily carry your unassembled photo holder and accessories. Moreover, it is freely portable by nature, so that it can easily be taken anywhere.

Moreover, installing this photo tripod is quite tedious, and this product comes with mounting instructions.

The following photo holder has a wide range of applications and can store headphones, mobile phones, an electronic garden, jewelry, passport covers, and all other products.

One of the nice things about this product is that it is easy to install. Insert the existing eyelets into the plastic handle and make a cube.

Once the shape of the cube has been determined, the next step is probably to wrap the tripod cap. The fact is that the LED lamps can easily be attached to the lid with magnetic strips.

It is also available in two background colors, white and black. In addition, a temperature-resistant silver reflector is supplied with this product. This gives you a satisfactory result when filming with a smartphone or DSLR camera.

Best of all, this product is made entirely in India using the highest quality materials. In addition, you benefit from a one-year warranty on this product.


Shooting range: 16.5 inch

No priorities: 2

Weight: 2.46 kg

Integrated LED light: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

2. Stichting Amazonegebied Draagbare Fotostudio

AmazonBasics portable photo studio

Make your photography much more mobile, affordable, and easy with this portable Amazon Basics photo studio. This photo studio is equipped with built-in LED lighting, making it easy to take photos with a smartphone or camera.

It is portable and easy to install, making it ideal for professionals, advertisers, and amateurs.

With Amazon Basics Portable, you get optimized lighting options. The main light helps to fill the box, while the second light provides directional light and accents. In addition, the inner walls have the task of jumping into the flooded object.

All light can be balanced in daylight at 5600K with a high color rendering index, resulting in consistent color, good contrast, and sufficient power for hand shots.

In addition, the diffusion material protects the LEDs while eliminating reflections from the LED spots and softening shadows.

In addition, the base material is covered with a durable, textured white coating. It consists of a 3-door front flap, maximizing the viewing angle while minimizing outside reflection.

This photo studio from Amazon Basics is easy to use and requires no stitching. This makes it easy to set up in less than a minute. In addition, all components are carefully assembled so that transport on the motorway can be carried out with obstacles.

There is also a small bag with products to store your business cards and much more.

The best thing we found about this product is that it has a two-light approach that provides directional contrast and emits light similar to studio lighting. So that’s why it can really be ideal for your creative needs.

In addition, you can use different types of background media to achieve the desired look and feel. You can also use a spacious photo room with accessories and other photo tools to improve image quality.

Finally, this product is designed to provide full protection and durability. It has also been tested to the highest standards and is ideal for everyday use.


Shooting area: 25 inch x 30 inch x 25 inch

No priorities: K.A.

Weight: 6.8 kg

Integrated LED light: Yes

Warranty: Replacement within 10 days

3. BOXTUDIO Portable Photo Studio Desktop

BOXTUDIO Portable Desktop PhotoStudio

It is a portable photo studio that can be very useful for food critics, e-commerce shops, sculptors, food photographers, animators, Instagram influencers, retailers, online marketplace, to name but a few.

The product is designed to give you the best settings for product photography. In addition, it is equipped with energy-saving LEDs for optimal product details and lighting.

Moreover, it is designed to take a photo with smartphones. The best thing is that it takes less than a minute to set it up, and then you can take incredible pictures. So you can just as well click on the photos as on professionals who do not know about photography.

This photo studio is very durable and portable and has a very low power consumption. It is also easy to clean and requires no maintenance. It also saves money, time, and effort.

After all, the product is 100% made in India, and they have a very good account manager who can efficiently solve any problem you encounter. Finally, this photo studio comes with a 6-month guarantee of your safety.


Fire range: 15 inch x 15 inch x 15 inch

No priorities: K.A.

Weight: 1.68 kg

Integrated LED light: Yes

Warranty: 6 months

4. Portable photo studio 

This is another product on our list of the best photography tents in India. It is equipped with a hanging and locking system, which makes it fairly easy to install and transport. Moreover, no complicated installation or wiring is required to complete the installation in a very short time.

It can also be folded on its own and comes with a storage pouch to easily store the adapter and other items.

In addition, it is equipped with different closing and opening methods that allow the selection of any shooting position. It also features a professional silver foil that reflects the fabric inside, so light is evenly distributed and vignetting is avoided.

In addition, it is equipped with a rotary knob that allows you to adjust the brightness without any further adjustments easily. In addition, it comes with an aluminum light plate, which has a long service life and good heat dissipation.

PVC bases are also available in three colors: white, black, and orange. So you can easily customize your studio scene and record your P.S. editing.

So it’s perfect for all your photographic needs. Of course, the LED backlight is flicker-free, which guarantees good image quality without distortion.

Finally, you get adjustable LED lights that allow you to continuously and steadily adjust brightness at the touch of a button.


Concentration area: 24 inch x 24 inch

No priorities: 3

Weight: 5.23 kg

Integrated LED light: Yes

The warranty: K.A.

5. New tent for photography

New pictures from the photo studio tent

If you are looking for a photo tent to buy, then this is a product you can ideally buy.

It contains all available funds that can help improve your image. It is also made of high-quality nylon fabric, so you will not be disappointed in your purchase.

The recording space is 24 x 24 x 24, so you can film as if you were in a studio. In addition, three extra-large color sheets have been included for internal modeling.

It is also available in a spring-loaded, foldable version and can easily be stored in a suitcase for transport.

We like this product because it has a removable front opening so you can take beautiful pictures at the office or at home. It also has a removable access door and a slot for the camera lens.

In addition, the studio kit is equipped with an individual carrying bag with shoulder and bracelets.

Finally, it filters the light and completely eliminates shadows and reflections.


Concentration area: 24 inch x 24 inch

No priorities: 4

Weight: 304 grams

Integrated LED light: No

The warranty: K.A.

6. Foldable photo studio set for advanced search

Folding set of Depthlan photo studio

This Depthlan photo studio kit is foldable so that it can easily be moved from one place to another. In addition, it has a low weight and is therefore ideal for product photography.

It is also made of high-quality polypropylene with a matt surface. It also helps to reduce glare, soften shadows, and diffuse outdoor light sources. It is therefore ideal for photographing reflective or shiny objects.

Moreover, the construction of this photo studio is straightforward, as all sides are fastened with Velcro. It also contains two LED strips with 30 LED beads attached to the top and bottom of the box. In this way, it provides medium and soft illumination of the object.

Finally, it is available in four background colors: red, blue, black, and white. All fabric backgrounds are removable, which is useful for taking professional photos and shots.


Range: 8.7 inch x 9.5 inch x 9.0 inch

No priorities: K.A.

Weight: 272 grams

Integrated LED light: Yes

The warranty: K.A.

7. ESDDI Photostudio Softbox

ESDDI photo studio light box

This is the latest addition to our list of the best photography tents in India.

This photo studio has variable intensity LED lamps that a pen can easily replace. It offers 25000LM of the lumen and a color temperature of 5500k, so all your professional photography needs can be easily met.

The LED light is very stable and does not blink. So you get first-class image quality without distortion.

It is equipped with a Velcro construction that is easy to install and carry. In addition, it requires no complicated assembly and can easily be transported in a storage bag in which other items and adapters can be stored.

It also offers flexible turning possibilities as it offers different opening and closing possibilities. This way, you can easily choose any position to take photos. You will also receive a professional silver foil with a reflective fabric that contributes to even light diffusion.

In addition, you get a rotary knob with which you can adjust the brightness without further adjustments. In addition, it is equipped with an aluminum light plate that ensures long life and good heat dissipation.

Finally, you get 4 PVC backdrops and a diffuser cloth attached to it, making the studio stage easy to set up and saving you a hp treatment.


Concentration area: 24 inch x 24 inch

No priorities: 4

Weight: 4.99 kg

Integrated LED light: Yes

The warranty: K.A.

8. Osaka 5-in-1 reflector camera

Osaka Deflector

This is the first product we have included in India’s list of the best photography tents. The product is a 5 in 1 photo reflector and is available in 32 inches. They are also available in gold, silver, black and translucent.

It is a truly versatile device that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It also offers shadow lighting with studio lighting or available natural light.

The silver color is used for high-contrast images and spectacular reflections. On the other hand, gold can be useful for indoor portraits and sunsets.

White is also used to create a natural, evenly colored light. In addition, black light is ideal for blocking unwanted light.

Finally, the translucent fabric spreads the light and possibly creates a soft rolling effect.

Best of all, this product is durable enough and has a flexible steel spring frame that makes it easy to close and spread out.


Shooting range: 24 inch x 24 inch

No priorities: 4

Weight: 680 grams

Integrated LED light: No

The warranty: K.A.

Buy now on Amazon


In India you can find several tents for photography on the internet, so choosing the right product can be quite difficult.

After analyzing all our options, we drew up a list of the best tents for photography in India mentioned above. We’ve looked at thousands of products and found the best.

But before you buy it, you need to consider the factors we mentioned and the budget you have available. This is very important because you can’t buy tents for your shooting every day.

We personally advise you to purchase the reflector for your Osaka 5 in 1 camera because it is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, it is also available at a very reasonable price.

Another product you buy is the Smile drive photo light booth. It is highly portable by nature and comes with the best-LED lanterns in its class to capture products in style. It is also very easy to set up and install.

Have fun shopping!

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