The advantage of laptops is that they can be used almost anywhere, for both work and multimedia applications. This means that they are used both in the office and at home. Unfortunately, because of its portability, this also causes privacy issues for many users, as people can see everything that opens on their laptop screen.

If you have confidential information on your notebook screen, this can be a big problem. Thankfully, you can get a privacy filter for your laptop that makes the screen visible only from the front. That’s why later in this article, we mentioned the best privacy filters selected based on these factors:

  • Screen size: Since you install a privacy filter on your notebook screen, it should be perfectly sized to fit the size of the screen and provide sufficient privacy. Fortunately, these privacy filters are also available in 14-inch and 15.6-inch sizes like laptops.
  • Blue filter: All screens, including the notebook screen, emit blue light, which is not good for the eyes. It can even hurt your eyes if you use the laptop for a long time. Many privacy filters also offer a built-in blue filter that blocks the blue light from the notebook screen to avoid this problem.
  • The warranty: If you’re some kind of screen privacy filter, expect it to last a long time. So check the guarantee your privacy filter offers before you receive it. Most have only a 10-day replacement warranty, but some premium classes also have a one-year warranty.

When it comes to buying filters to check the protection of your screen, you can check much more than these factors. We also mentioned all the important features and options of the different privacy filters presented in this article. Before purchasing the best privacy filters, you should discuss them later in this article, so you can continue immediately after reading them.

Best Starter Screen Filters in India

1. Stillersafe Privacy filter for notebooks

Stillersafe anti-glare eye protection Zero Eye StrainTM magnetic

At Stillersafe, you will find a wide range of laptop accessories and related products, which are generally very practical and useful. Therefore, your privacy filter, presented in this article, may be an excellent option for many.

This screen privacy filter offers a large 15.6 screen size, so it works well with most laptops. In addition to the privacy filter, it contains a blue light filter and an anti-reflection layer at the top, making it very convenient.

One of the unique features of this privacy filter is that it uses a magnetic installation method, which makes it very convenient. In addition, because Stillersafe is very popular, it comes with a 10-day replacement guarantee for safety.

Stillersafe Privacy filter for laptop screen
Screen size 15.6 inches
Blue light filter Yes
Installation Magnetic
Warranty 10 days

2. Screen Privacy Filter for Saco Laptops

Saco Screen protector for notebooks Screen protector for notebooks against filters

Saco can be another interesting option for those who want to purchase useful notebook accessories with great functionality. And although it is the cheapest option presented in this article, this Saco privacy filter can be an excellent option for many.

Despite its lower price, it is suitable for most large notebooks with a 15.6-inch screen. Because it’s a plastic film, it can also protect your notebook screen from scratches and accidental damage. Another advantage is that it eliminates all types of glare and reflections from the notebook’s screen, allowing it to be used outdoors.

Although this is an available option, you will not get a blue light filter with this filter. Fortunately, Saco still offers a 10-day replacement warranty, which is quite similar to the other options listed here.

Saco Screen Privacy Filter Notebook Specifications
Screen size 15.6 inches
Blue light filter No
Installation Glue
Warranty 10 days

3. Notebook Privacy Filter Amanora

14-inch data protection filter from Amanor Care

As the name suggests, Amanora Care offers a variety of protection and care products that can extend the life of your laptop.

In this respect, the privacy filter presented in this article also functions as a screen saver. Therefore, you can assume that all kinds of scratches on your laptop screen are easy to avoid. Speaking of screens, This screen privacy filter is designed for 14-inch screen size, making it ideal for compact notebooks.

This filter not only improves privacy but also has an anti-reflection layer on top, UV and IR stripping, and an integrated blue light filter that always works perfectly. In addition, unlike the other options in this article, you benefit from a slightly longer warranty period of 15 days.

Notebook Privacy screen with Amanora
Screen size 14 inches
Blue light filter Yes
Installation Glue
Warranty 15 days

4. 3M Privacy filter for the notebook screen

3M Privacy Filter 3M Touch Privacy Filter TF14 B

You need to know 3M for your adhesives and other industrial products that make your privacy filter unique and different from the other options in this article.

For starters, this screen privacy adhesive filter is one of the few filters that also supports a laptop with a touch screen for touch input. In addition, this privacy filter is designed for a 14-inch laptop in terms of screen size.

However, 3M has compromised the blue light filters by supporting the touch control because it does not have a blue light filter. Because this is a top product of a respected brand like 3M, you get one year warranty.

3M Privacy filter specification for notebooks
Screen size 14 inches
Blue light filter No
Installation Glue
Warranty 1 year

5. Kensington notebook privacy filter

Kensington notebook privacy screen

In addition to producing locks for laptops, Kensington also offers privacy filters such as those mentioned in this article. Although it is the cheapest option in this article, it is still very reliable.

The only problem with this privacy filter is that it is designed for a small 12.5 screen, which is quite small compared to other available options.

Luckily this filter gives you a built-in blue light filter so your eyes won’t be disturbed when using your laptop. The best thing about this screen filter is that it is guaranteed for two years.

Kensington Notebook Privacy Screen Specification
Screen size 12.5 inches
Blue light filter Yes
Installation Glue
Warranty 2 years

6. SilencerPrivate Laptop ScreenProtected Laptop Filter

Brand StillerSafe - for 14 Notebooks

We have another Stillersafe privacy filter mentioned here in this article that could be a good option for many. Not only that but also the fact that it is essentially the same as the previous one with different screen size.

While its predecessor was designed for a 15.6-inch screen, this screen measures 14 inches and is therefore ideal for small notebooks. In addition, magnets are used during installation, which makes installation and, if necessary, removal fairly easy.

Once installed, this screen privacy filter gives you a variety of features, including, but not limited to, anti-glare, UV and IR filters, and blue light filters, so you can continue to use your laptop without any problems. Unfortunately, this smaller and cheaper Stillersafe filter, designed to protect confidential information, is not covered by the warranty.

StillerSafe Privacy Specification for Notebooks
Screen size 14 inches
Blue light filter Yes
Installation Magnetic

7. Privacy filter for Lenovo 3M notebook monitor

Privacy Filter

Lenovo also offers a display privacy filter for its desktop notebooks that complements Lenovo’s partnership with 3M. The model mentioned in this article is designed for a 14″ display, which is ideal for Lenovo Thinkpad Notebooks.

For the rest, they are comparable to the 3M privacy filter mentioned earlier in this article. In addition, you have an anti-reflection coating on the top, so there are no reflections on your notebook screen.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a blue light with this filter, which can be a problem for some people. As with most other screen protectors in this article, Lenovo offers a 10-day replacement warranty for this filter.

Lenovo 3M Notebook Display Privacy Filter Specifications
Screen size 14 inches
Blue light filter No
Installation Glue
Warranty 10 days

8. Notebook privacy filter for Forito 2-pack type

Package of 2 screen protectors

Those of you who have multiple laptops at home and want to apply the screen privacy filter should consult Forito. The privacy filter is the only option in this article that comes with 2 filters in each package.

These filters are designed for a screen size of 15.6 inches, which makes them very practical as this screen size is quite common. In addition, you will also get a blue light filter built into this screen privacy filter, which is always good to have.

The only problem with this screen privacy filter is that you get no guarantee.

Notebook privacy filter specifications for the Forito 2 Package
Screen size 15.6 inches
Blue light filter Yes
Installation Glue

Things to Consider

If you’ve ever used your laptop in a public place or in your office, you may have seen other people looking behind the screen. This can be a privacy issue for many people who have confidential information related to their work or anything else on their laptop screen. And with modern laptops that offer wide viewing angles, this becomes an even bigger challenge.

In this context, many laptop users want to use one of the best privacy filters mentioned earlier in this article. To help you find the right option, we have even listed the most important features and options. However, if you want to know more, this detailed purchase regarding screen protection filters is something for you, which will guide you through the following points and factors:

1. Screen size

If the privacy filter you are using does not completely shut down your notebook’s screen, there is no point in having it. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you get the correct size of the screen privacy filter.

Just like the screens of laptops, the privacy filters of the screen have different screen sizes that are very similar. This includes a 14-inch or 15.6-inch screen size, and you should get the same privacy filter for your laptop’s screen size.

2. Blue light filter

This may not be the case with all privacy filters, but some do have a built-in blue light filter. As you can see from the name, this type of filter blocks the blue light coming from your notebook screen.

This is very useful because the blue light from your laptop can damage your eyes for a long period, especially if the user sits in front of the screen for a long time. With a blue-light filter, you can expect less stress and strain on your eyes and prevent them from drying out at the end of the day.

3. Equipment

To use the privacy filter, it must also be installed on your notebook screen. But if you put a thin sheet of plastic over the large screen, air bubbles can form between the screen and the privacy filter, which can be quite frustrating.

This especially applies to privacy filters that stick to your laptop screen with glue. To solve this problem, there are also several home screen filters with built-in magnets, so they can be easily installed and removed if you ever need them.

4. Warranty

Once you’ve installed the right privacy filter on your notebook screen, you’ll expect it to last a long time without having to buy a new one and go through the tedious installation process again. Therefore, please check the warranty that your privacy filter offers before you receive a warranty.

They usually come with a 10-day replacement guarantee so that you can have them replaced on arrival in the event of a manufacturing defect. However, some filters with a protective grille also offer a one- or even two-year warranty, making them much more reliable and durable.


Although using a laptop for multimedia is quite common, some users use their laptop for their work as well. And if you have confidential information on your work laptop, you don’t want others to see it. This can be a fairly serious problem in public places and even in your workplace.

To prevent this problem with your laptop, we have listed the best privacy filters described above in this article. However, if you are still confused, consider consulting one of our favorite recommendations for filtering the privacy screen:

  • If you want to purchase a screen privacy filter on a tight budget, you should consider a Saco laptop privacy filter as it is the cheapest option presented in this article. Despite the low price, it still fits on a 15.6 laptop with a large screen. Although the blue light filter is not included, this privacy filter offers considerable protection against scratches on your laptop screen.
  • Although the Kensington FP125W9 Notebook Privacy Filter is not the biggest option for this item due to its size of only 12.5 inches, it remains an excellent option for many customers because it is extremely reliable. In addition, this is the only privacy filter in this article that comes with a two-year warranty, making it very reliable. You also get a built-in blue light filter with this privacy filter, which is always good to have.
  • For several reasons, the Forito screen saver filter is the most popular option presented here in this article. First of all, it has a 15.6-inch screen, which makes it ideal for most laptops. Like many other options in this article, it also offers a blue light filter and a privacy filter. But the best thing about this screen filter is that you get two in one package, so you can use it on two laptops without having to buy the extras.

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