Many people are intimidated by gaming keyboards, but they’re more straightforward than you might think. Here’s our guide to finding the best quiet keyboard in 2022.

Whether you are purchasing a new silent gaming keyboard or mouse, there are a few crucial considerations. Keyboards come in a variety of sizes and switch kinds and a range of prices. We’ll go over a few essential points in this part to guarantee you acquire the most excellent possible silent keyboard for gaming and that it meets your individual demands.


A switch resides underneath the keycap and is responsible for accurately and quickly recording the keypress. Mechanical and membrane switches are the two most common varieties, each with its own sound, actuation, and quality differences.

When the electricity between the metal contacts is cut, mechanical switches employ a stem and moving contacts to initiate a keypress. MAsthey’s sometimes called membrane or Dome switches, detect a keypress when they’re entirely compressed and reach the board’s bottom.

Membrane vs. Mechanical

Membrane switches are substantially quieter than their mechanical equivalents, which should be noted immediately. Mechanical switches, on the other hand, are noisier, but they exist in a more extensive range of varieties, some of which are substantially quieter than others, but all of which produce an audible sound.

If you’ve arrived at this website searching for the quietest gaming keyboard, you’re undoubtedly wondering why we’d suggest a mechanical one. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are more responsive, sturdy, and accurate, making them better for gaming and typing in general.

The Cherry MX Brown is the loudest switch we’ve featured on our list. This is a tactile switch with a bump in the midst of the keypress, indicating that the key has been pressed by touch. Cherry Browns are louder than, for instance, a linear Cherry MX Red, but they remain quiet provided you don’t bottom out the keypress.

We’ll certainly avoid keyboards that have clicky Cherry MX or clone Blues since they’re the loudest on the market.

Mechanical Switch vs Membrane Switch scaled 1

It’s worth mentioning that some people like membrane keyboards, so we’ve included one in our roundup that’s not short on functionality. On the other hand, membrane keyboards have a mushy feel to them and are often less expensive, so keep that in mind when shopping for a new one.


The size of the keyboard you choose is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a silent gaming keyboard. Keyboards range in size from full-sized 100 percent boards with numerical pads, function keys, and the occasional macro key to smaller boards with numerical pads, function keys, and the rare macro key. In certain circumstances, boards might be as little as 40% of the size of a full-sized board, so understanding what to look for is critical. What size you choose is determined mainly by what you need and the available workspace in your setup.

Keyboards Size Comparison

Full-sized keyboards have all of the functions and keys you’ll ever need. If you work a lot from home or require lovely little extras like dedicated media keys, these sorts of boards are essential.

Keyboards come in a variety of sizes, with TKL boards being the smallest. Tenkeyless, or TKL for short, are smaller keyboards for the desk and, in many instances, don’t eliminate valid keys; instead, they double the functionality of the keys that fit. These boards range in size from about 80% to 40% of the size of a complete panel, providing players with something that is easy to travel due to its small size.

Other Features: Macros & Keycaps

Whether loud or silent, most current keyboards include a slew of functionality. These features might be as simple as RGB illumination or macro keys, but they can be invaluable to gamers. Some keyboards have dedicated media keys that allow you to stop, start, and pause the movie you’re viewing, andcontrol the volume without having to use Windows or your headphones.

MACRO Keys and MEDIA Keys

Extra features might be as basic as more robust keycaps or quiet/silent switches on the keyboard. Whatever the different parts are, keep in mind that they may come at an additional expense, so choose a keyboard with characteristics that meet your everyday demands.

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