In this guide, we’ll provide you with the best RAM for your Ryzen 2700X to get top performance out of it.

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This post has picked five of the most okay RAM for Ryzen 2700x. In addition, we’ve provided several alternative solutions to accommodate various PC configurations and budgets.

Clock Speeds in Memory

When choosing RAM, you will need to ensure that it has good Clock Speeds in Memory. This is what will determine how quickly and efficiently the RAM can perform. Typically, the faster the memory clock speed, the better the performance.

When buying RAM for a gaming PC, the minimum RAM speed you should look for is 3000MHz; anything less will not make enough. The recommended speed is roughly 3200MHz, while you may have RAM with higher clock rates.

If your PC has a very high spec, you’ll benefit from RAM speeds of 4000Mhz or higher.

Latency of the CAS

While higher Clock Speeds in Memory are essential, sometimes a lower clock speed RAM may be better than a higher clock speed if it has better timings overall. This is due to latency and memory timings.

The Latency of the CAS measures how many clock cycles the RAM is capable of. When it comes to latency, the lower the number, the better. If the Latency of the CAS is low, this usually means that the clock speeds will be higher.

If, for example, you have two different types of RAM with the same clock speeds, the one with the lower Latency of the CAS will be the better option. To find the latency, you will need to look at the first two digits of the RAM number.

Type of Memory

Another essential factor to consider is the Type of Memory of the RAM. The type of memory used by RAM is Double Data Rate (DDR). This is a high-speed type of memory that has reasonable transfer rates.

There are several distinct types of DDR; however, anything older than DDR3 is considered obsolete anymore. When it comes to RAM, DDR3 or DDR4 are the best options. DDR4 is the most recent memory technology and is more future-proof than DDR3. DDR3 is, nevertheless, still commonly used.

Memory Limits

In addition to the type of memory the RAM uses, you will need to consider its Memory Limits. The Memory Limit is essential as this is what will determine the kind of programs your PC is capable of running.

With a standard PC, you will not need exceptionally high Memory Limits. However, a gaming PC is far more demanding and requires more GB. For gaming, you should choose RAM with around 16GB, especially if you plan to play next-gen or more big AAA games.

However, if you are planning to multitask, for example, streaming or playing music alongside gaming, you will benefit from a Memory Limit that is higher than this.

Factor of Form

The connection and Factor of Form that the RAM has to the motherboard must be considered. The RAM will not be compatible with your motherboard or components without the correct connection or socket.

There are two different types of RAM factors of Form available: DIMM and SO-DIMM. DIMM is the larger of the two and is the most common for a standard PC build that uses an ATX or E-ATX motherboard.

SO-DIMM is used by smaller PC builds and is not as large as DIMM RAM. This type of Factor of Form is better suited to Mini-ATX motherboards and laptops. Before purchasing the RAM, you must be sure which DIMM type you need.

Different types of processors may need another Factor of Form. Given this, all of the RAM featured in this article is suitable to use with the AMD Ryzen 2700x.


RGB is a feature that isn’t required for the RAM’s performance. Therefore, it makes no difference whether the RAM you buy has this capability or not. If aesthHowever, ifics are essential to you, RGB RAM may be preferable.

RGB lighting on your components and casing might be incredibly visually pleasant if your PC case has a tempered-glass side. These RGB lights are often changeable and adjustable. Unfortunately, RGB RAM is usually more costly than RAM, which does not have this functionality.

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