People have been using and enjoying gaming headsets since the 1980s, but recently a new revolution has brought in some of the best technology available. The latest Razer gaming headset to hit shelves is poised for success with its innovative features, making it one of the top choices on today’s market.

When considering replacing your gear, you should constantly evaluate the primary features. This will verify that the product suits your requirements, saving you time, money, and a great deal of worry.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a gaming headset. Aesthetic Appeal, isolation, Microphone Accuracy, comfort, Sound Surround, and wireless support are all essential aspects that may significantly raise the price of a headset.

With that in mind, let’s look at how each of these factors influences your headset and what you’ll need, and what you can go without.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal is a huge factor for a gaming headset, as an unheard footstep can be the difference between winning and losing. Therefore, ensuring the headset you choose has the best Aesthetic Appeal possible should be your number one concern.

As a general rule, the Aesthetic Appeal of Razer headsets is pretty good. Most are tailored towards gaming, so you’ll likely experience solid spatial awareness.

Microphone Accuracy

There are various reasons why someone would desire a microphone with broadcast-quality recording — Twitch broadcasting is one of them. With that in mind, you’ll probably be unsurprised to learn that a gaming headset won’t give you the same level of audio quality as a standalone mic.

If you’re serious about competitive esports, you’ll probably want to invest in the most delicate microphone available. Fortunately, Razer recognizes this and strives to include quality microphones in its headsets.

Sound Surround

Sound Surround is a feature implemented into headsets to increase immersion and general Aesthetic Appeal – for the most part. With a lot of the Razer range offering 7.1 virtual Sound Surround, it’s good to understand what this feature brings to the table.

Whereas most gaming headsets will increase volume to try and help pinpoint where enemies are, Sound Surround works in a slightly different way. Virtual Sound Surround implements minor delays in the off ear and a few other processing tricks to simulate more accurately what direction a noise is coming from.

The bottom line is, if you’re massively into gaming, you might want to consider Sound Surround. However, you can probably do without this feature if you aren’t.


Comfort is a significant consideration when purchasing a headset, particularly if you plan on using it for a lengthy amount of time. Comfort comes in various shapes and sizes, with smooth leather and memory foam towards the top of the list.

On the other hand, Razer is hit or miss when it comes to comfort. While their high-end goods provide enough comfort, their cheap alternatives aren’t up to standard. Keep in mind that your headset will cost more if made of pleasant materials. You will save money if you can live without it.

Razer Headsets: Wired vs. Wireless

One of the most critical issues to consider when purchasing a gaming headset is whether you want a wired or wireless connection. If you can’t live without a wireless connection, you’ll be pleased to learn that Razer offers a variety of wireless headphones. However, the main worry with wireless headphones is the higher expense associated with that premium function.

Aside from the additional price, it’s worth noting that all wireless headphones will face some level of interference. This may be a hassle for someone who plays competitive games like CS: GO. However, if you like more casual gaming and have the financial means to purchase one of these high-end headsets, you’ll be delighted with their ease.


In principle, isolation is a nice feature that I’d want to see on most gaming headsets. But, on the other hand, gaming headphones aren’t the finest in this regard in the real world.

Isolation is a headset function that helps filter out external ambient sounds that could otherwise disturb you while playing. Manufacturers attempt to achieve isolation by using specialized materials and earcup designs. However, not all of them use this function to its full potential. So don’t be discouraged if your headset doesn’t provide excellent isolation; few do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gaming headset should I buy in 2022?

A: The best headset in 2022 is the Plantronics RIG 500HX. It has a Bluetooth range of up to 100m, making it perfect for use with any device. In addition, its noise-canceling microphones help you stay focused on your game and not on what’s happening around you!

What is the best gaming headset for PC 2022?

A: We recommend the Astro A50s gaming headset.

Are Razer headsets good for gaming?

A: Razer headsets are not made for gaming; they are made for high-quality audio. The quality of these headphones is good enough to play your favorite games on them without any issues.

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