Gamers know and love RESPAWN game chairs because they are very powerful, durable, and high quality. However, long play can be very harmful to the body, and an unhealthy state of health can make things worse. That’s why everyone should invest in good gaming chairs.

There are very affordable submersible chairs on amazon that feature additional features such as audio, Bluetooth speakers, and vibration. However, it is interesting to note that these gaming chairs cost between 200 and 300 dollars.

I chose 5 cheap RESPAWN gaming chairs, plus a detailed overview of what you get from each.

5 Best and Cheapest Gaming Chairs

  1. RESPAWN 400 Big and Tall Racing Style Gaming
  2. RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Play Chair in RSP Red
  3. Playground chair RESPAWN 110, grey
  4. RESPAWN RAVEN-X Fortnite Game Railing
  5. RESPAWN RSP-800 Racing Style Rocker

1. RESPAWN 400

The RESPAWN 400 game chair is probably the best of the RESPAWN video game series to date. Yes, you would be right to say that we have seen the RESPAWN 900 game chair and a few other well-made chairs that could be more aesthetic, but I have personally tried this RESPAWN 400 game chair, and I can say that I much prefer it to the others.

I was able to assemble this game chair in just over 15 minutes. I liked that the wheels, slides, and armrests were easy to adjust and lock. Attaching the chair’s backrest to the chassis was also quite easy, and the instructions to get started helped to get all the pieces in place.

Buttons on the side and front of the armrests control the armrests’ inward, outward, and upward movement. It is suitable for players of all sizes; the weight placement of 400 pounds remains the main selling point.

During my test, I sat on the chair for two to eight hours to play for two days, and it was a great experience. I felt no pain, and it was quite well adapted to the height of my RESPAWN console.

As for some things I didn’t like, the chair wasn’t reclining 130 degrees as the company claimed; in fact, I could only see an angle of about 90 degrees.

2. RESPAWN 200 Rating race-style gaming chairs

I could play Fortnite forever with the RESPAWN 200 chair. I first came across this gaming chair when I was looking for cheap gaming chairs on Reddit. Because Reddit is a community where people can share their views on stories, it was very easy to see that many professional players liked this game chair.

After playing with this professional chair, it was very easy to adjust the chair’s settings to my preferences.

It doesn’t give you all the features you get with more expensive chairs, but it gives you enough without breaking the sofa. I like the neck rest cushion, the integrated lumbar support, the 360-degree rotation, and the 2D armrests.

3. RESPAWN 110 Review of Race Style Play Chairs

The first thing you will like about the RESPAWN 110 chair is fully adjustable. Unlike other play chairs that recline with the backrest, the arms of the RESPAWN 110 play chair move back and forth because they are not permanently attached to the seat. This helps you to maintain the most comfortable position, even when lying down.

I liked that the RESPAWN 110 play chair also has a footrest. The backrest can be adjusted in height as required, and the pillow clearly shows the chair’s trademark. However, it is made of leather, and some have argued about the comfort of the leather over the fabric.

The chair supports up to 275 pounds, is known for its 4D adjustment, and has excellent massage features for people with back and shoulder pain. With this chair, you can play for hours without feeling it.

I didn’t particularly appreciate that the pillow could become stiff if it wasn’t used for a while, so you have to keep using or maintaining the chair in good condition.

4. RESPAWN Fortnite RAVEN-X Gaming Chair

If you’re a Fortnite fan, you’ll love this Fortnite World Cup Edition gambling chair for its first-class look. In addition, this chair is a good companion to play and work with at home because it is designed to support your back and waist as much as possible.

The chair rotates well, the rotation is smooth, and I liked the levers’ position. Although the levers are not visible when you sit in the chair, your hands can easily find them. The armrests are also adjustable, upward and downward and forwards and backward.

What I didn’t like as much as the hand pillow, which isn’t filled enough. It’s hard plastic, the pillow isn’t very thick, and I’m afraid it will hurt if I use it too long.

To be one of the cheapest RESPAWN game seats selling for less than $200, I feel it’s an investment that can’t hurt. It’s also a good gift idea if you want to give someone a video game chair.

5. RESPAWN 800 rocking chair

From my personal experience with the RESPAWN 800 gaming chair, it is more suitable for console games and less suitable for PC games. That’s because it’s too short for our normal console.

On the other hand, it is very well designed; it rotates very well and quietly through 360 degrees, the pendulum is also adjustable, the leather material feels nice and comfortable. The height of the armrest is also ideal for console games, and you can fold down the armrest because it is attached to the backrest.

The base of the chair is the only thing I like. Although it cannot be rolled in the room, it provides a solid base to extend the chair’s life. In addition, the RESPAWN 800 is equipped with integrated lumbar support.

There were things I didn’t like: The RESPAWN 800 does not have the cupholder we have on the RESPAWN 900, the lumbar support is not adjustable, and the seat upholstery was not as good as expected.

Overall, the RESPAWN 800 video game chair is an excellent addition to your game console for the price. Whether you’re playing PS4, PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, it’s the right game seat.


So these are my best RESPAWN gaming chairs. From those who are very cheap and usually sell for less than $300 to those who are beautifully built and designed with great attention to detail. These gaming chairs will certainly change the look of any low-budget gaming device. So what would be your best video game chair?

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