With the growth of RGB fans, finding a case with compatible slots has become more complex, and consumers are left to go without. In addition, many cases come with only one or two RGB fan ports and often cost more than other cases simply because they’re limited in their functionality.
I have compiled this list of my top picks for best quality 120mm, 140mm & 200mm colored fans that will give you a great-looking build while supporting your desired color scheme!.

Air is dispersed more uniformly by static pressure fans than by AF fans. Therefore, they may not be able to pump as much air, but they are ideal when there is a blockage, such as a CPU heat sync or a cooling radiator.

Make a lot of noise (dBA)

Fans that are too loud are a thing of the past, with many now having reasonable maximum noise levels. The fans on this list aren’t noisy, with some reaching maximum noise levels under 25dBA.

Fan noise levels typically vary from 10 to 36 decibels. Because some players may prefer to keep these settings as low as possible, here’s a scale showing how loud other sounds compare:

Make a lot of noise (dBA)
Sound Volume Noise at that Sound Volume
10 dB Breathing/Pin Drop
20 dB Whisper/Rustling Leaves
30 dB At night, in the bedroom
40 dB Brook that is babbling
50 dB A typical chat


Because RGB case fans come in various sizes, it’s crucial to know which one will fit in your case. 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm RGB fans are included in this list. Many topics will accommodate all fan sizes, but some may be restricted, so double-check before purchasing.

Mixing and mixing sizes isn’t a problem; for example, for a favorable pressure arrangement, you might have two 140mm fans on the front and a 120mm at the back. It’s worth mentioning that the pressure direction may be rapidly determined by summing the CFM of each intake and exhaust fan.

Many of these RGB fans have controllers, enabling you to operate many fans via one device, making things simpler and more organized. RGB headers on your motherboard will be vital to seek since some RGB fans may not come with such niceties.

There are two kinds of RGB headers: addressable RGB LED devices use a 5v 3-pin RGB header, while non-addressable RGB LED devices to use a 12v 4-pin RGB header. Keep taking mind that if you put the machines into the incorrect title, your RGB fan or lights may be damaged.

They will feature a connection that can be hooked into the motherboard or fan controller header to power a fan.

Connectors are divided into three categories:

  • With the help of third-party software, 4-pin connections provide you with complete control over fan speeds.
  • 3-pin connections can only be modified in the BIOS, which not all motherboards enable, and they commonly operate at maximum speed as a result.
  • Molex connections will continuously operate at full speed and cannot be changed.


Although we’re looking at RGB fans, the primary purpose isn’t only to make them look nice; we also need to make sure there’s enough airflow. So if you’re searching for fans for your new all-in-one cooler, you’ll need static pressure fans to force the air through the radiator.

You may have a primary one-brand system, and all of the components and peripherals are linked via their software to unify the lighting. However, if aesthetics are important, you may want to match your RGB setup with comparable fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 120mm RGB case fan?

A: The best 120mm RGB case fan is Corsair Air Series LED 3 Pack.

What RGB fan should I buy?

A: I recommend the Corsair Air Series LED 2.0 RGB Platinum Fan with Light Kit.

Which Corsair RGB fan is the best?

A: We recommend the Corsair Air Series AF120 RGB LED Fan.

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