The Best Sports Games on Your Smartphone

Mobile phone gaming is booming, and it is currently predicted to be the future of gaming for several reasons. Over the last decade, mobile communications technology has improved significantly. Newer phones can better support complex games, including complex VR and AR games. And with 5G on the horizon, mobile gaming only gets better. In addition, smartphones are much more accessible to the masses than new consoles or expensive devices. Why buy another device when you can do everything with one?

Online sports dominate at the highest level when it comes to mobile gaming. Online sports – including first-person shooters, battles, online multiplayer online battles (MOBA), and real-time strategy games – is today a multi-billion dollar industry with millions (or more) of dedicated fans, professional players, and global tournaments with multi-million dollar prize pools.

So what are the best electronic sports games for mobile devices? Here are the best of the best:

 NBA Live Mobile Basketball – Android, iOS

This free application claims to be the most downloadable basketball app in the world and one of the highest quality basketball apps you can get. You can create your own team of current and legendary players, which is a great way to mix genres and create the ultimate dream team. NBA LIVE also offers weekly content and the ability to play live against friends or other players.

 Madden NFL Mobile Football – Android, iOS

Madden NFL is also free to download and allows you to build up your team (with current and former players) and play for a chance to win the Super Bowl throughout the season. In the game, you have to manage your team, register new players, perform tasks to unlock new players and finally face the MVP Patrick Mahomez. You can also use the Co-op Assist feature to ask your friends on the road for help, or you can choose to help others in their quest to win.

 WGT Golf – Android, iOS

WGT Golf offers single and multiplayer modes. In the last mode, you can play against your friends and communicate during the game. You can play 9 or 18 holes, compete against 6 players, and participate in tournaments such as the U.S. Open Virtual Tournament and the WGT Virtual Tournament. There are more than 15 championship golf courses in the game, including Valhalla Golf Club, Royal St. John’s Golf Club, and the Royal St. George’s, Kiawah Island, and Pebble Beach. WGT Golf also offers realistic golf simulations with a wide range of equipment from all the major brands and the opportunity to join a country club to meet new people and train their skills.

 MLB Perfect Inning 2019 – Android, iOS

This free official MLB game allows you to form the best fantasy team you can imagine and use that team to achieve glory. The 30 official baseball parking lots are presented in such a way that everything is clean and fresh. In addition, MLB Perfect Inning has a live combat feature that allows you to play against your friends in real-time. The 2019 version also has a brand new club fight mode and a master difficulty level. It’s mandatory for baseball fans.

 FIFA football – Android, iOS

The latest version of FIFA Soccer, available for free, includes all the new features and capabilities of the game. The graphics are better, and there is a new head-to-head mode where you can play in real-time against other people from all over the world. You can create your own team with players from more than 550 teams and manage players on their way to victory. You can also test your skills in live tournaments against other players online.

Apart from a few eSports games, the smartphone of a genuine sports fan is not complete; otherwise, the best apps are available to get information about the scores and analysis of the current team. Applications such as ESPN and DraftKings keep you up to date with the latest developments and help you decide on eSports game tactics and great league moves.

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