When shopping for a surge protector, it’s essential to know what type of technology you’re getting and how much power your device will draw. With so many options available, five critical questions to ask yourself before buying.

How We Make Decisions?

When choosing a surge protector, it’s crucial to have a lot of faith in the reviews you’re reading since it’s a tiny but powerful piece of equipment for your gaming PC. After all, it will safeguard your pricey equipment. Thus it must be capable of doing so.

We’ve tried and tested each of the goods we’ve listed in this post, in addition to doing hours of exhaustive research and analyzing other reviews and user comments online so that you can have complete confidence in our suggestions. We’re always on the hunt for goods that will improve our gaming experience, and we believe you should.

We, like our readers, feel that having alternatives is crucial. Thus we chose these goods based on a variety of factors. This covers the Sockets Percentage, the length of the power cable, compatibility with auxiliary ports, and clamping, all of which are covered in further depth in the sections below.

Consider the following:

We think you should think about a few things when shopping for a new surge protector, so we thought we’d give you a breakdown of what each one means and how to select the ideal one for you and your requirements.

Sockets Percentage

The first thing you’ll need to think about when you’re buying a new surge protector is the Sockets Percentage you’ll require. Don’t sell yourself short here – really think about how many you think you’ll end up using at once and maybe size up one or two to give yourself some breathing room.

If you’re using a WiFI extender, a piece of popular gaming equipment, wide-spaced outlets are ideal. As the plugs will fit next to one other along the strip, you will be able to utilize all of the sockets available.

Surge protectors typically have 6 or 8 ports; however, more significant, more widely spread surge protectors with 12 ports are also available.

Length of the Power Cord

Having a bunch of messy cords and cables cluttering up space around your gaming PC set-up can be pretty distracting, and it’s certainly not very neat or friendly to look at. Surge protectors come with different Lengths of the Power Cords, and having one that’s too long could end up adding to the tangled mess of cords already there.

On the other side, if it isn’t long enough to reach your setup from where it has to be plugged into the power, it won’t be imperative. The best thing to do before purchasing a surge protector is to measure the length of the wire that will have to travel. This way, you can purchase in accordance with this length estimate and not be disappointed when it arrives, and you try to plug it in.

Auxiliary Ports

Many surge protectors on the market now have USB ports, allowing you to charge your mobile devices instead of using the wall outlets. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to give up an entire socket to give your phone some additional charge.

You’ll need to double-check the output amp rating, generally between 1 and 2 amps (more commonly seen as 1A or 2A on the label). The output amp rating specifies how much power can pass through the wires; a more excellent 2 amp rating suggests that it will be able to charge your phone quicker than a 1 amp rating.


The greater the joules in the surge protector’s energy absorption rating, the better; therefore, you should aim for 600 to 700 as a minimum. However, even higher would be ideal. When it comes to clamping voltage, though, it’s a different story since you should strive for a lower value.

This is the voltage at which the surge protector begins to work as it kicks in to absorb the brunt of the electrical energy pouring at your gaming PC. Therefore a lower clamping voltage is preferable. It would be excellent if the voltage were about 400 volts or less.


If surge protectors fail, you may lose more than just the cost of the surge protector; you may also wind up ruining your equipment or having to replace your whole PC, which could be a very costly outlay.

As a result, some warranties will cover the devices you have connected at the warranty’s failure, giving you further peace of mind. You’ll need to look at the warranty terms and conditions for the individual items, which will typically inform you how to file a claim if you need to.

It’s not an absolute rule, but a more extended warranty typically indicates more trust in a product’s performance and longevity since corporations don’t want to continually replace things out of their own pockets due to power outages and manufacturer problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of surge protector is best?

A: The best brand of surge protectors are the ones that have a warranty. If something happens to your power adapter, you will be able to get it replaced or fixed fairly quickly without having to pay for an expensive replacement.

How do I choose a good surge protector?

A: A surge protector is an extensive electronic device that protects your electronics from electrical surges coming in through the power outlet. They are typically black with lots of knobs and buttons to control their settings, as well as lights to indicate which phase they’re on. There’s also a light indicating how much energy it has left before running out, so you can plan for when the next time you need it is. Some surge protectors include an indicator telling what type of protection they’ve got too!

What are the best joules for a surge protector?

A: Surge protectors have different joules, but they all need to be able to handle the power of a typical overhead light. A rule of thumb is that each outlet should be rated at 600 or more watts.

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