CPUs and GPUs can overheat if they do not have a proper thermal paste applied. This is especially important for gamers who need to keep their hardware cool while playing high-end games that demand more performance from the CPU and GPU. Some brands of thermal pastes may also be suitable for LGA 1151 motherboards, which are among the most popular gaming platforms today.

The “thermal grizzly kryonaut” is a thermal paste that has been designed to be compatible with both CPU and GPU. The product is easy to apply, and it’s affordable.

We wanted to make sure we covered all of our bases while creating the exam so you could get the best results.

We took the following measurements:

  • The temperature in the environment
  • Temperature during inactivity
  • The temperature at maximum load
  • The temperature at maximum load while also using the GPU to generate more ambient heat.

We used an Arctic Silver thermal paste cleaning and polishing kit to clean the CPU before testing. While isopropyl alcohol may suffice, we wanted to ensure that the heatsink and CPU were as clean as possible before applying the next thermal paste.

We utilized Prime95 as a CPU stress test for the actual test. This software maximizes the computational capabilities of a CPU to create as much heat as possible.

While most of your gaming time won’t be spent with an overclocked CPU and doing complex mathematical problems, we wanted to ensure we had enough data to evaluate our thermal paste.

If the thermal paste can withstand Prime95’s stress, it can withstand gaming.

To get the CPU up to temperature, we ran Prime95 for an hour on its own. Then, WHILE Prime95 was still stress testing, an extra hour of gameplay was put on top.

This lets our memory and GPU start generating heat, adding to the Temperature in the environment inside the case. This can affect load temperatures as the heat difference between the processor and the air around it comes closer. The heat from the processor will start to dissipate less efficiently.

We reset and tried again with the next thermal paste when the testing was completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arctic Silver 5 still the best?

A: Arctic Silver 5 is still the best option for thermal paste, but we would recommend you try a few other options.

Do you need thermal paste for the CPU?

A: No, the CPU does not require thermal paste.

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