Under-the-Radar Entertainment Applications

As any regular visitor to our site knows, applications have become one of the most exciting areas in the software world in recent years.

They can be used for many different activities, and several innovations have been successfully integrated into them. But, perhaps most importantly, streaming technology has played a significant role in the way we enjoy many forms of entertainment in recent times.

Impact on several sites

Listening to music through applications like Spotify has become the norm for many
people worldwide, while streaming is also making its way into games thanks to exciting new platforms like Google Stadia. Technology has also made its way into casino games, such as VegasSlotsOnline.com, which explains how the live dealer experience allows people to play table games, such as blackjack, against human dealers via a video link.

However, if streaming has impacted one area in particular, it is the world of film and television. HBO Max is one of the latest entrants in a market already
dominated by services like Netflix and Amazon Prime and other notable services in the space, including Disney+.

But what are the lesser-known applications related to streaming entertainment that can be worthwhile? Here are three suggestions.

1. Movie detector

Anyone who loves classics can watch Movie Detective.

The platform is not only available through services like iOS and AppleTV, but recently it can also be downloaded on Android

But what can you expect? Today, in announcing the launch of Android, the service describes how it provides a balance between widely acclaimed
movies and cult classics that may be considered underrepresented. Featured songs include His Girl Friday, while you can also immerse yourself in old-school TV hits like Lucille Ball The Lucy Show. So if you want a little retro at your fingertips, this
could be the service you need.

 2. ScreenHits TV

If you have subscriptions on multiple platforms, ScreenHits TV can be a great option to manage many programs and movies available.

As Fan Carpet explains, the application allows consumers to manage their streaming subscriptions to live channels and more in one place. The service is compatible with many popular platforms, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+, and the application is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire Stick technology, and Google Chrome.

 3. BroadwayHD

As already mentioned, many streaming services focus primarily on movies and television shows. However, if you are a theatre lover or want something completely different, you can try several services.

BroadwayHD focuses exclusively on the stage, giving you access to the famous shows of different types presented. Whether you’re looking for a comedy, want to rewatch your favorite musical, or want to improve your Shakespeare
skills, this is the app for you.


So much quality content can now be streamed in different applications. But if you are
looking for something different or want to organize your listing a bit more, this might be a good option.
It should also be noted that this area is constantly growing, so don’t be surprised if more interesting services appear in the coming months and years!

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