The keyboard is the first hardware you should purchase for your gaming computer. It’s imperative to have something that provides a comfortable, satisfying and responsive experience when playing games so you can focus on what’s essential – victory.

Although keyboards aren’t as vital as other devices in a gamer’s closet, there are still several factors to consider to ensure you choose the correct model. Whether it’s a white gaming keyboard or a high-end mechanical keyboard, they’re available in various sizes, functionalities, and switch options.


The importance of choosing the correct keyboard size is often overlooked. What if you have a tiny desk or need specific capabilities, such as a number pad? Well, the size of the keyboard you choose may impact all of this.

Keyboards Size Comparison

A full-sized keyboard (100%) is exactly what it sounds like: a regular keyboard with all of your Function keys, a number pad, and enough space for fancy additions like dedicated media buttons, macros, and volume bars.

Keyboards are available in various sizes, with the most popular ranging from roughly 40% to 100%. These smaller boards are often referred to as TKL (Tenkeyless), and they provide many functions in a more petite frame. The most common TKL size is 85 percent, distinguished by the absence of a number pad. When we acquire smaller keyboards, say 60 percent size, the keys are crammed together, with manufacturers taking advantage of the spaces between the function and character keys.

Mechanical vs. Membrane Switches

Whether you’re looking for a new keyboard for gaming or everyday usage, you’ll discover white gaming keyboards with membrane and mechanical switches.

Mechanical Switch vs Membrane Switch

The differences between the membrane and mechanical keyboards are considerable, but just on the surface. Mechanical keyboards are preferred among gamers due to their durability. In addition, mechanical keyboards are very simple to configure and are pretty responsive.

Mechanical switches are usually noisier, but there are so many different types of controls that you can reduce the noise while still getting the benefits of the low actuation force necessary to push the key.

On the other hand, membrane boards are more likely to fail because the membrane layer flattens with time, making the keyboard less sensitive. While mechanical keyboards are simple to dismantle and clean and their light switches, they are a must-have for gamers.

Why Should You Purchase A White Gaming Keyboard?

The primary reason for choosing a white gaming keyboard is aesthetic reasons. Would a white keyboard be a nice touch to an otherwise spotless setup? The white contrasts well with darker mousepads, particularly when a white RGB keyboard is lighted. However, white mechanical keyboards have significantly fewer options than black mechanical keyboards.

We’ve previously identified the most delicate white gaming mouse and white gaming chair, so one of our recommendations will fit well if you want that clean white on your peripherals.

Ducky Year of the Dog Keyboard 8

You’ll have to deal with filth and durability with anything white, especially a white gaming keyboard. This has nothing to do with quality; the white mechanical keyboard alternatives will last a long time, but the white keycaps will collect dirt and, owing to their color, will eventually discolor, necessitating replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gaming keyboard in 2022?

A: The best gaming keyboard in 2022 is the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate mechanical switch. This keyboard has ten programmable macro keys and five-zone buttons that can be programmed to act as a game-specific action or critical combo, such as opening up Overwatch with just one button press.

What is the number 1 best gaming keyboard?

A: The Razer BlackWidow has a new programmable macro feature that allows users to set up complex macros for their games easily. It also features backlighting, dedicated media keys, and more than 100 anti-ghosting keys.

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