The first thing I noticed about the Billabong Crossfire X Shorts is their construction. They have a lightweight, breathable fabric that feels great on your skin and makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing. The Crossfire X Shorts Review is a review of the Billabong Crossfire X 19 mid-submersible short.

You’re correct if you believe “Billabong Crossfire X Submersible Shorts” sounds like a pair of rugged shorts made for Navy Seals. That is what the name says. However, these are swim trunks. We realize it’s a bummer, but it isn’t all doom and gloom. Isn’t it true that Navy Seals can swim and stuff? So it works in a way.

The Billabong Crossfire X Submersible Shorts are hybrid short/boardshorts that is submersible. They’re just boardshorts with a standard button instead of a drawstring and velcro—no crazy designs or patterns, and they feature a regular button instead of a drawstring and velcro. They’re designed to seem like a pair of chino shorts and include belt loops, which are uncommon in boardshorts. That said, you’re not going to fool a lot of people. These wouldn’t be appropriate at a fine dining establishment (but who wears shorts to a fine dining establishment anyway?).

Billabong Crossfire X Submersible Short DetailThe shorts are pretty comfy and work well as “hybrid” shorts. They dry quickly, so you may swim in them and then wear them for the rest of the day. When you walk, the material is flexible and stretchy, creating a modest amount of swishy noise. This throws the entire “normal shorts” argument out the window.

Front of the Billabong Crossfire X Submersible ShortWe’ve used them for working out in addition to swimming and everyday usage, and they’ve performed well. They do, however, have a scent after a few usages, so be cautious. This isn’t ideal for travel, but the upside is that you can just wash them off in the shower or in a pool.

Billabong Crossfire X Submersible Short Inside OutOn the interior, there are two mesh-lined pockets on the side and two mesh-lined pockets on the back. When you’re wearing them, the two side pockets are of average depth, making them feel more like normal shorts.

Back of the Billabong Crossfire X Submersible ShortWe appreciate the fact that the rear right pocket has a zipper. It’s a good pickpocket deterrent for traveling or strolling around a city—you can put your belongings in there and not worry about pickpockets. It’s also excellent for swimming since anything you put in the pocket stays with you. Just double-check that it’s zipped up. Oh, and you may want to double-check that everything inside is watertight.

Billabong Crossfire X Submersible Short ColorsThese shorts are available in a plethora of colors, which is fantastic. We’re looking at the color “Charcoal” in this examination. If you’re a “water-junkie” who spends a lot of time at the beach and in the water, you may want to invest in a few different colors. No one will notice that you’re always wearing board shorts! Just joking. The majority of individuals will be aware.

These shorts are on sale for $54.95 at the time of this review. We believe it’s an excellent value for the money, especially given how long they’ve lasted.

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