Carhartt makes various products from clothing to accessories, and their latest product is an organizer for your car. This review will cover the features of this organizer and how it works in real life.

Carhartt, a working-class brand, coveralls, boots, and tool belts are all made. So we were both astonished and delighted to learn about the Carhartt Car Organizer and leaped at the opportunity to test it out. We believe in keeping organized both when traveling and daily.

The Carhartt Car Organizer is a car-specific backpack or toolbelt. It’s well-organized, with compartments deep enough to accommodate a laptop or tablet. It’s really ideal for long road trips with many people in the vehicle. Someone in the rear seat may then grab food or a book to read during the lengthy journey. It’s also suitable for children’s families. It may not be as helpful if you’re a single driver with no passengers. When you place necessities in here that might normally be tossed in the backseat, it will assist in maintaining your vehicle neat and clean. It’s also a good location to keep equipment, clipboards, and papers if you work as an electrician, plumber, or in any other profession where you serve people’s homes.

Carhartt Car Organizer in the car

Carhartt has been producing sturdy workwear for the working class since 1889 if you’re unfamiliar with the name. Pack Hacker is based in Michigan, where the business was founded. “Hey, they’re from our home state!” you may always say when you see someone sporting a Carhartt hat. Carhartt’s main shop is smack in the heart of Detroit, not far from the Pack Hacker headquarters.

The business takes pride in producing goods in the United States and offering cheap gear for blue-collar employees. While most of Carhartt’s clothing, like duck fabric coats and knit caps, is produced in the United States, this vehicle organizer is not. But it doesn’t make it any less long-lasting or high-quality! Hiking boots, Merino wool socks, and puffer coats are all available from Carhartt for outdoor activities.

Materials, Aesthetics, and Application

Like other Carhartt items, the Carhartt Car Organizer has a rough, canvas look. This demonstrates that this individual is dedicated to their job and is not afraid to get their hands dirty. It comes in black with a light brown lining to view everything within. It’s composed of 400-denier polyester with a water-repellent finish. It’s thick and sturdy, so it keeps its form even when it’s empty. Nobody likes a limp bag dangling from their seatback.

Carhartt offers a variety of coatings with varying degrees of water resistance. Rain Defender keeps work boots and heavy jackets dry in light rain, while Storm Defender has strengthened seams to keep work boots and heavy jackets dry in persistent rain. Finally, Downpour is designed for individuals who regularly operate in damp environments, such as commercial fishermen. The Storm Defender and Downpour materials haven’t been tested; however, the vehicle organizer is built with the Rain Defender finish. It’s good enough for drink spillage when you roll over a pothole. That is something we can testify to.

Carhartt Car Organizer logo

There are two deep compartments on the vehicle organizer with an open top and one velcroed pocket. There are a few utility pockets where you may store pens, screwdrivers, and other lengthy things. This was used to hold a lint roller. It’s one of those pet-owner essentials that usually rolls about on the backseat floor, so having a place to put it was convenient.

We mainly utilized the open pockets to store snacks and wet wipes, but they can accommodate a laptop or tablet and have a good amount of cushioning for protection. You may also store a thermos or a water bottle in this compartment. Smaller things, like hand sanitizer, are kept in the velcroed pocket. This pocket is tiny, and the hard material makes it difficult to reach if you stuff a lot of stuff in it. Because it isn’t very flexible, we don’t suggest placing too much in here. In any case, the two bigger pockets have plenty of room.

Two nylon webbing straps on the rear are buckled together to secure it to the back of a headrest. We discovered that the organizer hangs a little low and that the straps aren’t the simplest to adjust. According to several reports, the straps are too tiny to go over the headrest of larger cars. While testing it in a Ford Escape, we didn’t experience that issue, but your mileage may vary.

If you’re taking this on a road trip with a full vehicle, it doesn’t really matter which seat you put it in. If you’re going to use it regularly, keep it at the rear of the passenger seat, where it’ll be simple to access. It was a real pain when we neglected to move the reach around from the back of the driver’s seat after a long trip. We think it would be tough for anybody who isn’t very adaptable, but it might just be us. We think it goes without saying, but if you opt to place it in the front passenger seat, we don’t recommend attempting to pull anything out while driving.

Carhartt Car Organizer straps

Overall, the Carhartt Car Organizer may help you remain organized in all aspects of your life, including driving, while also appearing fashionable. You don’t have to open up a backpack and rummage around for anything since the primary pockets are open and simple to see inside—just reach in and get it. On a road trip, this is really badass, especially for restless travelers who need to amuse themselves on a lengthy trip with a book or tablet. At the very least, it will prevent you from having a jumble of papers and other odd items strewn around your vehicle.

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