Pack-It packing cubes are a great way to organize your suitcase, but they don’t come cheap. These packing cubes are made of 100% polyester and feature an antimicrobial treatment that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes are the topic of today’s discussion. These include a mesh panel on the front so you can see everything you’ve packed. We prefer not to depend on odd color schemes since we can see what’s inside our packing cubes. In the blue cube, you’ll find underwear, while in the red cube, you’ll find shirts. There were undergarments in the red cube, and in the blue cube, there were luxury pajamas.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes in DetroitThe three lines of Eagle Creek’s Pack-It packing cube system are Reveal, Isolate, and Gear. While the Reveal cubes aren’t our favorite from the Pack-It system, the mesh provides excellent visibility. However, it may become caught on backpack zippers, allowing dust and grime to collect within readily.

There’s a lot more to the Reveal range than simply packing cubes. A hanging toiletry bag, laptop sleeve, tri-fold toiletry bag, and intimates cube for packing bras without crushing the cups are all included. We used the small clean/dirty packing cube, shoe sac, and oversized clothing folder for this evaluation.

Features & Fabric

The Pack-It Reveal cubes include a recycled double-diamond poly mesh on one side, which we assume was called for its diamond pattern. It’s sturdy but not so, and it’s pleasant to the touch. The opposite side is a poly micro-weave, which has a similar feel to the mesh side but without the holes.

Although this mesh is intended to be breathable, remember that “breathable” implies that odors may readily escape. So if you’re wearing some unusual shoes or clothing, they won’t be able to keep the scent out. We’ll go into it further later.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes mesh fabricThe mesh is mostly for visibility, although it may not function well if you wear all black in a black box. You were looking through the mesh to see a sea of black defeats the point, with no inner lining for contrast. The cubes will not slide around in your luggage since the material is lightweight but not slippery.

Each of the cubes has a small grip that makes removing them from your bag a snap. A size tag is also attached to the handles, a nice touch for remembering what you’ve put in each one. Isn’t it more logical to put socks in the small cube and t-shirts in the medium? Zoom zippers are used in these cubes, which we are growing to enjoy and which haven’t caused us any problems thus yet.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes zippersThe Reveal cubes are very light and simple to transport in general. The clean/dirty cube was our favorite to utilize out of the three kinds we tested. Let’s have a look at our experiences with each of them.

Small Cube (Clean/Dirty)

If the name doesn’t give it away, the clean/dirty cube is designed to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate. As your vacation progresses, you place your clean clothes on one side and your worn garments on the “dirty” side. On a four-day break, we used the small size for underwear and socks, and it was wonderful not having to perform the underwear smell test when we needed a new pair. Please tell us we’re not the only ones who think like this. It can also easily accommodate three oversized t-shirts.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Clean/dirty cubeWe first believed that having a compartment on each side of the cube would be inconvenient since they would fight for space. On the other hand, the center divider is gusseted and can expand to fit whatever size you need. As a result, neither compartment takes up space from the other, mainly because you’re just moving your clothing from one side to the other.

One compartment is entirely solid, while the other is all mesh. So, which one is for clean and which is for filthy clothes? Clean clothing should go in the mesh section, and filthy garments should go in the solid container, according to Eagle Creek. In the end, the decision is yours to make, but there are a few things to consider.

Let’s suppose you’re using this to store your underwear and don’t want your traveling companion to view them when you leave the cube on the hotel dresser. Pack them in the sealed side, transfer them to the mesh side when they get filthy, and turn the cube over.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes | The solid side of the clean/dirty cube.The mesh compartment, on the other hand, does not keep smells contained. The mesh is very breathable, so any unpleasant odors will quickly dissipate. If you have any wet or sweaty clothing, this is intended to help prevent mildew and another stink from developing within the cube. Simultaneously, if you’ve had smelly socks in here and the cube is sitting out, you’ll get a whiff of them.

As a result, we’re siding with Eagle Creek on this one. We liked to put our clean clothing in the mesh section and then transfer them to the sealed compartment after they were used. We could see what we had left to wear and “hide” our filthy clothes this way.

This cube’s zippers are angled, starting from the bottom and working their way up to the top. It makes a lovely tub for you to stuff items into at the bottom, and then the top just flaps out and out of the way.

Shoe Sac

The shoe sac has a mesh screen for ventilation and is helpful for isolating filthy shoes from the rest of your luggage. It allows your shoes to breathe, preventing odor from building up after a long day of hiking, jogging, or strolling. We’re not claiming that it will prevent your shoes from smelling (believe us, it won’t), but it will help to reduce the odor.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Shoe sacThe clean/dirty cube is the same way—you can smell it through the mesh, but it allows some air in, so you won’t have a petri dish experiment developing. On our hiking excursion, we found it best to place the shoes in here and air them out on the motel floor before placing them in our backpack. On the shoe sac’s outside borders, there are three nylon tabs where you may attach a carabiner and hang it up.

We’ve figured it out. The mesh serves as a means of ventilation. The mesh holes, on the other hand, are a little troublesome when you’ve got a lot of small pebbles in your shoes after trekking. Those little pebbles will readily escape the cube and find their way into the remainder of your luggage.

This bag can hold up to a pair of size 13 men’s shoes. We put it on with a pair of women’s size nine shoes and a pair of men’s size ten shoes, and there was still plenty of room inside. When you need business, gym, and dance shoes all at once, the Reveal line features a multi-shoe cube that holds up to three pairs.

Garment Hanger, Large

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes large garment folderThere’s a big clothing holder if you’re planning a nice dinner date or an introductory work meeting. It will prevent wrinkles in your dress clothing and save you a half-hour of ironing time if you’re running late.

To get them inside, you’ll need to fold everything correctly, but fortunately, instructions are written on the insert when you open it up. Before you begin, cross the four closing flaps and ensure the instructions are removed. The flexible plastic instruction page will be placed inside each shirt to keep it in place while you fold it, and then you’ll take it out using the nylon pull tab at the top to use it for the next one.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes large garment folderEagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cubes | Instructions for folding a shirt if you don’t know-how. After you’ve folded all of them, lay the instruction insert on top to hold them in place. Another flexible insert is also placed into the bottom. They sandwich your clothing together to keep them wrinkle-free and organized. We chose the big size, which accommodates eight to twelve shirts and trousers. This is ideal if you’re going with rolling luggage since you can place it on top of everything without crumbling. However, in a travel bag, the garment folder takes up some room and, owing to its construction, may be challenging to pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Eagle Creek packing cubes worth it?

The Eagle Creek packing cubes are a great way to keep your clothes organized, but they are not worth it. They are too expensive for the quality of the product.

Are the away packing cubes worth it?

The away packing cubes are great if you want to ensure your items don’t get lost in transit. However, they can also be a hassle and take up a lot of space.

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