The Earth Friendly Packing List is a curated, user-generated list of the items travelers need to pack on their next trip. It was created by Kerry Lubin and Katie Day from Forbes Travel Guide’s Sustainable Travel team to raise awareness for sustainable travel practices.

Thank you for visiting the Sustainable Packing List. If you’re a regular visitor to Pack Hacker, you’ve probably noticed that we’re concerned about the companies and goods we test’s sustainability practices and long-term viability. For example, while we realize that flying to another nation on an aircraft that consumes enormous quantities of fuel and releases staggering amounts of carbon into the atmosphere isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly thing to do, we think that modest decisions can make a difference. (We realize that many airlines are working to provide different kinds of carbon offset alternatives, and we expect to see this improve over time.)

This packing list was designed to help you generate less trash on the road and to lead you toward a zero-waste lifestyle, complete with eco-friendly goods and suggestions to minimize your impact—all of which can easily fit into one backpack. Our list’s bag, tech, and productivity parts are entirely unisex, while clothes & accessories, toiletries & personal care, and miscellaneous are divided into men’s and women’s specific categories.

We’ve done our homework, sifted through the marketing and greenwashing nonsense, and tested some of the most environmentally friendly goods to see what works best for you while still meeting your travel requirements.

It’s worth noting that traveling responsibly does not need to purchase everything on this list. There’s no need to run out and buy new recycled plastic shoes if you already possess a pair that’s been around for two years and are still going strong. That kind of defeats the point. Keep these suggestions in mind for when you need new gear, and consider every dollar you spend on new sustainable equipment to vote for the environment.

Eagle Creek Wayfinder Backpack 40L in DetroitWith that stated, we also understand that not all things we travel with, such as electronic gear, are inherently sustainable. Eco-friendly replacements for laptops, mobile phones, charging cords, and other comparable products have yet to be developed. Although not having them would be the most environmentally friendly choice, the truth is that we—along with many others—need them to perform our jobs.

We suggest sturdy choices that will endure for years, have excellent warranties, or are just the most acceptable option on the market for items like these. We’re giving it our all! However, please let us know if you have any better ideas—we’d love to hear about them.

Earth Friendly Sustainable Packing List Bags & Organizers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are environmentally friendly ways of Travelling?

A: You can use public transportation, carpool with friends and family, or walk.

How do you pack sustainably?

A: I packed my lunch using a reusable water bottle and picking fruits from the trees.

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