Although Vari (formerly Varidesk) is a more popular high table, Flexispot is not far behind in terms of performance. However, this brand is less prevalent, especially since more and more people are opting for a fully electric table with two motors. And most brand-name high tables only have one engine.

Let’s unload these stamps. But, first, we will compare the most popular bar table of the two brands: the 48-inch version.

Variant vs. Flexispot Electric High Table

Cooking at the electric high table 48


With Flexispot, I like the large work surface you get for an affordable price. The 48-inch table accommodates two monitors and much more. Add to that that it’s not just the workspace that seems airy and free. Even the space under the table is enormous. That way, you have more legroom, and your knees don’t touch the table. This is the right table for people with long legs and high feet.

Flexispot 48 electric high table And there is also extra monitor support on the high table. So if you need a more complex workplace, this is the perfect and affordable office.

The Varidesk Pro also has a large workspace. Like the Flexispot, it offers space for two monitors, laptops, and other office supplies.


This Flexispot electric table has a robust design. And it even looks solid at first glance. Made of industrial stainless steel. Stainless steel is also scratch-resistant. It is built with powder-coated tubes. So make sure your bar table is always intact and scratch-free. Even your cat can’t ruin the frame.

It also has a carrying capacity of 154 pounds. The steel frame is solid, and I felt safe leaning on it.

The table also has a considerable weight, so you get the impression that it is not made of fragile and cheap materials. I also like the feeling of the tree on my desk. It looks a bit like an IKEA wooden sink.

Like the Flexispot, the Vari Pro is just as durable and robust. And you have the opportunity to have a more stable desk if you buy a desk with a crossbar in the middle. But, unfortunately, the whole table is also quite heavy. And most of the weight is attributed to the solid frame.

Laminate tables also provide a decent working surface. However, the Flexispot table is slightly thicker. The laminated table doesn’t even look like a fake table from a distance. You have to be close to knowing it’s not a real tree.

But it can disappoint those looking for a solid wood worktop. Many people often confuse Varitek with a natural wooden tabletop because of its weight. This could not be easy.

From the point of view of stability, I encountered some hesitations and shaking problems when I was at the highest level. Although buying a model with a crossbar through the frame eliminates this problem, it can be too big an obstacle for tall people. Eventually, they got down on their knees as they tried to approach the table. And it can also limit foot space.


The Flexispot is also very easy to build. You can get a bar table in less than thirty minutes. And the instructions were unambiguous and straightforward. All parts are correctly labeled – A, B, and C. It is clear to connect point A to point B. Setting up Varidesk Pro is also relatively easy. And they’ll send you all the tools you need for assembly. However, just like the Flexispot, it can be too heavy for women or physically disabled people. It is therefore strongly recommended to ask for help with the installation. Although you may notice that most of Vradesk’s weight comes from the frames, the tabletop is lighter.

User volume

The Flexispot high table is adjustable in height from 28 to 46.6 inches. As a result, it is very versatile, and both children and the elderly can work comfortably at their desks. And thanks to the extra legroom, tall users no longer have to tap their knees on the table. Therefore, this permanent table is suitable for most users in terms of user volume.

Varidesk Pro, on the other hand, is also designed for taller people. It is also very comfortable when sitting or standing. The height adjustment range is between 25 and 50 inches. So it’s a few inches more than the Flexispot. And because it can be up to 25 centimeters long, this bar table will also be comfortable for even smaller people.

And if you need a crossbeam that fits the steel frames, the Varidesk Pro 60 offers you the possibility. However, I find it annoying for the knees because you tend to hit them on the crossbar. But the crossbar helps to make the rod table more stable. So it’s a small compromise.


One of the furs that make the Flexispot an accurate value for money is the motor. It works well and has a low noise level, less than 50 decibels. The engine performance of the Flexispot is impressive at a specific price. Although it’s not necessarily better than other high tables, it’s not far behind.

You can use the table comfortably sitting or standing up. And even at the highest level, he doesn’t tremble. It also has a straightforward lift button and a button that must be pressed when you want to change the table height.

He’s also very responsive. You can configure your desktop at the touch of a button.

The Varidesk Pro 60, on the other hand, is powered by two engines. One of the advantages over the Flexispot is that it not only uses the up and down button but is also pre-installed. In addition, it is a programmable dial with three presets. It is, therefore, more comfortable and practical. You don’t have to measure the ideal height every time. Just enter the desired size and write it down.

The controls are also easy to use. And he’s also very responsive. But compared to the Flexispot table, the Pro-Variator might be a bit louder.

Best features

Flexispot is a good company. It is automatic with a motor but stable and durable. Not to mention the fact that you also have a big job. And that costs a little more than a pendulum, a high adjustable table. So it is ideal for you if you are looking for a simple automatic high table. Nothing special about how it works, but it certainly works well.

As with the Varidesk Pro, the large working area and the preset control parameters are a plus. However, steel builders are also heavyweights. It also has a slightly higher carrying capacity than the Flexispot at 200 lbs.

The Flexispot table can use a more advanced cable management system. However, this will not be a problem if you only have one monitor on your desktop. However, you may be bothered by wires wrapped together if you have more than two monitors. And that can be a painful spectacle.

And, of course, not everyone likes to see wires and cables hanging. Unfortunately, this makes your workplace confusing and unattractive. This, in turn, can affect your performance.

The Varidesk Pro is much more expensive than a freestanding Flexispot table. Of course, it is a two-story electric high table, so it will likely have a higher price. But I thought a Bluetooth connection could justify a higher price. And that is precisely where the Flexispot can succeed.

Because although the Flexispot only has one engine, it is impressive. The Varidesk Pro may be durable, but it’s a price you can always ask for more. And the one with the crossbar seems to be stable. But he’s often called a knee-breaker, and not for nothing.


Varidesk and Flexispot are made in China. And yet the common advantage of both tables is that the legs of the frame are solid and resistant.

What’s the best table? If you prefer a simpler but more robust and more stable table, the Flexispot is a good choice. It’s also a real added value for your money.

However, if you are looking for a two-engine, two-level high table with predefined height settings, Varidesk Pro can be your high table.

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