Take a look at the new Gerber Shard Multi-tool, as reviewed by Joe. It’s durable and sleek enough to carry with you on your travels.

The Gerber Gear Shard Keychain Tool is a handy tiny multi-tool to have on hand when traveling the globe. We’ve been putting our Gerber Shard to the test for the last two years, using it for everything from adjusting chairs at Airbnbs to snapping off bottle tops.

This tiny guy is small enough to squeeze on a keychain and sneak through airport security without drawing attention to himself, which we like. The multi-tool is said to be “airline safe” by Gerber, although that depends on where you are in the globe (or who the security agent is). We haven’t encountered any issues at airports thus far.

A pry bar, tiny flathead driver, wire remover, more significant flathead driver, bottle opener, lanyard hole, and Philips’s head are all included in the Gerber Shard (or cross driver, as the folks at Gerber refer to it as). And, despite its small size, it succeeds at all of them (though is a lanyard hole indeed a feature that can be excelled at?).

Gerber Shard In DetroitThe body is made of stainless steel with a corrosion-resistant titanium nitride finish. We’ve been using the black version, but it also comes in silver and brown. We’re still amazed at how well it’s held up after two years.

Usage & Features

The pry bar, for starters, is an excellent instrument for de-grossing your surroundings. Is there a used piece of gum on your Airbnb’s kitchen table? Remove it with your own hands. Is there a sticky thing on the aircraft armrest that you can’t identify? Again, remove it with your own hands. It’s also powerful enough to loosen a nail if you want to be more conventional.

The bottle opener is the next item on the list. But, again, we’ve been putting this feature through its paces—purely for the sake of this review, of course—and are pleased to report that it performs well.

Gerber Shard Bottle OpenerThen there’s your Philips head and your tiny and big flathead drivers. The flathead drivers are on one end of the pry bar’s “forks,” while the Philips’s head is on the other. We’re delighted to inform you that all three perform much better than they seem. Of course, they’re not flawless, but multi-tool screwdrivers aren’t supposed to be.

We’ve used them to tighten screws on tables and drawers when crashing at long-term AirBnbs as a delightful gift for the host and our enjoyment.

Gerber Shard Phillips Head ScrewdriverThe wire remover is another option. Although we haven’t used it for wire stripping (yet! ), it may be beneficial for removing stray threads or garment pulls.

Gerber Shard Cutting StringFinally, there is a lanyard hole. It’s a great feature, but we’re not sure we’d call it a “tool” to each their own. The spot is on the bigger side, so any keychain and different lengths of rope will fit.

The lanyard hole on the Shard makes it easy to connect it to your keychain. You may also attach it to your purse or belt by looping some paracord through it. Alternatively, you could click the Shard to a stylish, colorful keychain before putting it in an accessories bag so you don’t injure yourself hunting for it. Here, the world is your oyster.

Gerber Shard On BagWe should also mention the little grooves that run around the edges of the Shard. They’re meant to assist you in gripping the Shard when using the drivers or pry bar. We like how you can get a solid grip on the Shard, which we haven’t always experienced with other multi-tools.

Gerber Shard GripsHowever, even with those grooves, the Shard tool’s odd design has been a problem for us. Some multi-tools may fold into themselves to create smooth edges, but this one is just what it is. If you put the Shard in your pocket, the sharp edges may cause damage to the fabric. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s something to think about.

Overall, the Gerber Shard has proven to be a valuable travel companion. It’s still holding up well after two years on the road, with just a few minor flaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gerber Shard TSA approved?

A: The Gerber Shard is not TSA approved.

What is a Gerber Shard used for?

A: A Gerber Shard is a type of surgical tool used to cut and divide tissue during surgery. It has sharp, tapered edges to help make clean cuts in the skin or other tissues without damaging nearby structures like blood vessels or nerves.

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